Paul Oakenfold

remixer, mix-DJ, producer, mix, recording, arranger, performer, vocal, editor

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Artist name Roles Recordings
Deacon Blue
Planet Perfecto
U2 (Irish rock band)
Andy Gray (Writer/Producer/Remixer; Worked with Oakenfold & Steve Osborne) mix, producer, programming Chase, Dark Machine, Password, Ready Steady Go, Speed, Stanley's Theme (feat. Christopher Young)

Collaborators on this artist's recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Andy Gray (Writer/Producer/Remixer; Worked with Oakenfold & Steve Osborne) mix, producer, programming Chase, Dark Machine, Password, Ready Steady Go, Speed, Stanley's Theme (feat. Christopher Young)
Tiësto (Dutch DJ and record producer) mix-DJ, producer, remixer Southern Sun (D.J. Tiësto Mix), Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto edit), Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto mix), Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto remix), Southern Sun (Tiësto mix), Southern Sun (Tiësto remix)
Ian Green engineer, producer, programming Amsterdam, Dread Rock, Not Over (Robert Vadney club edit), Praise the Lord, Save the Last Trance for Me
Wink (aka Josh Wink, Winx, electronic producer Joshua Winkleman) remixer Starry Eyed Surprise (Josh Wink Re-Interpretation), Starry Eyed Surprise (Josh Wink re-interpretation)
Steve Osborne (producer) mix, producer Hypnotised (Deepsky's Reaktor radio remix), Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto mix), Southern Sun (Exclusive New Oakenfold 2008 remix)
Layo & Bushwacka! (DJs Layo Paskin & Matthew Benjamin) remixer Ready Steady Go (Layo and Bushwacka remix)
Carmen Rizzo producer Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto mix), Southern Sun (Exclusive New Oakenfold 2008 remix)
Christopher Young (music composer) performer Chase, Stanley's Theme (feat. Christopher Young)
Eddie Bitar (Trance) remixer Bla Bla Bla (Eddie Bitar remix edit), Bla Bla Bla (Eddie Bitar remix)
Gabriel & Dresden remixer Southern Sun (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged mix), Southern Sun (Gabriel & Dresden unplugged mix)
Roman Hunter remixer Feed Your Mind (Roman Hunter mix), No Compromise (Roman Hunter mix)
Ryan Tedder vocal Not Over (Robert Vadney club edit), Not Over (album mix)
Solarstone remixer Southern Sun (Solar Stone Afterhours mix), Southern Sun (Solar Stone Chill Out mix)
Activa (trance artist Rob Stevenson) remixer Cafe Del Mar (Activa remix)
Armin van Buuren mix-DJ Turn It On
Asher D (So Solid Crew rapper) vocal Ready Steady Go
BNTAJINK (Vitaliy Sudnik) mix-DJ Southern Sun (Solar Stone chillout mix)
Beatman & Ludmilla (Gábor Dienes & Fruzsina Luca Toman) remixer Ready Steady Go! (Beatman & Ludmilla remix)
Carla Werner vocal Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto mix)
Chris Voro remixer Awakening (Chris Voro remix)
Dave Pearce (British dance DJ & producer) mix-DJ Southern Sun (Tiësto remix)
Deepsky remixer Hypnotised (Deepsky's Reaktor radio remix)
Enrico Mercaldi mix-DJ Hypnotised
Eshericks (Remixer/Producer) remixer Toca Me (Eshericks remix)
Future Disciple remixer Open Your Eyes (Future Disciple radio edit)
Johnny Yono (trance) remixer Hold That Sucker Down (Johnny Yono radio edit)
Leama & Moor remixer Zoo York (Leama & Moor remix)
Lee Coombs remixer Time Of Your Life (Lee Coombs Mix)
Michael Mind Project mix-DJ Beautiful World
Oliver Lieb remixer Starry Eyed Surprise (Oliver Lieb remix)
Pharrell Williams vocal Sex 'N' Money (club mix)
Plump DJs remixer Ready Steady Go! (Plump DJs 303Bass mix)
Robert Vadney remixer Not Over (Robert Vadney club edit)
Sarai (US rapper) vocal Praise the Lord
Shifty Shellshock performer Starry Eyed Surprise (feat. Shifty Shellshock)
Simon Bostock remixer Madagascar (Simon Bostock radio edit)
Techni-ka (Spanish DJ) remixer Someone Like You (Techni-Ka remix)
Yonathan Zvi remixer Dreams (Yonathan Zvi remix)

