Robert Musso

engineer, mix, recording, producer, programming, electric sitar, drums, editor, performer, banjo, guitar, organ, electric guitar

Sample recordings


Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Frank London
Tom Waits
Deadline (dub/new jazz project)
Sly & Robbie
Manfred Fleckenstein

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Frank London engineer, electric sitar (How to) Sweat, Part 1, (How to) Sweat, Parts 1 & 2 (dance mix), Blume, Bucket Cue, Coney Island Heyday, Cult Groove, Deep, Der Neier Freylekhs, Emma Goldman's Wedding (a) desire (b) dance to it, Freaky Guitar Freylekhs, Full Moon, Ancient Waters, Have Another, It's Hot in Here!, Kolomeyke, Now to the Shvitz, Psycho-Klezmer (from the repertoire of Naftulie Brandwein), Redemption, Revelation, Take One, Toy Piano, V'erastikh Li (Divine Betrothal) - poem by Celia Dropken, V'erastikh Li (Divine Betrothal) Instrumental, Vus Vet Zayn (What Will It Be Like When the Moshiach Comes?)
Tom Waits engineer, mix, recording, banjo 9th & Hennepin, Anywhere I Lay My Head, Big Black Mariah, Blind Love, Bride of Rain Dog (instrumental), Cemetery Polka, Clap Hands, Diamonds & Gold, Gun Street Girl, Hang Down Your Head, Jockey Full of Bourbon, Midtown (instrumental), Rain Dogs, Singapore, Tango Till They’re Sore, Time, Union Square, Walking Spanish, What Keeps Mankind Alive
Deadline engineer, mix, programming Afro Beat, Baliphone Dub, Black Swans, Boat Peoples, Broken Edge, Doo Root, Gammatron, Heart Of Darkness, Makossa Rock, Refrain, The Stone That Speaks, Who's Who, World Disorder
Sly & Robbie engineer, recording Bank Job, Bass and Trouble, Boops (Here to Go), Fire, Get to This, Get to That, Language Barrier, Let's Rock, Make 'em Move, Miles (Black Satin), No Name on the Bullet, Rhythm Killer, Yes We Can Can
Manfred Fleckenstein engineer African Revolution, Butterfly, Dancehall Kung Fu, E.T., Higher Level, House of God, Inakaya (Japanese Food), Orthodox, Rise Again, Scratch Message, Wake the Dead
Lucky Peterson engineer Black Midnight Sun, Change Your Ways, Herbert Harper's Free Press News, Is It Because I'm Black, Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone, Lucky in Love, She's a Burglar, Smokestack Lightning, Talkin' Loud and Saying Nothing, Thank You for Talkin'to Me Africa, Truly Your Friend
Herbie Hancock engineer Alphabeta, Be Still, Black Gravity, Ionosphere, Kebero, Part 1, Kebero, Part 2, The Essence, This Is Rob Swift, Tony Williams, Virtual Hornets, Wisdom
Apple One engineer, mix 4-4-4-4-2-2-2-5-2, Black Whole, Cinque Roulettes, Drill Beats, Ghost Strokes, Invisible One, Moon Tune, Shifting Sands Closing Hour, Storm, Tools
24-7 Spyz producer Ballots Not Bullets, Grandma Dynamite, I Must Go On, Jimi'z Jam, New Drug, Pillage, Social Plague, Spill My Guts, Spyz Dope, Tango Skin Polka
John Zorn mix Battle of Algiers, Erotico (The Burglars), Giu La Testa (Duck You Sucker!), Metamorfosi (La Classe Operaia Va In Paradiso), Milano Odea, Once Upon a Time in the West, Peur sur la ville, Poverty (Once Upon a Time in America), The Big Gundown, Tre Nel 5000
Greg Anderson producer, recording Dallab, Dark Memory / Shreds, Grand Design, Industry, Kitchen Kut/Ups, Points, Politics, Propulsion, Valse Languide
