Tchad Blake

mix, recording, engineer, producer, electric guitar, organ, frame drum, shakers, bells, guitar, bass, hi-hat, keyboard, bass drum, tom-tom, harmonium, sampler, synthesizer, tambourine, guitar synthesizer

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
The Black Keys
Girls in Hawaii
Suzanne Vega
Sheryl Crow
Tom Waits

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
The Black Keys mix 10 Lovers, Black Mud, Bullet in the Brain, Dead and Gone, Everlasting Light, Everlasting Light (live), Fever, Gold on the Ceiling, Gotta Get Away, Hell of a Season, Howlin' for You (live), Howlin’ for You, In Our Prime, In Time, It’s Up to You Now, I’m Not the One, Little Black Submarines, Mind Eraser, Money Maker, Never Gonna Give You Up, Next Girl, Next Girl (live), Nova Baby, Run Right Back, She's Long Gone (live), She’s Long Gone, Sinister Kid, Sister, Stop Stop, Ten Cent Pistol, The Go Getter, The Only One, These Days, Tighten Up, Tighten Up (live), Too Afraid to Love (live), Too Afraid to Love You, Turn Blue, Unknown Brother, Waiting on Words, Weight of Love, Year in Review
Girls in Hawaii mix Build a Devil, Can’t Stand Your Ex’s Rock Band, Changes Will Be Lost, Connection, Coral, Fireworks, Grasshopper, Head On, Here I Belong, Home, I Met Him in a Bar, I’ll Take My Time to Get Well, Leviathan, Love Is a Better Way to Travel, Mallory’s Heights, Misses, Not Dead, Oh! Boy!, Rorschach, Sister Europe, Some Groove, Switzerland, The Creek, The Sound, The Spring, Tristessa, Video Games, Voor ik vergeet, Wars, We Are the Living, Where Do Your Tears Come From?
Suzanne Vega engineer, mix, recording, electric guitar, guitar, sampler (If You Were) In My Movie, 99.9 F°, As Girls Go, As a Child, Bad Wisdom, Birth-day (Love Made Real), Blood Makes Noise, Blood Sings, Caramel, Casual Match, Fat Man & Dancing Girl, Headshots, Honeymoon Suite, In Liverpool, Lolita, My Favorite Plum, No Cheap Thrill, Rock in This Pocket (Song of David), Song of Sand, Stockings, Story of Isaac, Thin Man, Tombstone, When Heroes Go Down, Woman on the Tier (I’ll See You Through), World Before Columbus
Sheryl Crow mix, recording A Change Would Do You Good, Crash and Burn / Subway Ride, Everyday Is a Winding Road, Hard to Make a Stand, Hard to Make a Stand (alternative version), Home, If It Makes You Happy, It Don't Hurt, Love Is a Good Thing, Maybe Angels, Maybe That's Something, Members Only, My Favorite Mistake, Oh Marie, Ordinary Morning, Redemption Day, Resuscitation, Riverwide, Sad Sad World, Superstar, Sweet Rosalyn, The Book, Tomorrow Never Dies
Tom Waits mix, producer, recording All Stripped Down, Black Box Theme, Black Wings, Dirt in the Ground, Earth Died Screaming, Filipino Box Spring Hog, Flash Pan Hunter, Gospel Train, Gospel Train (orchestra), I'll Shoot the Moon, In the Colosseum, Just the Right Bullets, Let Me Get Up on It, Lucky Day, Lucky Day (overture), Murder in the Red Barn, Oily Night, Russian Dance, Such a Scream, Who Are You
Soul Coughing mix, producer $300, 4 out of 5, Circles, Houston, How Many Cans?, I Miss the Girl, Lazybones, Maybe I’ll Come Down, Misinformed, Monster Man, Paint, Pensacola, Rolling, Sleepless, So Far I Have Not Found the Science, Soft Serve, St. Louise Is Listening, The Idiot Kings, White Girl
Xan Tyler engineer, recording Approaching the Cavern, Catacombs, Catskill Gallery: Overlook Mountain, Catskill Gallery: Swimming the Shokan Rooftops, Catskill Gallery: The Abandoned IBM Plant, Catskill Gallery: Woodstock, The Indian Burial Ground, Devil's Kitchen, Drumming on Water, Glass Beads, In the Caves of the Iron Mountain, Joyous Lake, Magic Meadow, Man Walking From A to B, Shakers in Five, Shepherd's Song, Squeeze Box, The Widow Jane Mine
Elvis Costello mix, recording 13 Steps Lead Down, 20% Amnesia, All the Rage, Clown Strike, Favourite Hour, Just About Glad, Kinder Murder, London’s Brilliant Parade, My Science Fiction Twin, Pony St., Rocking Horse Road, Still Too Soon to Know, Sulky Girl, This Is Hell, You Tripped at Every Step
Los Lobos engineer, mix Angels With Dirty Faces, Arizona Skies, Dream in Blue, Just a Man, Kiko and the Lavender Moon, Peace, Reva's House, Rio de Tenampa, Saint Behind the Glass, Short Side of Nothing, That Train Don't Stop Here, Two Janes, When the Circus Comes, Whiskey Trail, Wicked Rain