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Madonna producer, remixer American Life (Oakenfold Downtempo remix), Celebration, Celebration (Benny Benassi remix edit), Celebration (Benny Benassi remix), Celebration (Johnny Vicious club remix), Celebration (Oakenfold remix dub), Celebration (Oakenfold remix), Give It 2 Me (Oakenfold Drums In), Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold edit), Hollywood (Oakenfold 12" full remix), Hollywood (Oakenfold Full remix), It’s So Cool, Sorry (Oakenfold remix), Sorry (Paul Oakenfold remix), What It Feels Like for a Girl (Paul Oakenfold Perfecto mix)
Deacon Blue producer All Over the World, Bethlehem's Gate, Cut Lip, Fall So Freely Down, Hang Your Head, Last Night I Dreamed of Henry Thomas, Only Tender Love, Peace & Jobs & Freedom, Will We Be Lovers, Your Town
Planet Perfecto arranger, mix, mix-DJ, producer Bullet in a Gun (Rabbit in the Moon mix), Bullet in the Gun (Hixxy remix), Bullet in the Gun (Saturday mix), Bullet in the Gun (club mix), Bullet in the Gun (original), Bullet in the Gun 2000 (2000 club mix), Bullet in the Gun 2000 (Perfecto re-edits)
U2 mix-DJ, producer, remixer Beautiful Day (Paul Oakenfold remix), Beautiful Day (The Perfecto mix), Beautiful Day (The Perfecto remix), Even Better Than the Real Thing (Perfecto mix), Even Better Than the Real Thing (Sexy dub mix), Lemon (Perfecto mix), Mysterious Ways (The Perfecto mix)
Elvis Presley remixer Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold remix (12" extended)), Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold remix 12" extended), Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold remix radio edit), Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold remix), Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold remix) (radio edit), Rubberneckin’ (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Underworld mix-DJ, remixer Born Slippy (Paul Oakenfold mix), Born Slippy (Paul Oakenfold remix), Born Slippy .NUXX (Paul Oakenfold remix), Born Slippy Nuxx (Oakenfold remix), Born Slippy Nuxx (Paul Oakenfold mix)
The Shamen remixer Move Any Mountain (I.R.P. in the Land of Oz remix), Pro>gen (‘Land of Oz’ mix), Progen (Land of Oz), Progen (The Land of Oz mix)
Grace mix-DJ, producer, remixer Hand in Hand (Oakenfold and Osborne mix), Not Over Yet (Perfecto mix), Not Over Yet (album version), Skin on Skin (Orange mix)
Man With No Name mix-DJ Deliverance, Evolution, Floor Essence, Sugar Rush
Olive mix-DJ, producer, remixer You're Not Alone (Oakenfold & Osborne remix), You're Not Alone (Oakenfold/Osborne), You're Not Alone (Paul Oakenfold / Osborne mix), You’re Not Alone (Oakenfold & Osbourne remix)
Dirty Vegas remixer Days Go By (Oakenfold vocal remix), Days Go By (Paul Oakenfold remix), Days Go By (Paul Oakenfold remix-vocal edit), Days Go By (Paul Oakenfold remix-vocal)
Virus mix, mix-DJ, producer Sun (Jam El Mar mix), Sun (Man With No Name mix), Sun (Oakenfold & Osborne mix), Sun (Oakenfold/Osborne mix)
The Cure remixer Close to Me (Closer mix), Close to Me (Closest mix), Out of This World (Oakenfold mix)
James Newton Howard remixer Signs (Paul Oakenfold remix #1), Signs (Paul Oakenfold remix #2), Signs (Paul Oakenfold vocal remix #3)
Massive Attack remixer Safe From Harm (Perfecto mix), Unfinished Sympathy (Perfecto mix by Paul Oakenfold), Unfinished Sympathy (Perfecto mix)
Happy Mondays remixer Hallelujah (club mix), Rave On (club mix), W.F.L. (Think About the Future mix)
Vangelis mix-DJ Main Titles, Rachel's Song, Tears in Rain
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force remixer Planet Rock (Paul Oakenfold remix), Planet Rock (Swordfish mix), Planet Rock (Swordfish radio edit)
Wink mix-DJ Higher State of Consciousness (Dex & Jonesey's Higher Stated mix)
佐藤真由美 producer, remixer Faster Kill Pussycat, Faster Kill Pussycat (Roman Hunter mix), Faster Kill Pussycat (club mix)
Amoeba Assassin remixer Rollercoaster (Oakey's Courtyard mix), Rollercoaster (Oakeys Courtyard mix), Rollercoaster (Oaky's Courtyard mix)
