producer, mix, vocal, drums, performer, keyboard, programming, remixer, guitar, synthesizer, effects, turntable(s), other instruments, sampler, bass

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Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Aaliyah (American singer) vocal I Am Music, Man Undercover
Justin Timberlake
Missy Elliott
Nelly Furtado
Bubba Sparxxx

Collaborators on this artist's recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Aaliyah (American singer) vocal I Am Music, Man Undercover
Dan Warner (producer, writer and studio guitarist) guitar Oh Timbaland
Demacio Castellón mix, programming, recording Oh Timbaland
Doug Sadler engineer Oh Timbaland
James Roach (engineer) engineer Oh Timbaland
Jermaine Jennings steel guitar Oh Timbaland
John Spivery organ Oh Timbaland
Mark Gray (engineer) engineer Oh Timbaland
Mutamassik mix-DJ Roll Out / Antipop Consortium - Disorientation / MBS - Deltna
Ron Taylor (audio editing) editor Oh Timbaland
Static Major (US rapper, songwriter & producer, aka Static) vocal I Am Music
Tremmme remixer Give It to Me (vocal remix)

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Aaliyah mix, producer, remixer, vocal 4 Page Letter, 4 Page Letter (Quiet Storm mix), 4 Page Letter (Timbaland’s main mix), 4 Page Letter (album version edit), Are You Feelin' Me, Are You That Somebody?, Death of a Playa, Don’t Know What to Tell Ya, Don’t Know What to Tell Ya (radio edit), Heartbroken, Hot Like Fire, Hot Like Fire (Feel My Horns mix), Hot Like Fire (Timbaland’s Groove mix), Hot Like Fire (album mix instrumental), I Care 4 U, If Your Girl Only Knew, If Your Girl Only Knew (Beat a Pella), If Your Girl Only Knew (The New remix), If Your Girl Only Knew (a cappella), If Your Girl Only Knew (extended mix), If Your Girl Only Knew (instrumental), If Your Girl Only Knew (radio edit), If Your Girl Only Knew (remix), Ladies in da House, More Than a Woman, More Than a Woman (Bump n Flex club mix), More Than a Woman (Bump ’n’ Flex club mix), Never Comin’ Back, One in a Million, One in a Million (Nitebreed Bootleg mix), One in a Million (Nitebreed Monogolodic dub), Rock the Boat, Try Again, Try Again (Krunchie remix), Try Again (Timbaland remix), We Need a Resolution (instrumental), We Need a Resolution (no rap)
Justin Timberlake mix, producer, vocal, drums, keyboard (And She Said) Take Me Now, (Oh No) What You Got, Blue Ocean Floor, Body Count, Cry Me a River, Don’t Hold the Wall, Dress On, FutureSex/LoveSound, Let Me Talk to You Prelude/My Love, Let the Groove Get In, Losing My Way, LoveStoned/I Think She Knows (interlude), Mirrors, Pusher Love Girl, Right for Me, Set the Mood Prelude/Until the End of Time, Sexy Ladies, Sexy Ladies/Let Me Talk to You (prelude), Spaceship Coupe, Strawberry Bubblegum, Summer Love, Summer Love/Set the Mood (prelude), TKO, That Girl, Tunnel Vision, Until the End of Time, What Goes Around…/…Comes Around (interlude)
Missy Elliott mix, producer Ain't That Funny, Bite Our Style (interlude), Don't Be Commin' (in My Face), Go to the Floor, Hot, Hot Boyz, I'm Talkin', Izzy Izzy Ahh, Missy's Finale, Play That Beat, Slide, The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly), Why You Hurt Me, Work It
Nelly Furtado producer, programming, vocal, drums, keyboard All Good Things (Come to an End), All Good Things (Come to an End) (radio edit), Do It, Glow, Maneater, No hay igual, Promiscuous Girl (Axwell remix), Say It Right, Say It Right (Peter Rauhofer remix, Part 1), Say It Right (radio edit), Wait for You
Bubba Sparxxx programming Comin’ Round, Deliverance, Hootnanny, Jimmy Mathis, My Tone, Overcome, Take a Load Off, Warrant (interlude)
三笑亭可楽 producer, vocal 4 Minutes, 4 Minutes (Bob Sinclar Space Funk remix), 4 Minutes (Junkie XL dirty dub), 4 Minutes (Junkie XL remix), 4 Minutes (Peter Rauhofer's Peter Saves Paris mix), 4 Minutes (Rebirth remix), 4 Minutes (Tracy Young house mix)
Madonna producer Miles Away, Miles Away (Johnny Vicious club remix), Miles Away (Rebirth remix), Miles Away (Thin White Duke remix)
Jodeci performer, vocal, turntable(s) Bring on da’ Funk, In the Meanwhile, Sweaty
JAY Z producer Come and Get Me, Dirt Off Your Shoulder, It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot)