Nicholas Müller engineer, producer Bala Moussaka, Boulandi Samawi, Casa Casa Atougra, Hamdouchi, La Allah Dayim Moulenah, Mahraba, Moussa Berkiyo / Koubaliy Beriah La' Foh, Peace In Essaouira (for Sonny Sharrock), Salat Anbi
James Blood Ulmer engineer 99 Names, As It Is, Home Alone, I Can Tell, Momentarily, O Gentle One, On and On, Pull on Up to Love, We Got to Get Together
Ronald Shannon Jackson mix Charming the Beast, Evoking, Holyman, Nothing Beats a Failure But a Try, Panhandling, Psychic Greeting, Sheep In Wolf's Clothing, Shotgun Wedding
Bill Laswell engineer, mix, programming, recording Ananta (Passing Dream), Bass Terror - Tetragrammaton, Black Dangers, Chakra, Dread Iternal, Hear No Evil, Kingdom Come (Ambient Suite), Mystery of Shape Changing
Aïyb Dieng engineer Bôka Devotion, Darésalam, Dungal Dub, Rhythmagick, Sabar, Soweto Funk, Takou, Touba
Loyal Flames engineer Ekatanata, Expansion, Hamsa, Nirodha, Please Be Seated, Return to Bell, Suspension
Garrett Immel mix Lithotone I - Part 1, Lithotone I - Part 2, Lithotone I - Part 3, Lithotone I - Part 4, Lithotone I - Part 5, Lithotone I - Part 6, Lithotone II
Sonny Sharrock recording As We Used to Sing, Little Rock, Many Mansions, Once Upon a Time, Promises Kept, Who Does She Hope to Be?
Pharoah Sanders engineer Country Mile, Kumba, Nozipho, Ocean Song, Our Roots (Began in Africa), Tomoki
Death Cube K engineer Dark Hood, Land of the Lost, Maggot Dream, Maps of Impossible Worlds, Terror by Night
Djeneba recording Fudge, Hedge, Layout, Spin, Substantiality
Add & Montorsi programming 4D, Black Dust, Cut Virus, Phase Draft, Subcut
Nathan Zoob engineer Artificial Seaside, Green Paste, Landing Cycle, Synthetic Forest
Material engineer Devata, The Seven Souls (Bill Laswell remix), The Seven Souls (The Secret Name remix by Bill Laswell), The Western Lands (A Dangerous Road mix)
The Flashbacks engineer Crab, Duck, Mushroom, Sea Weeds
Divination engineer, producer, programming Corpse Pose, Delta, Descent, Rain Dream
Donnel Smokes engineer Across Time, Alankara (Beats of the Heart), Gamaka, Morning Tala
The Wildhearts engineer, producer Dreaming in A, Something Weird (Going on in My Head), Splattermania, Weekend (5 Long Days)
Jun Orenza engineer Insectoidal Regression, Open URL, Transfer Complete
Public Enemy recording Godd Complexx, I Ain't Mad at All
Reggie editor, producer Speed of Light, Voice of Thunder
Manu Dibango mix, recording Makossa '87, Makossa '87 (Big Blow)
Andy Hawkins engineer, mix Nine Tails, River Blindness
Nine Inch Nails engineer Vessel (remixed by Bill Laswell)
Karsh Kale engineer Empty Hands (Bill Laswell mix)
Leander Haußmann performer Avatar
Miles Davis engineer On the Corner (Subterranean Channel mix)
Ginger Baker organ Makuta
Sacred System engineer Black Lotus (album edit)
Skilz engineer Morphia
Ahlam electric guitar Irfiq Rak 2
N-TEC guitar For a Few Dollars More
Sébastien Gastine engineer, programming Om Namah Shiva (Transformation of the Heart mix)
Tabla Beat Science engineer Magnetic
Makyo engineer Devabandha
Heiner Krause engineer Beyond the Zero
Hassan Hakmoun mix Layla Layla