Dave Holland

bass, double bass, producer, cello, strings, bass guitar, percussion, guitar, acoustic bass guitar, electric bass guitar, piano

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Artist name Roles Recordings
Chick Corea
Joe Henderson (US jazz tenor saxophonist)
Miles Davis (jazz trumpeter, bandleader, songwriter)
Kenny Wheeler
Anthony Braxton

Collaborators on this artist's recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Manfred Eicher producer B-40 M23-6K RS-4-W, Chanson pour la nuit, Combination, Emerald Tears, Flurries, Grapevine, Hooveling, Life Cycle: I. Inception, Life Cycle: II. Discovery, Life Cycle: III. Longing, Life Cycle: IV. Search, Life Cycle: V. Resolution, Morning Song, Rune, Solar, Sonnet, Spheres, Troubadour Tale, Under Redwoods
Clare Holland producer Blues for C.M., Cashet, God Bless the Child, Homecoming, Jumpin' In, Little Girl I'll Miss You, Mr. P.C., Pass It On, Pork Pie Hat, Reminiscence, Three Step Dance
Martin Wieland engineer Chanson pour la nuit, Grapevine, Life Cycle: I. Inception, Life Cycle: II. Discovery, Life Cycle: III. Longing, Life Cycle: IV. Search, Life Cycle: V. Resolution, Morning Song, Rune, Sonnet, Troubadour Tale
Nate Smith (jazz drummer) drums Amator Silenti, Easy Did It, Full Circle, Lucky Seven, Secret Garden, The Eyes Have It, The Leak, Vicissitudes
Steve Nelson (US vibraphonist) marimba, tambourine, vibraphone Amator Silenti, Easy Did It, Full Circle, Lucky Seven, Secret Garden, The Eyes Have It, The Leak, Vicissitudes
Robin Eubanks trombone Amator Silenti, Easy Did It, Full Circle, Lucky Seven, Secret Garden, The Eyes Have It, The Leak, Vicissitudes
Chris Potter (jazz saxophonist) soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone Amator Silenti, Easy Did It, Full Circle, Lucky Seven, Secret Garden, The Eyes Have It, The Leak, Vicissitudes
Jan Erik Kongshaug engineer B-40 M23-6K RS-4-W, Combination, Emerald Tears, Flurries, Hooveling, Solar, Spheres, Under Redwoods

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Chick Corea bass, cello, guitar, percussion 73° - A Kelvin, Ballad, Ballad II, Ballad III, Blues Connotation, Chimes I, Chimes II, Converge, Converge (alternate take), Danse for Clarinet and Piano #1, Danse for Clarinet and Piano #2, Dave, Drone, Duet for Bass and Piano #1, Duet for Bass and Piano #2, Flesh, Is, It, Jamala, Jamala (alternate take), Nefertiti, Passion Dance, Percussion Piece, Song of Wind, Song of the Wind, Song of the Wind (alternate take), Starp, Sundance, Sundance (alternate take), The Brain, The Brain (alternate take), This, This (alternate take), Toy Room, Vamp, Waltz for Bill Evans
Joe Henderson bass Bess, You Is My Woman Now, Black Is the Color (Of My True Love's Mind), Bwaata, Circle, Current Events, Flamenco Sketches, Forgone Conclusion, Here Come de Honeyman/They Pass by Singin', I Got Plenty o' Nuttin', I Loves You Porgy, Introduction: Jasbo Brown Blues, It Ain't Necessarily So, Joshua, Me, Among Others, Miles Ahead, Milestones, My Man's Gone Now, Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess?, Pfrancing(No Blues), Side Car, So Near, So Far, Song for Sinners, Summertime, Swing Spring, Teo, Terra Firma, There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York, Tress-Cun-Deo-La, Turned Around, Vis-A-Vis
Miles Davis bass, double bass, electric bass guitar Bitches Brew, Directions, Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams Process, Duran (Take 6) (Edit), Frelon Brun, Frelon brun (Brown Hornet), Go Ahead John (Part Two C), In a Silent Way / It’s About That Time, It's About That Time, It's About That Time / The Theme, John McLaughlin, Little Church, Mademoiselle Mabry, Mademoiselle Mabry (Miss Mabry), Medley: Gemini / Double Image, Miles Runs the Voodoo Down, Pharaoh’s Dance, Sanctuary, Shhh / Peaceful, Spanish Key, Splash, The Theme, Two Faced, Yesternow
Kenny Wheeler bass, double bass 'Smatter, 3/4 in the Afternoon, By Myself, Deer Wan, Foxy Trot, Gentle Piece, Gnu Suite, Heyoke, Mabel, Peace for Five, Sea Lady, Sophie, Sumother Song, The Sweet Time Suite: Part I: Opening, The Sweet Time Suite: Part II: For H. / Part III: For Jan, The Sweet Time Suite: Part IV: For P.A., The Sweet Time Suite: Part V: Know Where You Are, The Sweet Time Suite: Part VI: Consolation, The Sweet Time Suite: Part VII: Freddy C / Part VIII: Closing, Three for D'Reen / Blue for Lou / Mark Time, Trio, W.W.