Mother Mars performer Dissapear, Twerk a Little, Ugly
Björk producer, effects, keyboard, sampler Earth Intruders, Hope, Innocence
Klaranze Kirk performer Ching Ching Remix, Jade's a Champ, Watch Ya
Rihanna producer Lemme Get That, Rehab, Sell Me Candy
Valhalla mix, performer, producer, vocal Are You That Somebody, We Need a Resolution, We Need a Resolution (a cappella)
Sounds of the Screen Orchestra performer, producer, vocal, drums, keyboard Promiscuous, Promiscuous (Axwell remix)
The Game producer Deep Down, Put You on the Game
New Beat Fund mix, performer, producer, vocal, drums, keyboard SexyBack, SexyBack (main version)
Marc Nostromo mix, producer Are We Cuttin’
Bouddha musique sanctuaire producer No hay igual (remix)
Boyz II Men remixer Can't Let Her Go (Timbaland remix)
Brenda Sussman producer Paper Chase
961PRO ALLSTARS producer, drums, keyboard Release
Busta Rhymes producer Get Down
Carl Pini mix, producer Funky Fresh Dressed
Cezariusz Gadzina Quartet vocal Intro
Charlie Loiselier producer You Won’t See Me Tonight
Chilo Pitty performer, producer Ayo Technology
Chris Arnott performer Party People
Coldplay drums True Love
Danie Gray performer Get Together
Dante's View vocal Hold On
David Wagenschutz mix, producer, vocal, drums, keyboard My Love
Dido remixer White Flag (Timbaland remix)
Druvo producer, drums Scream
El Ruso (Orishas) mix, producer Gossip Folks
Ernst Wolff performer Money Owners
Exploding Corpse Action performer Elevator
Fred Lavery performer Dance With Me
Glaskas producer, drums All Good Things (Come to an End)
Goodmans remixer Turn Off the Light (remix)
Hans-Joachim Berg instrument, producer Bounce
Harvey "The Rook" Hester instrument, producer Bombay
Hoquets producer, bass, drums, synthesizer Boardmeeting
*NSYNC performer Bye Bye Bye (Timberland remix)
Jamie Foxx producer Can I Take U Home
Alicia Keys producer Heartburn
Jon MacLennan producer Holy Grail
Jordy Power producer Big Pimpin’
Jose Cenquentez producer One and Only
All My Brothers mix, producer Get Ur Freak On (remix)
Kanye West programming Stronger
Karimba instrument, mix, performer, producer, programming, vocal I’ll Be Around
All Saints remixer Lady Marmalade (Timbaland remix)
Knight instrument, producer Hello
Lenny Kravitz remixer American Woman (Timbaland remix)
Ludacris mix Phat Rabbit
Ana vocal I Just Wanna Fuck
.com/kill programming Warrant
Margaret Lee Barrett instrument, performer, producer Come Around
Max Lomov performer Anonymous
Melanie Brown producer Word Up
Melting Ashes producer Apologize
Metzengerstein producer, vocal Suit & Tie
Milan Lentić producer, drums 2 Man Show
Annette Kleine performer Party
Annika Finnilä Eker producer Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99)
Naoko Akutagawa producer Kill Yourself
Antonio Infantino producer, drums, guitar, keyboard Afraid
Asher Roth producer Morning Do
Nick Sinc performer Ice Box
Obie Trice mix, producer, vocal Bad Bitch
Olaf Casalich remixer Work It (remix)
OneRepublic remixer Apologize (Timbaland remix)
Paul Baxter performer Same Ol’ G
Paul Taylor mix, performer, producer, drums, keyboard Chop Me Up
Babyface producer, remixer Every Time I Close My Eyes (Timbaland remix)
Ryan Cohen performer Wait a Minute
Sawdust producer Off That
Scardoff producer Is That Your Chick (The Lost Verses)
Schlacker Khan vocal Say What You Say
Skillz producer Off the Wall
Beck mix, producer Diamond Dogs
Spats' King producer 2 Many Hoes
Static Disruptors mix, producer Back in the Day
THE EARTH EARTH performer Who Am I
Takumi Saito producer Come and Get Me
Bernie Blanks remixer Take a Look Around
The Instant Family remixer Re-Arranged
Timo Kärkkäinen vocal Love Me
Trey Songz producer Take You Home
Urfalı Babi producer Make Me Better
Big Sky Mudflaps producer Bubblegum
Viljar Rosin performer Whatcha Gon’ Do
Westside Wreckin Cru producer Trumpets
When Cities Sleep performer Get on the Bus
Whoppers producer, drums The Way I Are
Æther Realm mix, producer Bring the Pain
Марк Наумович Бернес performer Nasty Girl
50 Cent producer Ayo Technology (instrumental)
奥田重清 producer, guitar, other instruments Throw It on Me
小池正一 producer, drums, guitar, keyboard Time
燻裕理 producer The Bounce
邱念恩 programming Good Life