Eric Kupper

remixer, keyboard, producer, programming, mix, arranger, guitars, bass, drums, synthesizer, talking drum, guitar, engineer

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Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Alison Limerick
Diana Ross
808 State

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Photek keyboard Mine to Give (David Morales Facedown mix), Mine to Give (David Morales Happy mix edit), Mine to Give (David Morales Happy mix), Mine to Give (David Morales World mix), Mine to Give (David Morales bonus mix)
Alison Limerick remixer, keyboard Where Love Lives (Come On In) (Classic mix), Where Love Lives (Come On In) (Red Zone mix), Where Love Lives (Come On In) (radio edit), Where Love Lives (Come on In) (12" Classic mix), Where Love Lives (classic mix)
Diana Ross programming Someday We'll Be Together ('93 remix), Someday We'll Be Together (Frankie Knuckles remix), The Boss (David Morales club mix), Upside Down ('93 remix), Upside Down (Satoshi Tomiie & David Morales remix)
Peyton remixer A Higher Place (Eric Kupper's Gospel Degree vocal mix), Celebrate (Eric Kupper 12" mix), I'll Rise (Eric's Beach mix), Keep the Faith (Eric Kupper's disco mix)
808 State programming Pacific 0101, Pacific 0101 (remix edit), Pacific 212, Pacific 516
AlBelda i els Apicultors Siderals producer Tears (Def mix), Tears (Fierce Piano dub), Tears (Wicked mix)
Ingrid Chavez remixer Hippy Blood (Commune mix), Hippy Blood (Free Spirit edit), Hippy Blood (Happy Hippy mix)
Bonnie Bailey remixer Can Hardly Wait (Kupper Chills mix), Ever After (Eric's Beach mix), Sweet Serendipity (Eric Kupper's Extended mix)
Anastacia arranger, bass, guitars, keyboard, talking drum Freak of Nature, Overdue Goodbye, Paid My Dues
Saint Etienne mix, remixer Don’t Back Down, Heart Failed (In the Back of a Taxi), Stars Above Us (Eric Kupper radio mix)
Filter keyboard Take a Picture (Club 69 trance dub), Take a Picture (Club 69 trance mix), Take a Picture (Club 69 tranceappella)
Afterlife remixer Breather (Eric Kupper mix), Breather (Eric Kupper remix)
2 in a Room keyboard Bring It on Down, House Junkie (1990 version)
Adventures of Stevie V keyboard Dirty Cash (Money Talks) (Sold Out mix) (12" edit), Dirty Cash (Money Talks) (Sold Out mix) (7" edit)
Outlander remixer The Vamp (Lenny Dee & Eric Kupper remix), Vamp (Lenny D & Eric Kupper mix)
Tin Star producer, remixer Sunshine (Eric Kupper club Dubstramental), Sunshine (Eric Kupper club radio edit)
Moloko remixer Forever More (FKEK dub mix), Forever More (FKEK vocal mix edit)
CeCe Peniston remixer, keyboard Finally (12" Choice mix), Finally (Nasty Funk mix)
Cesária Évora keyboard Carnaval De São Vicente (Body & Soul vocal mix), Carnaval De São Vicente (bonus Beats)
Madonna keyboard American Life (Peter Rauhofer's American Anthem, Part 1), American Life (Peter Rauhofer's American Anthem, Part 2)
Kluster remixer I Feel Love (Eric Kupper Dubstrumental), I Feel Love (Eric Kupper vocal mix)
Joia Jeffries remixer There for You (Kupper 7"), There for You (Kupper dub)
Club 69 producer Patooshi Pants Diva, The Male Diva, Parts 1 & 2
Jacqueline Bonneau remixer Ooops (Eric’s Kup of Hysteria edit), Ooops (Eric’s Kup of Hysteria remix)
Âme Strong producer, remixer Tous Est Blue (Kevorkian remix), Tout est bleu (FK remix)
Benji Candelario remixer Learn to Give (Eric Kupper 12" mix), Learn to Give (Eric Kupper Trumpet dub) (feat. Arnold Jarvis)
Garbage remixer You Look So Fine (Deep Drama mix edit), You Look So Fine (Eric Kupper Deep Drama mix)
Frankie Knuckles producer, programming, remixer, keyboard It's Hard Sometime (FK Classic club), The Whistle Song (Sound Factory 12" mix)
The Crystal Method remixer Name of the Game (Eric Kupper’s deep dub mix), Name of the Game (Kupper's Deep Pump mix)
浜崎あゆみ remixer Duty (Eric Kupper Big Room mix radio edit), kanariya (Big Room mix)
Everything but the Girl engineer, keyboard Five Fathoms (Club 69 Future Club mix)
Dido remixer Hunter (Fk-Ek vocal mix)
Hauntologists producer Reckless
Henry Krieger programming One Night Only (club mix)
Degrees of Motion guitar, keyboard Do You Want It Right Now (King Street mix)
Inner Circle programming Bad Boys (David Morales mix)
Célula remixer Learn to Give (Eric Kupper 12″ mix)
Janita arranger, programming, bass If Your Phone Don't Ring
John Altman instrument, programming Perfidia
Clan Greco remixer Rotation (Eric Kupper remix)
Cirque du Soleil remixer Aborigenes Jam (François K / Eric Kupper "vocal mix")
Lovestation remixer Teardrops (Eric Kupper Remix)
Chic programming Your Love (International club mix)
Martha Wash remixer It's Raining Men... The Sequel (radio edit) (Eric Kupper mix)
Mayu remixer Stretch My Arms (Eric Kupper remix)
Mike Sims remixer Kiss Kiss Kiss (Eric Kupper club mix)
Miroslav Nisic keyboard Gimme Luv (Eenie Meenie Miny Mo)
Mitchell & Dewbury remixer Rapping With the Gods (Eric Kupper DubSax club mix)
Donna Summer remixer Hot Stuff (Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper as Director's Cut Signature mix)
Bleach Eatin Pimps remixer C U Next Tuesday (Eric Kupper mix)
Black & Brown remixer Cool Affair (Eric Kupper remix)
Björk programming, keyboard Big Time Sensuality (Morales Def radio mix)
Róisín Murphy mix You Know Me Better
Bioground remixer Affinity (Kupper remix)
Samantha James remixer Rise (Eric Kupper remix)
Solu Music remixer Fade (Eric Kupper vocal mix)
Spectrum remixer Brasil (Lenny Dee & Eric Kupper remix)
Big Bang Theory producer God's Child
Amber remixer Above the Clouds (Eric Kupper remix)
Tortured Soul remixer Fall in Love (Eric Kupper remix)
Trio Brasileiro remixer Reflections (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper remix)
Ultra Naté producer Love’s the Only Drug
Yazoo keyboard Situation (Club 69 Future Phunk mix)
minddrops keyboard Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force mix, producer, remixer Planet Rock (In the Pocket)
サイトウアカリ producer, remixer Dreaming (Eric Kupper mix)
三笑亭可楽 producer 4 Minutes (Peter Rauhofer's Peter Saves Paris mix)
Boxcar synthesizer Hit & Run