Sneaker Pimps remixer 6 Underground (Perfecto mix), 6 Underground (Perfecto vocal + dub), Six Underground (The Perfecto dub)
Mauro Picotto mix-DJ, remixer Lizard (CLAXIXX mix), Lizard (Paul Oakenfold 2004 remix)
Nalin & Kane mix-DJ Beachball, Beachball (Tall Paul mix)
Ada Rovatti producer Feed Your Mind, No Compromise
New Order producer, remixer World (Perfecto edit), World (Perfecto mix)
Element Four producer Big Brother UK TV Theme (12" mix), Big Brother UK TV Theme (Grayed Out Deep House mix)
Groovezone mix-DJ, remixer Eisbaer, Eisbaer (exclusive new Oakenfold 2008 remix)
Radiohead remixer Everything Is in Its Right Place (exclusive new Oakenfold 2008 remix), Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Natasha Bedingfield remixer If You're Gonna (Paul Oakenfold 7" remix), If You're Gonna Jump (Paul Oakenfold remix)
TV Cherubs remixer These Hands I Hold (Paul Oakenfold Future House Radio Edit), These Hands I Hold (Paul Oakenfold Future House Remix)
Energy 52 mix-DJ Café Del Mar (original Three 'n' One mix), Café del Mar 98 (Nalin & Kane mix)
The Faint remixer Glass Danse (Paul Oakenfold instrumental remix), Glass Danse (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Jan Johnston editor, producer, remixer Flesh (Paul Oakenfold radio edit), Unafraid (Paul Oakenfold mix)
Jennifer Lopez remixer I’m Glad (Paul Oakenfold Perfecto mix), I’m Glad (Paul Oakenfold Perfecto remix)
Justin Timberlake remixer Rock Your Body (Paul Oakenfold mix), Rock Your Body (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Layo & Bushwacka! remixer Deep South (Oakenfold remix)
Lisa B mix Glam (Divine edit), Glam (Divine mix)
Everything but the Girl producer, remixer Missing (Exclusive New Oakenfold 2008 remix), Missing (exclusive new Oakenfold 2008 remix)
Wojciech Kilar mix-DJ Love Remembered, Vampire Hunters
Y Traxx mix-DJ Mystery Land (original mix), Mysteryland (HHC 12″ vocal mix)
Frazier Chorus remixer Cloud 8 (Future mix), Cloud 8 (Raid mix)
Mansun mix-DJ Wide Open Space (Perfecto mix - edit), Wide Open Space (Perfecto mix)
Marmion mix-DJ Schöneberg (Marmion remix), Schöneberg (Moonmen Over Marmion mix)
Gary Clail / On-U Sound System remixer Beef (The Future mix) (12" version), Human Nature (On the mix) (12" version)
Nick Fay mix, producer Get Em Up
Jam & Spoon mix-DJ Stella
BT mix-DJ Flaming June (BT and PVD mix)
Billy Hendrix mix-DJ Bodyshine
Binary Finary mix-DJ 1998 (Matt Darey mix)
Jennifer Saunders producer Holding Out for a Hero
Jesus Loves You remixer Generations of Love (Oakenfold mix)
John de Mark mix, producer Southern Sun
Joyriders remixer Big Brother (Oakenfold mix)
Julien-K remixer Spiral (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Junji Suganuma remixer You Could Be Happy (Paul Oakenfold Future House radio edit)
Juno Reactor remixer Jungle High (Oakenfold edit)
Blank & Jones mix-DJ Cream (club mix)
Karina Flourish mix, producer, recording Starry Eyed Surprise
Karl Biscuit mix-DJ Hierophone
KinkMonkey mix, producer Right Here, Right Now
Klaus Badelt remixer Jack’s Suite (Paul Oakenfold mix)
Kosheen mix-DJ Hide U (John Creamer & Stephen K radio edit)
Brainbug mix-DJ Nightmare (Sinister Strings mix)
Leftfield mix-DJ Not Forgotten
Li Kwan mix-DJ Point Zero
Liquid Child mix-DJ Diving Faces
Britney Spears remixer Gimme More (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Lost Tribe mix-DJ Gamesmaster
Lucid mix-DJ Crazy (12″ dub)
Lustral mix-DJ Everytime (Nalin & Kane mix)
Carisma mix-DJ Let Me Show You (Tall Paul mix)
Cher producer Woman's World
Chicane mix-DJ Offshore
Da Hool mix-DJ Meet Her at the Love Parade (Nalin & Kane mix)
Daft Punk remixer C.L.U. (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Danny Elfman producer, remixer Rule the Planet Remix
Metalheadz mix-DJ Inner City Life
Moby remixer Natural Blues (Perfecto remix by Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne)
Moonman mix-DJ Galaxia (Solarstone mix)
Mr. V mix-DJ Give Me Life
Muse producer, remixer New Born (Paul Oakenfold mix)