Anthony Braxton bass, cello, double bass All the Things You Are, Composition -1, Composition 23E, Composition 40 (O), Composition 40 B, Composition 40 F / Composition 23 J, Composition 6 C, Composition 6 P I, Composition 6 P II Dedicated to Jeanne Lee, Composition 6 n Dedicated to Jerome Cooper / Composition 6 (o) Dedicated to Frederic Rzewski, Four Winds, Piece Five, Piece Four, Piece One, Piece Six, Piece Three, Piece Two, Side One, Cut One, Side One, Cut Three, Side One, Cut Two, Side Two, Cut Three
Joe Lovano bass 4 on the Floor, Body and Soul, Central Park West, Cymbalism, Days of Yore, Eternal Joy, Evolution, Fort Worth, Ghost of a Chance, His Dreams, Impressionistic, Left Behind, Lines and Spaces, Modern Man, New York Fascination, Portrait of Jenny, Sanctuary Park, Studio Rivbea, Villa Paradiso, Work
Herbie Hancock bass, bass guitar A Case of You, All Apologies, Both Sides Now, Love Is Stronger Than Pride, Manhattan (Island of Lights and Love), Mercy Street, Nefertiti, New York Minute, Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown), Scarborough Fair, Solitude, Sweet Bird, Thieves in the Temple, When Can I See You, You've Got It Bad Girl, Your Gold Teeth II
Roy Haynes bass, double bass Afro Blue, Ah Leu Cha, April in Paris, Barbados, Diverse, Love Letters, Moose the Mooch, My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Now's the Time, Rocker, Stompin' at the Savoy, That Old Feeling, The Gypsy, What Is This Thing Called Love, Yardbird Suite
Gateway double bass 7th D, Calypso Falto, Cinucen, Homecoming, How’s Never, In Your Arms, In the Moment, Modern Times, Oneness, Short Cut, Shrubberies, Soft, The Enchanted Forest, Waltz New
Dave Holland Quartet bass 101° Fahrenheit (Slow Meltdown), Black Hole, Color of Mind, Conference of the Birds, Four Winds, Interception, Nemesis, Now Here (Nowhere), Processional, Q & A, See-Saw, The Oracle
Hanky Panky bass Back-Woods Song, Blue, Jamala, May Dance, Nexus, Opening, Reminiscence, Sing Song, Sorcery I, Unshielded Desire, Waiting
Uri Caine bass Cantaloupe Island, Dolphin Dance, Herbal Blue, I'm Meshugah for My Sugah (And My Sugah's Meshugah for Me), Or Truth?, Over & Out, The Prisoner, Time Will Tell, Toys, Woodpecker, Yellow Stars in Heaven
Hank Jones bass Arrival, Comin' Home Baby, Intimidation, Lament, Lazy Afternoon, Passing Time, Peedlum, Speak Low, Sublime, Work Song
Vassar Clements bass Evening Prayer, Home Cooking, Illinois River Rag, Memories of Home, Pea Patch Jig, Scapin' Out on the Roof, Ten Past Eleven, Till Something Better Comes Along, You Can't Run Away From Your Feet, You and the Way You Do
