Steve Reid

percussion, mix, recording, congas, tambourine, drums

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Paolo Costa (countertenor)
Brian Bromberg
Frank Gambale
Brian Culbertson
Miles Davis (jazz trumpeter, bandleader, songwriter)

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Paolo Costa mix, recording, congas, percussion Control, Daisy Field, Happy Song, Labyrinth of Love, Last Raindrops, Megalith, Midnight Circle, Nab That Chap!!, Radio Star, Snowbird, The Summer of ’68, Up Town, When I Think of You, White Mane, Wind Song, Your Restless Eyes, ガーティの夢
Brian Bromberg percussion, tambourine Basses Loaded, Cheer Up, It's Only Life!, Floyd, For You & You Alone, Hear Our Cry, September, Song for BJ, Through the Window
Frank Gambale percussion Lazy Passion, Legends, Spike's Song, Stephanie, The Natives Are Restless, The Tardis
Brian Culbertson percussion Close to You, Daybreak, Shadow's Dance, Sonic Dreams, You're Not Alone
Miles Davis percussion Splatch
The Rippingtons drums Mirage