Poke and Tone

producer, programming, drum machine, drums, remixer

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Nas (US rapper)
LL Cool J
Will Smith (US actor aka The Fresh Prince)
Allure (female R&B group)
Foxy Brown (Rapper)

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Nas producer, programming Black Girl Lost, Blaze a 50, Dr. Knockboot, Drunk by Myself, Escobar ’97, If I Ruled the World (Imagine That), Money Is My Bitch, Shootouts, Street Dreams, The Message, Watch Dem Niggas, We Will Survive
LL Cool J producer Born to Love You, Get da Drop on ’em, Hey Lover, Hip Hop, Hollis to Hollywood, I Shot Ya, I Shot Ya (remix), Make It Hot, Mirror Mirror, Prelude (skit), The Intro (skit)
Will Smith producer, programming Chasing Forever, Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It, I Can’t Stop, Intro, Jaden’s Interlude, Just Cruisin’, Keith B‐Real I (interlude), Keith B‐Real II (interlude), Keith B‐Real III (interlude), Miami
Allure producer, programming Anything You Want, Come Into My House, I'll Give You Anything, Introduction, The Story, When You Need Someone, You're Gonna Love Me
Foxy Brown producer (Holy Matrimony) Letter to the Firm, Big Bad Mamma, Foxy's Bells, If I..., Interlude...The Set Up, The Chase
DJ SHOW C producer Break Up to Make Up, It Ain't Personal, Shorty, Somebody's Girl, Take You Home With Me a.k.a. Body
AZ producer It's a Boy Thing, Pieces of a (Black) Man, SOSA, Trading Places, What's the Deal
Nature producer Don't Stop, Man's World, Natures Shine, Smoke, Talking That Shit
Blaque producer, remixer 808, 808 (extended remix), Release Me, Time After Time
Bohuslav Řehoř producer Let's Wait a While, No Love Lost
Katrine Bille producer Do You Wanna Dance, Heat It Up
KillASon producer Don't Go Looking for Love
Bent Ejersbo Frederiksen producer Back in the Game
Frank Campo producer Me and Nas Bring It to You Hardest
Gang of Youths producer Fox Boogie
Gran Banda de Ichán, Michoacán producer Horse & Carriage
Hal Dyson producer Hed
Half-A-Mill producer Quiet Money (feat. AZ)
Harlem World producer Crew Of The Year
Ian McCormick producer Fiesta
Ian O'Neil producer Face Off
Interferencia producer Get Me Home
Jennifer Lopez producer Should’ve Never
Johannes Gürth producer Hate Me Now (remix)
Judy Parsons producer Big Willie Style
2birds producer I Got That
Keith Murray producer Da Ba Dunk Song
Amal Raj producer, programming Head Over Heels
L'amour de R et G producer Love Is Love
Bow Wow producer Bow Wow (That’s My Name) (Track Masters remix)
Lee Schapiro producer How to Rob a Industry Nigga
Lesley Shone producer Yes Yes Y’all
Louise Fribo producer Hit ’em High (The Monstars’ Anthem)
MC Lyte producer Put It on You
Mariah Carey producer The Roof
Michael Jackson producer, remixer They Don't Care About Us (Track Masters remix)
Mike Frost producer Paradise
Mirosław Jacek Błaszczyk producer, programming No Question
ND Vidual producer, programming Give You All I Got
Brian McKnight producer Hold Me
Amanda Thompson producer I Can’t Take It (No More remix)
Orange Blossom Flyover producer Get Me Home
Rihanna producer If It’s Lovin’ That You Want
Sharissa producer No Half Steppin
Siegfried Rudolf Frese producer 1,000 Kisses
Slim the Mobster producer Fiesta
Stella Barker producer Candy
The Billie Davies Trio producer We're Unified (Track Masters remix)
W. R. Simmons producer Break Ups 2 Make Ups
Eve producer Figure You Out
Wolf Solent producer Can’t Get It Back (Trackmasters remix)
Дмитрий Звездин producer Project Windows
桜なだれ producer Candy
池田幸司 producer I'll Be