P.nk producer, bass Bailaor (Seguiriya Cabal), Camaron (Taranta), El Ritmo Me Lleva (Rumba), Hands (Fandango De Huelva), Joyride, My Friend Dave (Solea), Puente Quebrao (Buleria), Subi La Cuesta (Tangos), The Whirling Dervish, Yesqueros (Media Granaina)
Terence Blanchard bass Bass Solo, I Thought About You, If I Could, I Would, Joe & O, Luna Viajera, My Only Thought of You, Sidney, Simplemente Simon, Sweet's Dream, The Process
Michel Petrucciani bass 92's Last, Besame Mucho, Charlie Brown, Dumb Breaks, Even Mice Dance, Hidden Joy, Manhattan, Shooting Stars, Why, You Are My Waltz
Flava D bass 9 Over Reggae, Blue, Cantaloupe Island, Eye of the Hurricane, Indigo Dreamscapes, Shadow Dance, Silver Hollow, Solar, The Bat, The Good Life
B.R.Mackie producer, double bass Daydream, Dr. Do Right, In Walked Bud, In Your Arms, Rain, Seascape, Segment, The Only One, The Oracle, Waltz for Wheeler
Kenny Wheeler Quintet double bass, piano Ana, Aspire, Everybody's Song but My Own, Flutter By, Butterfly, Hotel Le Hot, Ma Belle Hélène, Miold Man, Now, and Now Again, The Widow in the Window, We Salute the Night
Dave Holland Trio bass African Lullaby, Blue, Four Winds, Games, Quiet Fire, Rivers Run, Segment, Take the Coltrane, Triple Dance
Dolores Montoya producer, bass Ah-Leu-Cha, Cud Ba-Rith, Dream of the Elders, In Brief, Little Girl I'll Miss You, Presence, See Saw, Straight Ahead, Syzygy
Orville Campbell producer, double bass A New Day, Breathe, Choir, Evolution, Spirals, The Color of Iris, The Empty Chair, The True Meaning of Determination, The Watcher
Michael Brecker bass African Skies, Beau Rivage, Cabin Fever, Introduction to Naked Soul, Midnight Voyage, Naked Soul, Slings and Arrows, Song for Bilbao, Willie T.
Mani Draper bass Beautiful Love, Blood Count, Blues for C.M., Interface, Jacob's Ladder, Maya's Dance, The Oracle, Trane Connections, Yesterdays
Alan Pasqua double bass Dedicated to You, Ellingtonia, Grace, Homage, Mr. Softee, San Michele, Shalako, Taiowa, The Emergence
Kandace Ferrel bass 50, Ask Me Why, Maiden, Minotaur, Otra Mirada, Spoken Introduction, Step To It, Treachery, Veil Of Tears
Didier Lockwood double bass Anatole Blues, Cousin William, Don't Drive So Fast, Eastern Dance, Gordon, Juggling in Central Park, Reminiscence, Tom Thumb, Waltzy
Julian Spear producer, bass Blue Jean, Dr Do-Right, Eulogy, Over There, Seven Rings, The Arch Mage, The Palantir, The Whirling Dervish, Will O' The Wisp
Carla Bley bass Caucasian Bird Riffles, Enormous Tots, Funnybird Song, In India, Indonesian Dock Sucking Supreme, Nothing, Song of the Jungle Stream, What Will Be Left Between Us and the Moon Tonight?