Mylène Farmer remixer Pourvu qu'elles soient douces (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Dave Matthews Band remixer When the World Ends (Oakenfold remix)
David Arnold remixer James Bond Theme (Bond vs. Oakenfold)
1 Uik Project mix, producer Get Out of My Life Now
21st Century Girls remixer 21st Century Girls (Paul Oakenfold Techno Rock mix)
Nick Mentes mix, producer, recording Time of Your Life
Octopus mix-DJ LSD
Dead Can Dance mix-DJ Sanvean
Orbital remixer The Box (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Para-Dizer mix-DJ Song of Liberation
Paris Hilton remixer Turn It Up (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Perfecto Allstarz mix-DJ Reach Up! (Indian Summer mix)
Dele Sosimi remixer Turbulent Times (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Push mix-DJ Universal Nation (Ferry Corsten remix)
Depeche Mode remixer It’s No Good (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Robert Miles mix-DJ Children (original version)
Roger Slato mix, producer Nixon’s Spirit
Ruben Amaya mix, producer Hypnotised
Salt Tank mix-DJ Eugina (Pacific Diva)
Schiller mix-DJ Das Glockenspiel
Scorpio Rising mix-DJ Dubcatcher
Servaes de Konink mix, producer The Harder They Come
Sexnico mix-DJ Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Signal+K remixer The Chase (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Skunk Anansie producer, remixer Brazen (Weep) (Perfecto mix)
4Voice mix-DJ Eternal Spirit (Northern mix)
Storm mix-DJ Storm
System F mix-DJ Out of the Blue (original 12" version)
Sérgio Mendes remixer Maracatu Atomico (Paul Oakenfold club mix)
Disco Evangelists mix-DJ De Niro (Spaceflight mix)
The Crystal Method remixer Busy Child (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Distractor mix-DJ Summersault
The Doors remixer L.A. Woman (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Dope Smugglaz mix-DJ The Word
The Infinity Project mix-DJ Stimuli
The Neptunes remixer Lap Dance (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Electrotête mix-DJ Alcatraz
The Stone Roses remixer Waterfall (12" remix)
The Thrillseekers mix-DJ Synaesthesia (En-motion remix)
Three Drives mix-DJ Greece 2000
Tilt mix-DJ Butterfly (Tilt's Mechanism mix)
Tim Goodwillie mix, producer, recording Hold Your Hand
Timo Maas mix-DJ Ubik (dance original mix)
Tomas Viator mix, producer Planet Rock (Swordfish mix)
Trance Team mix-DJ Wake Up! (trance mix)
Agnelli & Nelson mix-DJ El Niño
Ahmad Jones remixer Stop Me (exclusive new Oakenfold 2008 remix)
Utah Saints producer, remixer I Still Think of You (Too Much to Swallow, Part II: Perfecto mix)
V-Tracks mix-DJ Heretic Voices (Angeles mix)
Airwave mix-DJ Venus of my Dreams (original mix)
Veracocha mix-DJ Carte Blanche (original mix)
Virtual Symmetry mix-DJ The V.S.
ATB mix-DJ 9 PM (Till I Come) (radio mix)
Voodoo People mix-DJ Co-Incidence
Wackor mix-DJ Silence (DJ Tiësto's in Search of Sunrise remix)
Wally B. mix, producer Ready Steady Go
Wendy & Lisa remixer Are You My Baby (Oakenfold-Osborne mix)
William Orbit mix-DJ Barber's Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten remix)
Faithless mix-DJ Salva Mea
Faultline remixer The Colossal Gray Sunshine (feat. The Flaming Lips) (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Fiona Franklyn producer Sex ’n’ Money
Zombie Nation mix-DJ Kernkraft (DJ Gius remix)
iiO mix-DJ Rapture (Creamer & K mix)
t.A.T.u. remixer Not Gonna Get Us (Paul Oakenfold remix)
ППК mix-DJ ResuRection (The Perfecto edit)
Fourtold mix-DJ Skydive (I Feel Wonderful)
Arrested Development remixer Mr Wendel (Perfecto mix)
Freefall mix-DJ Skydive
Arrola mix-DJ Dreaming (Percussion mix)
Giorgio Moroder remixer The Chase (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Gouryella mix-DJ Gouryella (original mix)
Art of Trance mix-DJ Madagascar (original 12")
Ascension mix-DJ Someone (original vocal mix)
B.B.E. mix-DJ Seven Days and One Week (radio edit)
Humate mix-DJ Love Stimulation (love mix)
Hurricane #1 remixer Step Into My World (The Perfecto mix)
Hybrid mix-DJ Finished Symphony