Tom Coyne

mastering, engineer, mix

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Erykah Badu
Nuclear Assault
Frou Frou
Luis Tovar

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
2NE1 mastering Can’t Nobody, Can’t Nobody (English ver.), Fire, Go Away, I Don’t Care, I Don’t Care (reggae mix), In the Club, Let’s Go Party, Pretty Boy, Stay Together, 난 바빠, 날 따라 해봐요, 박수 쳐, 사랑은 아야야, 아파 (Slow)
Erykah Badu mastering Apple Tree, Boogie Nights / All Night, Certainly, Next Lifetime, Next Lifetime (interlude), On & On, Other Side of the Game, Reprise, Rimshot (intro), Searching, Stay, Tyrone, Tyrone (extended version), Ye Yo
Nuclear Assault mastering After the Holocaust, Betrayal, Brain Death, Cold Steel, Hang the Pope, Live, Suffer, Die, Mr. Softee Theme, My America, Nuclear War, Radiation Sickness, Sin, Stranded in Hell, Vengeance
Frou Frou mastering Breathe In, Flicks, Hear Me Out, It’s Good to Be in Love, Let Go, Maddening Shroud, Must Be Dreaming, Only Got One, Psychobabble, Shh, The Dumbing Down of Love
Luis Tovar mastering 3/4 Interlude, Afu Ra Interlude, Bounce, For Aaliyah, The Show, To Be Continued, Welcome to Soulshine
Common mastering Dooinit, Heat, Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World), Payback Is a Grandmother, The Light, Time Travelin’ (reprise)
Spice 1 engineer In My Neighborhood (Instrumental Remix), In My Neighborhood (Original Instrumental), In My Neighborhood (Original Radio) Edit, In My Neighborhood (Radio Remix)
Oskar Linnros mastering Hur dom än, Hur dom än (instrumental)
Britney Spears mastering Everytime
Ceri Hale mastering Soulshine
Cher Lloyd mastering Swagger Jagger
Chris Allen and the Good-Timers mastering Love Junkee
*NSYNC mastering Bye Bye Bye (instrumental)
Davina van Wely mastering Pop’s Rap III… All My Children
Dawn 5 mastering Condor (Espionage)
Delphine Mazière mastering Je te tiens
Edmond Goyor mastering A Film Called (Pimp)
Emeric Victorine mastering Thelonius
Adam Lambert engineer Ghost Town
Adele mastering Skyfall
Graupel mastering A Song for Assata
Jean-Claude Hemmerlin mastering Keep Em Close
Keith Skooglund mastering Enuff
Luca Brichese mastering I Want You Back (radio edit)
Alt Senior mastering The Questions
Matt Solly mastering Geto Heaven, Part Two
Memories of a Dead Man mastering Seein' Thangs
Michael Hilton mastering The 6th Sense
Nikolay J Levinovsky mastering Please Don’t Go
Nitemoves mastering 3 Freaks (Droop-E remix)
Amal Raj mastering Head Over Heels
Ophélie Moisan mastering Le Jour J
Amy Winehouse engineer Intro / Stronger Than Me
Pigeon Toe mastering Cold Blooded
Róisín Murphy mastering Cry Baby
Simon Osler mastering Turf Dancing
Sir Charles and The Daze of Olde mastering Summer in Paris
Backstreet Boys mastering You Wrote the Book on Love
The Country Blues mastering Elevation
The Final Seconds mastering He's Gone
The Rogues mastering Voodoo Child (DJ Premier remix)
The Roots mix WAOK (AY) Rollcall
The Serfmen mastering Child's Play
Zazie mastering Avant l’amour
ДомЪплоТ mix Phrentrow
どぼんどぼんど mastering Time Travelin’ (A Tribute to Fela)
アーモンドクラッシュ mastering Funky for You
中森明菜 mastering I hope so
박봄 mastering YOU AND I