Michael Woods

remixer, producer, mix, keyboard, performer

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Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Warrior (Electronic artist: Michael Woods)
Energy 52
Lost Tribe (UK trance duo Matt Darey & Red Jerry)

Collaborators on this artist's recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
DJ Costa mix-DJ Solex (Close to the Edge) (Dogzilla vs. Michael Woods CD mix)
Dipesh Parmar mix-DJ Solex (Close to the Edge) (Dogzilla vs. Michael Woods mix)
Dogzilla (trance duo Richard Kayvan & Simon Patterson) remixer Solex (Close to the Edge) (Dogzilla vs. Michael Woods mix)
Gareth Emery remixer Slice of Life (club mix)
Jasper Forks mix-DJ Slice of Life
Jean Elan mix-DJ Nitro
Jerome (German DJ, aka Marcel Jerome) producer Take My Love
Markus Gardeweg (aka Gardeweg) mix-DJ Legato

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Warrior producer If You Want Me, Warrior (Robbie Rivera's Puerto Rican mix), Warrior (Robbie Rivera's Soul Bandit mix), Warrior (Trick or Treat remix) (feat. MC Tails), Warrior (club mix), Warrior (radio edit)
Energy 52 producer, remixer Cafe del Mar (Michael Woods remix), Café Del Mar (Michael Woods remix), Café del Mar (Michael Woods mix), Café del mar (Michael Woods Chillout remix)
Lost Tribe remixer Gamemaster (Michael Woods Radio Edit), Gamemaster (Michael Woods Remix), Gamemaster (Michael Woods remix)
PLD remixer Hello (Michael Woods dub remix), Hello (Michael Woods remix)
deadmau5 producer, remixer I Said (Michael Woods remix), Strobe (Michael Woods remix)
Delerium remixer Silence (Michael Woods mix), Silence (Michael Woods remix)
Robyn remixer Dancing on My Own (Michael Woods remix edit), Dancing on My Own (Michael Woods remix)
Solarstone remixer Seven Cities (Michael Woods mix), Seven Cities (Michael Woods remix)
Underworld mix, remixer Always Loved a Film (Michael Woods dub remix), Always Loved a Film (Michael Woods remix)
Lady Gaga remixer Black Jesus † Amen Fashion (Michael Woods remix), Born This Way (Michael Woods remix)
Saints & Sinners remixer Peace (Michael Woods remix)
Bengt Nordfors producer, remixer Voice of an Angel (Michael Woods vs. Matt Darey remix)
Candee Jay remixer If I Were You (Michael Woods remix)
Martin Solveig remixer Hello (Michael Woods remix)
Mimi Lange remixer I Said (Michael Woods remix)
Clashback remixer Outset (Michael Woods remix)
Dario G producer, remixer Dream to Me (Warrior remix)
Rockik remixer Memories (M. Woods mix)
Rolf Dobelli remixer Hello (Michael Woods remix)
Accadia producer Into the Dawn
Salt Tank producer, remixer Eugina (Michael Woods mix)
666 remixer D.E.V.I.L. (Michael Woods remix)
The Potbelleez remixer Feed Off Me (Michael Woods remix)
The Ting Tings producer, remixer, keyboard Hands (Michael Woods remix)
Alexandra Burke producer Daylight Robbery
Vivian Cooper remixer Hello (Michael Woods dub)
Wackor producer, remixer Silence (Michael Woods mix)
Ferry Corsten remixer Live Forever (Michael Woods remix)
Way Out West remixer The Gift (Michael Woods remix)
Ian Van Dahl remixer Try (Michael Woods remix)