Betty Carter double bass All Or Nothing At All, B's Blues, Daydream, Feed The Fire, I'm All Smiles, Love Notes, Lover Man, Sometimes I'm Happy
Don Grolnick double bass Blues for Pop, Genie, Heart of Darkness, Nighttown, One Bird, One Stone, Spot That Man, The Cost of Living, What Is This Thing Called Love
Cristóbal Briceño bass A Statement for the Truth, Allemande-Dance, Arsenic and New Lace, Blue Lilly, Child of Gemini, Courrante-Blue, Ha-Ho-Da, Prelude - So You'll Know My Name
Nick Brignola bass All the Things You Are, Backwoods Song, Duke Ellington's Sound of Love, Hot House, Key Largo, Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise, Sophisticated Lady, Tears Inside
Kenny Werner bass Amonkst, Footsteps, Ivoronics, Lorraine, Melodies of 1997, The Look, Trio Imitation, Work Song
Stan Getz bass Fiesta, Invitation, Litha, Lucifer's Fall, My Foolish Heart, Spring Is Here, [untitled]
Lee Konitz bass Free Blues, Hymn, Just Friends, On Green Dolphin Street, Satori, Sometime Ago, What's New
Steven Clark bass Chimney Road, Dakar Dance, Drums First, Ornette, Out There Alone, Transit, We Change
Hal Galper bass Inner Journey, Invitation to Openness, Joy Ride, My Funny Valentine, P.M in the A.M., Taking the Coltrane, Wandering Spirit
Paul Bley bass Capricorn, Dreams, El Cordobes, Gesture Without Plot, Ictus, King Korn, Syndrome
Ian Buff strings Beans, Improvised Piece I, Improvised Piece II, Just a Whisper, May Be I Can Sing It for You, Raindrops, Song for Clare
Joe Farrell bass Alter Ego, Circle in the Square, Collage for Polly, Follow Your Heart, Molten Glass, Motion, Song of the Wind
Donald Abney bass A.R.C., Ballad for Tillie, Games, Nefertiti, Thanatos, Vedana
Adam Makowicz bass Embraceable You, Maybe, Prelude 2, Rhapsody in Blue, Summertime, They All Laughed
Jack DeJohnette bass Epilog, Four Levels of Joy, Sorcery #1, The Reverend King Suite, The Right Time, The Rock Thing
Gabriel Grecco producer, bass Earth Bound Hearts, Glancing Backwards, Hope, New Place, Old Place, Where Fortune Smiles
Wayne Shorter strings Antigua, Iska, Montezuma, Moto Grosso Feio, Vera Cruz
Eric Kloss bass Consciousness, Kay, Outward Wisdom, Songs to Aging Children, Sunshine Superman
María D. Gregory bass Earth Bound Hearts, Glancing Backwards, Hope, New Place, Old Place, Where Fortune Smiles
Mark Whitfield double bass Autumn in New York, Businessman's Bounce, Harlem Nocturne, Sunday in New York, Sunset at Waterside
Billy Hart bass Corner Culture, Hymn for the Old Year, Pharoah, Shadow Dance
James Carter bass A Ballad for a Doll, Deep Throat Blues, The Intimacy of My Woman's Beautiful Eyes, You Never Told Me That You Care
Frank Anderson double bass Angel Of Sunlight, Angel of Air, Angel of Water, Guru Sri Chinmoy Aphorism
Cassandra Wilson double bass Run the Voodoo Down, Sky and Sea (Blue in Green), Voodoo Reprise
The Losers cello Improvised Piece III, Improvised Piece IV, Improvised Piece V
John Surman bass Dance, Episode, Incantation
Bonnie Raitt acoustic bass guitar Give It Up (Or Let Me Go), Nothing Seems to Matter, You Got to Know How
Karl Berger bass Presently, Still
Jim Hall bass End the Beguine!, Sam Jones
Vector Hold bass guitar Edith and the Kingpin
Ed Kirkeby bass guitar River
The Syntax Sin Tax bass guitar Court and Spark
Collin Walcott double bass Prancing
Maria Muldaur double bass Mad Mad Me
Bring Philip bass guitar Tea Leaf Prophecy
Johan Meiton bass guitar The Jungle Line
Mikey Lennartsson bass guitar Amelia
Kenny Barron bass Jacob's Ladder