Steve Osborne

producer, mix, remixer, engineer, programming, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocal, recording, bass guitar, synthesizer, Moog, percussion, guitars

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Curve (UK shoegaze/electro duo)
핫샷 (South Korean group)
Placebo (UK alternative rock band)
KT Tunstall

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Curve mix, producer, remixer Blindfold, Cherry, Chinese Burn, Chinese Burn (Flood mix - album version), Chinese Burn (Forbidden City remix), Chinese Burn (Forbidden Future Vocal Extension), Chinese Burn (Headcase Medipack remix), Chinese Burn (Lunatic Calm remix), Chinese Burn (Paul Van Dyk Forbidden City remix), Chinese Burn (Steve Osborne mix - full length), Chinese Burn (Steve Osborne mix), Chinese Burn (Witchman’s Eye of the Storm remix), Clipped, Coast Is Clear, Coming Up Roses, Coming Up Roses (Osborne), Cuckoo, Die Like a Dog, Dirty High, Frozen, Galaxy, Half the Time (Honey Tongue mix), I Speak Your Every Word, No Escape From Heaven, Rising (Headspace mix), The Colour Hurts, Turkey Crossing, Unreadable Communication, Zoo
Starsailor mix, producer Alcoholic, All the Plans, Boy in Waiting, Change My Mind, Coming Down / [unknown], Fever, Good Souls, Hurts Too Much, Listen Up, Love Is Here, Lullaby, Neon Sky, Poor Misguided Fool, Safe at Home, She Just Wept, Stars and Stripes, Talk Her Down, Tell Me It's Not Over, The Thames, Tie Up My Hands, Way to Fall, You Never Get What You Deserve
핫샷 engineer, producer Bandit, Be Careful Where You Park Your Car, Cat's Eyes, Chameleon Queen, Drag, Everything Moves Towards the Sun, Face in the Crowd, Girl in the Room, I Knew It Was Over, I'm Not Stupid, Names on the Mountains, Not a Friend, Over You, Sooner or Later, Standoff, Teardrops, The Best Person I Know, The Lull, The Missing Hour, Treasure House, We'll Be Waiting
Placebo producer Allergic (to Thoughts of Mother Earth), Ask for Answers, Brick Shithouse, Burger Queen / Evil Dildo, Burger Queen Français, Every You Every Me (Infected by the Scourge of the Earth), Every You Every Me (single mix), My Sweet Prince, Scared of Girls, Summer’s Gone, The Crawl, Without You I’m Nothing, You Don’t Care About Us, You Don’t Care About Us (radio edit)
KT Tunstall mix, producer, recording, vocal, Moog, bass, bass guitar, guitar, guitars, percussion, synthesizer Another Place to Fall, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (Radio Version), False Alarm, Heal Over, Miniature Disasters, Other Side of the World, Saving My Face, Silent Sea, Stoppin’ the Love, Suddenly I See, Through the Dark, Under the Weather, Universe & U
New Order mix, producer, remixer 60 Miles an Hour, Close Range, Crystal, Primitive Notion, Run Wild, Slow Jam, Someone Like You, Turn My Way, Vicious Streak, World (Perfecto edit), World (Perfecto mix)
Deacon Blue producer All Over the World, Bethlehem's Gate, Cut Lip, Fall So Freely Down, Hang Your Head, Last Night I Dreamed of Henry Thomas, Only Tender Love, Peace & Jobs & Freedom, Will We Be Lovers, Your Town
U2 mix, producer, remixer, keyboard Discothèque (Hexidecimal mix), Do You Feel Loved, Even Better Than the Real Thing (Perfecto mix), Even Better Than the Real Thing (Sexy dub mix), Gone, Mofo, Mysterious Ways (The Perfecto mix), Staring at the Sun
Renegade Soundwave mix Blast 'Em Out, Brixton (Audiopilot), Bubbaluba, Kurdistan, Last Freedom Fighter (dub)
Doves mix, producer Catch the Sun, Satellites, The Man Who Told Everything, The Man Who Told Everything (Summer version)
The Shamen mix, remixer Omega Amigo (Steve Osborne mix), Omega Omigo (Steve Osbourne mix), Progen (Land of Oz), Progen (The Land of Oz mix)
Suede producer Can’t Get Enough, Electricity, Everything Will Flow, She’s in Fashion
Kissy Sell Out mix, producer, bass Apple Jelly, Bethnal Green Café, Garden Friends, The Kiss
Simple Minds producer, programming Blindfolded, Blood Diamonds, Broken Glass Park, Honest Town
Olive producer, remixer You're Not Alone (Oakenfold & Osborne remix), You're Not Alone (Oakenfold/Osborne), You're Not Alone (Paul Oakenfold / Osborne mix), You’re Not Alone (Oakenfold & Osbourne remix)
Grace producer, remixer Hand in Hand (Oakenfold and Osborne mix), Not Over Yet (Perfecto mix), Skin on Skin (Orange mix)
Paul Oakenfold mix, producer Hypnotised (Deepsky's Reaktor radio remix), Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto mix), Southern Sun (Exclusive New Oakenfold 2008 remix)
Virus mix, producer Sun (Jam El Mar mix), Sun (Man With No Name mix), Sun (Oakenfold/Osborne mix)
Radiohead remixer Planet Telex (Hexidecimal dub), Planet Telex (Hexidecimal mix)
Gary Clail / On-U Sound System remixer Beef (The Future mix) (12" version), Human Nature (On the mix) (12" version)
Elbow producer Can’t Stop, Newborn
Sneaker Pimps remixer 6 Underground (Perfecto mix), Six Underground (The Perfecto dub)
Massive Attack remixer Safe From Harm (Perfecto mix), Unfinished Sympathy (Perfecto mix)
Finitribe remixer Ace Love Deuce, Ace-Love-Deuce (Vocal edit)
The Cure engineer Close to Me (Closer mix), Close to Me (Closest mix)
Happy Mondays engineer Hallelujah (club mix), Rave On (club mix)
Glen Goldsmith engineer What You See Is What You Get, What You See Is What You Get (Corrosive mix)
Frazier Chorus engineer Cloud 8 (Future mix), Cloud 8 (Raid mix)
Anders Breinholdt producer Without You I’m Nothing
Lush mix Last Night
Ruben Amaya mix, producer Hypnotised
Chicane producer Stoned in Love
Skunk Anansie producer, remixer Brazen (Weep) (Perfecto mix)
John de Mark mix, producer Southern Sun
Nick Fay mix, programming Get Em Up
Dirty Vegas remixer Days Go By (Steve Osborne acoustic mix)
Syntax mix, producer, guitar Destiny
Bim Sherman remixer Solid as a Rock (Steve Osborne mix)
The Fratellis mix Creepin Up the Backstairs
Karina Flourish mix Starry Eyed Surprise
The Stone Roses remixer Waterfall (12" remix)
Peter Gabriel producer Growing Up
Utah Saints producer, remixer I Still Think of You (Too Much to Swallow, Part II: Perfecto mix)
KinkMonkey mix, producer Right Here, Right Now
Wally B. programming Ready Steady Go
Wendy & Lisa remixer Are You My Baby (Oakenfold-Osborne mix)
Young Guns producer I Want Out
PJ Harvey mix, producer A Perfect Day Elise