Aṣa mix Baby Gone, Bamidélé, Be My Man, Bimpé, Broda Olé, Dreamer Girl, Iba, Maybe, OK OK, Oré, Preacher Man, Questions, The Way I Feel, Why Can't We
Tony Fruscella's Quartet mix Chains of Love, Cold Companion, Come & Go, Everything You Do (You Do for You), Nature’s Child, Once We Begin (intro), Outta My Mind, Pistol Made of Bones, Put a Flower in Your Pocket, Rosie (Ooh La La), Searching the Blue, Stay in My Corner, The Arc, Velvet Ditch
Sia mix Breathe Me, Butterflies, Don’t Bring Me Down, Moon, Natale’s Song, Numb, Rewrite, Sunday, Sweet Potato, The Bully, The Church of What’s Happening Now, Where I Belong
BoDeans mix, recording Angels, Closer to Free, Fadeaway, Lookin' for Me Somewhere, Misery, Rickshaw Riding, Say You Will, She’s a Runaway, Still the Night, That's All, The Strangest Kind, Ultimately Fine
Pearl Jam engineer, mix, producer Education, Fatal, Hitchhiker, In the Moonlight, Light Years, Nothing as It Seems, Of the Girl, Rival, Sad, Sleight of Hand, Soon Forget, Sweet Lew
Peter Gabriel mix Darkness, Down to Earth, Downside‐Up, Growing Up, More Than This, My Head Sounds Like That, No Way Out, Signal to Noise, Sky Blue, The Barry Williams Show, The Tree That Went Up
Mono mix Action Cat, Brother, Drugstore Perfume, Get the Gang Together, How It's Going To Be, Juarez, Maya the Psychic, Millions, No Shows, The Bureau, Zero Zero
Paul Simon mix Another Galaxy, Beautiful, Everything About It Is a Love Song, Father and Daughter, How Can You Live in the Northeast?, I Don’t Believe, Once Upon a Time There Was an Ocean, Outrageous, Sure Don’t Feel Like Love, That’s Me, Wartime Prayers
The Bad Plus mix, producer, recording 1972 Bronze Medalist, Big Eater, Boo-Wah, Everywhere You Turn, Flim, Guilty, Heart of Glass, Keep the Bugs Off Your Glass and the Bears Off Your Ass, Silence Is the Question, Smells Like Teen Spirit, What Love Is This
Tasmin Archer mix After Hell, Breaking My Back, Give In With Grace, I Like It So, I Would Love to Be Right, In Your Garden, Memory, One More Good Night With the Boys, Rain Falling, Sweet Little Truth, You Made a Fool of Me
Bonnie Raitt mix, producer, recording Blue for No Reason, Cure for Love, Fearless Love, I Need Love, I'm on Your Side, Lover’s Will, Meet Me Half Way, One Belief Away, Round & Round, Spit of Love, The Fundamental Things
The Last Shadow Puppets mix Aviation, Bad Habits, Dracula Teeth, Everything You’ve Come to Expect, Miracle Aligner, Pattern, She Does the Woods, Sweet Dreams, TN, The Dream Synopsis, The Element of Surprise, Used to Be My Girl
The Dandy Warhols mix Be-in, Boys Better, Cool as Kim Deal, Every Day Should Be a Holiday, Green, Hard On for Jesus, I Love You, Minnesoter, Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth, Orange
Big Blue Ball mix, bass, bass drum, bells, frame drum, guitar synthesizer, harmonium, hi-hat, keyboard, organ, shakers, synthesizer, tambourine, tom-tom Big Blue Ball, Burn You Up, Burn You Down, Exit Through You, Forest, Jijy, Rivers, Shadow, Whole Thing (original mix), altus silva
Crowded House engineer, recording As Sure as I Am, Fall at Your Feet, Fame Is, Four Seasons in One Day, It’s Only Natural, She Goes On, Whispers and Moans
Vanessa Paradis mix C’est quoi ?, Le Rempart, Love Song, L’Au-delà, Mi amor, New Year
Rich Shapero mix Back, Back, Cock and Spring, Entreaty, Listen, Ram, The Pool
Sindrome del dolore mix Beyond Reason, By Some Miracle, Don’t Look Down, Falling, Witching Hour
Liam Finn mix Cold Feet, Don't Even Know Your Name, Neurotic World, Roll of the Eye
Joseph Arthur mix In the Sun, Invisible Hands, Speed of Light
The Kills mix Doing It to Death, Heart of a Dog, Impossible Tracks
Cibo Matto engineer, producer Know Your Chicken (Alec Empire remix), Know Your Chicken (edit), Sugar Water
Christina Aguilera mix Genie 2.0, Keeps Gettin' Better
Jackson Browne recording In the Shape of a Heart, Lives in the Balance
David Byrne mix Just the Motion
India.Arie mix Break the Shell
U2 mix The Troubles
Lisa Germano producer Reptile
Vernon Reid recording Unborne Embrace / Who Invited You?
Stan Ridgway engineer Bing Can't Walk