Bernard Fowler

vocal, vocal arranger, arranger, performer

Sample recordings


Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
The Rolling Stones
Robbie Ost (Robert Osterberger)
Sly & Robbie
Herbie Hancock (US jazz pianist, keyboardist, bandleader and composer)

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
坂本龍一 vocal A Tribute to N. J. P., Ballet Mecanique, Behind the Mask, Dear Liz, Ex-Jazz, Field Work, G. T., Gymnopedies, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Ongaku, Parolibre-Etude, Risky, Self Portrait, Sleep on My Baby, Steppin' into Asia, Thatness and Thereness, ゴリラがバナナをくれる日, 黄土高原
The Rolling Stones vocal Anybody Seen My Baby?, Baby Break It Down, I Go Wild, Love Is Strong, Mixed Emotions, Moon Is Up, Sparks Will Fly, Suck on the Jugular, Sweethearts Together, Thru and Thru, You Got Me Rocking
Robbie Ost vocal, vocal arranger (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side, Catch Me If You Can, I Am the Spider / Epilogue, I’m Hungry, Killed by Love, Prologue / I Know Where You Live, Salvation, The One That Got Away, Wrapped in Silk
Sly & Robbie performer, vocal Bank Job, Boops (Here to Go), Fire, Get to This, Get to That, Let's Rock, Rhythm Killer, Yes We Can Can
Herbie Hancock vocal Future Shock, Karabali, Metal Beat, People Are Changing, Rough
John Eddie vocal Daddy Said, In Private, Shake My Faith
Material vocal Come Down, I'm the One, Time Out
Philip Glass vocal "Changing Opinion" from "Songs From Liquid Days", Changing Opinion
Ozzy Osbourne vocal Walk on Water
Jonas Hellborg vocal What Can I Say
Rellik 781 vocal Sandcastles
Lenny White vocal My Turn to Love You
Royal Kids Of The 1977 vocal, vocal arranger Wake the Dead
Living Colour arranger Never Satisfied
D.ST vocal Crazy Cuts (feat. Bernard Fowler)
John Mayer vocal I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea)
大和朗 vocal Twilight