arranger, programming, guitar, keyboard, electric guitar, guitars, bass guitar, acoustic guitar

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alan (Tibetan; performs in Japanese and Chinese)
Every Little Thing

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
浜崎あゆみ arranger, programming, bass guitar, electric guitar, guitar, keyboard (miss)understood, About You, Beautiful Day, Daybreak, GREEN, GREEN (original mix -instrumental-), HANABI 〜episode Ⅱ〜, Hanabi ~episode II~ (HΛL's Mix 2003), Hanabi ~episode II~ (instrumental), Heartplace, I am…, In The Corner, It was, July 1st, July 1st (instrumental), Ladies Night ~another night~, Last minute (Original mix –Instrumental–), Last minute (Original mix), Memorial address (take 2 version), Will, Will (original mix, instrumental), independent, independent (instrumental), no more words, tasking, taskinillusion, taskinlude, taskinst
alan arranger, programming, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, guitars, keyboard my friend, sign, 木漏れ日, 桜モダン, 桜モダン (instrumental), 群青の谷, 群青の谷 (instrumental)
AAA arranger As I am, Brand New World, Endless Fighters, ♥
倖田來未 arranger, programming, guitar Hurry Up!, I'll be there, Someday, you~Piano Version~
Every Little Thing arranger ファンダメンタル・ラブ
Flavio Marredda arranger キラ・ピュア・POWER!
Planets Live in Houses arranger Sweet but Empty
中川翔子 arranger, programming, guitar 涙星
後藤真希 arranger your song