Erik Friedlander

cello, vocal

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Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Dave Douglas
Lee Konitz
John Zorn
Terence Blanchard

Collaborators on this artist's recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Brian Brandt producer Iron Blue
Elliott Sharp mix, producer, recording Iron Blue
Marco Cappelli guitar Iron Blue

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Dave Douglas cello Ballad in Which MacHeath Asks Everyone to Forgive Him, Bilbao Song, Border Songs - Apocrypha, Border Songs - The Elaboration, Border Songs - The Exaggeration, Border Songs - The Story, Child of All Nations, Chit Kyoo Thwe Tog Nyin Hmar Lar, Collateral Damages, Desseins Eternels, Episode for Taslima Nasrin, For Every Action, Goodbye Tony, Grand Choral, In Progress, Joe's Auto Glass, Kidnapping Kissinger, LOCO MADI, Mahfouz, Meeting at Infinity, Nothing Like You, On Your Leaving, One More News, Parallel Worlds, Piece for Strings, Remains, Ruckus, Sehr Bewegt, Sozaboy, Tzotzil Maya, Witness, Woman At Point Zero
Zoar cello A Handful of Poison, A System of Senses, An Early Disobediance, Another Sky, Cassandra, Part 1, Cassandra, Part 2, Cassandra, Part 3, Child of God, Clouds Without Water, Death by Denial, Ghosts and Molecules, If Only You Knew, In the Bloodlit Dark, Ligeia, Nemo, Nine Days North, Nothing but This Light, Secrets of the Dead, Spiderlace, The Beauty of Obscenity, The Passing of a Plague, Wisteria
Lee Konitz cello All of Me, But Beautiful, Easy Living, For All We Know, For Heaven's Sake, God Bless the Child, Good Morning Heartache, I Cried for You, Lover Man, The Man I Love, These Foolish Things, You've Changed
John Zorn cello Abidan, Amour fou, Bikkurim, Karaim, Nezikin, Redbird, Rokhev, Shear-Jashub, Sheloshim, Socoh, Tannaim, Untitled
Terence Blanchard cello Assassins, Betty's Conflict, Black & White, Earl's Death, Firebomb, Flashback, Going to Mecca, Opening Credits
Joe Lovano cello All the Way, I'll Never Smile Again, I'm a Fool to Want You, I've Got You Under My Skin, In Other Words, I’ve Got the World on a String, One for My Baby, Someone to Watch Over Me
Mark Feldman cello Book of Tells, Kit Suite (Kit / Les Tenebrides / Murmur), Real Joe, Windsor Quartet, Xanax
Myra Melford cello Bound Unbound, Changes I & II, Crush, Drawing in the Dark, The Large Ends the Way
Laurie Anderson cello Here With You, One Beautiful Evening, Pieces and Parts, Slip Away, Statue of Liberty
Last Forever cello All for You, Casey Jones, Duke of Earl, John Doe #24
Guy Klucevsek vocal, cello (The) Who Stole the Polka, Attack Cat Polka, Perusal, Reprieve
Dar Williams cello February, It's a War in There, Mortal City
Steve Billman cello Here the Deities Approve, In Golden Light, The Rain Begins
Fred Hersch cello Day Dream, Lament for an Orchid (Absinthe), Lush Life
Cyro Baptista cello Anastacia, Caranguejo Estrela Brilhante (The Crab and the Shining Star)
Martha Wainwright cello Proserpina, Some People
Julius Hemphill cello Savannah Suite
Frank London cello Shabbos Bride (feat. Jennifer Charles)
Continuo cello La Mujer de Terah
Ghantadi Krishna cello In These Rooms
Loudon Wainwright III cello In C
Daniel Fisher cello Wakeworld
Harshside cello Early Bird
Jamie Saft cello Joe's Rush
North House Alliance cello Ashes Falling (Ol Doinyo Lengai)
Phil Perry cello Diamonds and Pearls
Ricky Martin cello You Stay With Me
Seexter cello The Coming Anarchy
Jerry Mott cello Dreamworld: Marco de Canavezes
Everette Harp cello Arms of Orion
Uri Caine cello Prelude (Tristan und Isolde)
Farr cello Winter Wind
k.d. lang cello Fado Hilário
Леонид Ильич Брежнев cello Our Way of Life
サイカ cello Behind the Lake