Peter Kent

violin, violins, concertmaster, strings

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Bear McCreary
David Benoit
Susan Egan
Broken Bells (indie rock duo Danger Mouse & James Mercer)
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Bear McCreary violin, violins A Promise to Return, Allegro, Baltar's Dream, Black Market, Colonial Anthem, Dark Unions, Epiphanies, Escape From the Farm, Gina Escapes, Lords of Kobol, Main Title, Martial Law, One Year Later, Pegasus, Prelude to War, Reuniting the Fleet, Roslin Confesses, Roslin and Adama, Scar, Something Dark Is Coming, Standing in the Mud, The Cylon Prisoner, Wayward Soldier, Worthy of Survival
David Benoit violin Already There, Carmel, Castles, Chi Chi's Eyes, Days of Old, Have You Forgotten, Have You Forgotten (interlude), Moments, Over the Edge, Overture, Reprise, Saudade, Shadows, Still Standing
Susan Egan violin A Musical Apology, All Things in Time, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Cock-Eyed Optimist, From the Stars (Isla’s song), I Have You, Momsense, Nina Doesn’t Care, The Me of the Moment, The Secret of Happiness, The Wanting of You
Broken Bells concertmaster, violin Lazy Wonderland, Leave It Alone, The Angel and the Fool, The Changing Lights, The Remains of Rock & Roll
Red Hot Chili Peppers violin Dark Necessities, Encore, The Hunter, The Longest Wave
Jessie Baylin violin Hurry Hurry, Joy Is Suspicious, Love Is Wasted on Lovers
Nelly Furtado violin In God’s Hands, Runaway
Mariah Carey strings Bringin’ On the Heartbreak, Sunflowers for Alfred Roy
中島みゆき violin 帰省, 粉雪は忘れ薬
Aimee Kearsley concertmaster Honeymoon Avenue, Tattooed Heart
The Beach Boys violin From There to Back Again, Pacific Coast Highway
Philip Mayer violin Keep Me in Your Heart
Sam Annand violin Children Will Listen
Scissor Sisters violin Intermission
Shakira violin The One
Michael Jackson violin Speechless
Alien Ant Farm violin Hope
Aaron Holmberg violin ALONE EN LA VIDA