arranger, producer

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Paolo Costa (countertenor)
Tayo (Afro-German vocalist Tayo Awosusi)
DJ Wicked (unsure - from Secret Broadcast Redux)

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Paolo Costa arranger, producer (DON'T ASK ABOUT) MEANING OF KISS, 11月の雨, 41, Parthenia Rd., 7‐6‐5, A DREAM IN A DAYDREAM, A DREAM IN A DAYDREAM (REPRISE), A Day in Blue, A Little Big Life, A Little Way Off, A NITE WITHOUT MEMORY, A 〜for the rookies〜, ALE-LEYAH-YAH, AN EVENING GLOW, ATLANTIS, AiAiSa, All About You, All You Need to Know, Amaranth, Anabelle, Anchor’s Shuffle, Arcadia, Away From Home, A·I·TA·KU·TE, BELFAST SONG, BIG CITY, Bad Boys & Good Girls, Bad Moon, Behind Lavender, Beyond the Dawn, Big City, Bossa grigia, Breeze and You, Broken Promise, CALLING THROUGH THE AGE OF TIME, Can You Feel It, Cape Light, Chase, Cheer Up!, Chops!!, Ciao!!!, Clappin’, Control, Copacabana, Cosmic Pancake, Crazy Beach, Crown and Roses, Daisy Field, Dali’s Boogie, Dandelion Hill, Dans sa chambre, Discoveries, Dooba Wooba!!, Double Rainbow, Down To Earth, Eagle Spear, El mirage, Eternal Glory, Explorer, FACES, Faces, Faces (1994 re‐mix version), Fantastic Story 〜時間旅行〜, Fast Break, Flashpacker, For The Love Unborn, Forgotten Saga, From Tanjavur, From the Bottom of My Heart, Happy Song, Hard‐boiled, Heroes, High Time, History, I Stand Alone, In the Grid, It’s Magic, Japanese Soul Brothers, Jealousy, Just Like a Woman, Kiss and Cry, Knight’s Song, Knock Me Out, Labyrinth of Love, Landscape, Last Raindrops, Last Scene, Lately, Little League Star, Little Mermaid, Little Pop Sugar, Love for Spy, Lucky Summer Lady, MAC'S BACK, MJ, Make It Stoned, Man On The Moon, Maze, Megalith, Metro 7, Midnight Circle, Midnight Lover, Morning Delight, Morning Star, Ms. Bracing, Mystic Island, NEXT, NIGHT DREAMER, Nab That Chap!!, Naughty Boy, Night Cruise, Night Games, Night Light, No More Tears, OUR FORTRESS, Ocean Express, Omens of Love, One Step Beyond, PLAY FOR YOU, PRANKSTER, Paperplane, Paradise, Park Ave. South, Pearl of the Adriatic, Pioggia di capri, Play for You, Praise, Prime Time, RADIO STAR, ROMANTIC CITY, Rachael, Radio Star, Rainy Day, Rainy Heart, Rise, Romantic City, Route 405, Sabana Hotel, Sailing The Ocean, Samurai Metropolis, Scandal Boy, Scene‐000, Scissors Paper Rock, Scrambling, Season, Sentimental Reason, Shine, Snow Walker, Snowbird, Splash!, Still I Love You, Sunnyside Cruise, Sunshine Shower, Sunshower, Survivor, Sweet & Gentle, Sweet Sorrow, Sympathy, TALKING MOUNTAIN (TOPS), TEXAS KID, Tell Your Story, Thank You, The Autumn of ’75, The Bird Of Wonder, The Flight Of The Phoenix, The Forest House, The Seven Wonders, The Summer of ’68, Through the Thunderhead, Tokyo Sound Machine, Tomorrow’s Affair, Tooi Taiko, Traffic Jam, Travelers, Treasure Hunter, Trela alegre, Triumph, Truth, Twilight in Upper West, Undo, Up Town, Victory, Vivid, WISH, When I Think of You, White Mane, Wild River, Wind Song, World Star, Your Christmas, Your Restless Eyes, You’re The One, Ça et la, いとしのうなじ, かわらぬ想い, はやぶさ 〜The Great Journey: 奇跡の帰還〜, カスバの少年, ガーティの夢, サンデー・キッチン, ハワイへ行きたい, 勇者(Yuh‐Ja), 君はハリケーン, 夏の終わり, 夏の蜃気楼, 夏の足音, 夜明けのビーナス, 宝島, 彼女と麦わら帽子, 待ちぼうけの午後, 明日への扉, 真夏のためいき, 脚線美の誘惑, 遠雷, 魂の肖像
Tayo arranger, producer 7 Miles Bridge, A Feel Deep Inside, Barbarian, Beat in Beat, Because, Before It’s Gone Too Far, Between, Breeze and You, Catcher in the Rye, Celebration, Chances, Change Your Mind, Chase, Chou Chow, Crisis, Cry for the Moon, Dans sa chambre, Destination, Doors, El Mirage, Eurostar: Run Into the Light, Feel Alright, Forgotten Saga, From 03 to 06 (Receivers), Full Circle, Future Fly, Getting Over, Giant Side Steps, Glorious Road, Go for It, Grand Prix, Hank & Cliff, Hearts, Hello Goodbye, Hello Goodbye (Reprise), I Luv U, In the Grid, It’s Magic, I’ll Never Forget You, Kiss, Larisa, Little Mermaid, Love’s Still Burnin’, Lucky Summer Lady, Maybe I’m Wrong, Memories of Alice, Merylu, Miss you, Mist of Time, Mistral, Mr. Mellow, Omens of Love, Once in a Lifetime, Overnight Sensation, Papillon, Prime, Reflection, Sabana Hotel, Shadow, Stimulator, Stingray, Sunshine Sunshine, The End of the Summer, The Number, The Rest of a Romance, True Love, Truth, Twilight in Upper West, Unexpected Lover, Wandering Soldier, We’ll Never Have a Trouble, いとしのうなじ, かわいいテクノ, カピオラニの通り雨, ハワイへ行きたい, 君はハリケーン, 脚線美の誘惑, 遠雷, 風の少年, 黄昏で見えない
DJ Wicked arranger, producer A Feel Deep Inside, Chaser, It’s Magic, Midnight Lover, Sabana Hotel, Texas Kid, The Number, Travelers, Wrapped Around Your Soul, ハワイへ行きたい