Matt Chamberlain

drums, percussion, bells, programming, handclaps, electronic drum set, tabla, snare drum, tambourine, marimba, gong

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Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Tori Amos
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
Kevin Max
Robbie Williams
Macy Gray

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Artist name Roles Recordings
Tori Amos programming, bells, drums, handclaps, marimba, percussion, snare drum '97 Bonnie & Clyde, 500 Miles, A Silent Night With You, Abnormally Attracted to Sin, Barons of Suburbia, Black-Dove (January), Candle: Coventry Carol, Cars and Guitars, Cruel, Curtain Call, Emmanuel, Fast Horse, Fire to Your Plain, Flavor, General Joy, Give, Goodbye Pisces, Happiness Is a Warm Gun, Harps of Gold, Heart of Gold, Holly, Ivy, and Rose, Hoochie Woman, Hotel, I'm Not in Love, Ireland, Jackie's Strength, Jamaica Inn, Jeanette, Isabella, Lady in Blue, Liquid Diamonds, Martha’s Foolish Ginger, Marys of the Sea, Maybe California, Mother Revolution, New Age, Northern Lad, Not Dying Today, Ophelia, Our New Year, Pandora's Aquarium, Parasol, Pink and Glitter, Playboy Mommy, Police Me, Raspberry Swirl, Rattlesnakes, Ribbons Undone, She's Your Cocaine, Sleeps With Butterflies, Snow Angel, Spark, Star of Wonder, Starling, Strange Little Girl, Strong Black Vine, Sweet the Sting, That Guy, The Beekeeper, Welcome to England, What Child, Nowell, Winter's Carol, Witness, i i e e e
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians drums 10,000 Angels, Black & Blue, Carmelito, Forgiven, Ghost of a Dog, He Said, Mama Help Me, Me by the Sea, Oak Cliff Bra, Strings of Love, Stwisted, This Eye, Times Like This, Woyaho
Kevin Max drums, handclaps Angel With No Wings, Be, Blind, Dead End Moon, Deconstructing Venus, Existence, Her Game, I Don't Belong, I Went Over the Edge of the World, Return of the Singer, Shaping Space, The Secret Circle
Robbie Williams drums, percussion A Place to Crash, Advertising Space, Ghosts, King of Bloke & Bird, Make Me Pure, Please Don't Die, Random Acts of Kindness, Sin Sin Sin, Spread Your Wings, The Trouble With Me, Tripping, Your Gay Friend
Macy Gray drums, percussion A Moment to Myself, Caligula, Do Something, I Can’t Wait to Meetchu, I Try, I’ve Committed Murder, Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak, Still, The Letter, Why Didn’t You Call Me
Erika Klemperer percussion Can’t Let Go, Juno, Flame on Flame (A Slow Dirge), Hey Big Star, Honeybody, Ode to My Next Life, Say Yeah, Statues in a Gallery, Who’d You Kill, Why Don’t You Answer Me, m’lover
Brad Mehldau drums, percussion, tabla Alvarado, Dear Prudence, Dropjes, Dusty McNugget, Franklin Avenue, Free Willy, Paranoid Android, Sabbath, Wave/Mother Nature's Son, When It Rains
Natalie Merchant drums, percussion Build a Levee, Golden Boy, I'm Not Gonna Beg, Just Can't Last, Not in This Life, Put the Law on You, Saint Judas, Tell Yourself, The Worst Thing, This House Is on Fire
Sarah McLachlan drums, percussion Awakenings, Changes, Don’t Give Up on Us, Heartbreak, Illusions of Bliss, Love Come, Monsters, Ordinary Miracle, Out of Tune, U Want Me 2
Sara Bareilles drums, percussion Between the Lines, Bottle It Up, City, Love Song, Love on the Rocks, Machine Gun, Many the Miles, Not Alone, One Sweet Love, Say You’re Sorry
City and Colour drums Commentators, Death’s Song, Ladies and Gentlemen, Of Space and Time, Paradise, Take Care, The Golden State, The Hurry and the Harm, The Lonely Life, Thirst
Andrew Dorff drums Angel Puppets, Deaf to Sorry, I Splash, Insecuriosity, No Butter, No Oil, Overneath, Rosey Red, Starstruck, Supercool
Dave Navarro drums Avoiding the Angel, Everything, Hungry, Mourning Son, Not for Nothing, Rexall, Slow Motion Sickness, Sunny Day, Very Little Daylight
Laura Marling drums Always This Way, Don't Pass Me By, Next Time, Nothing, Not Nearly, Nouel, Soothing, The Valley, Wild Fire, Wild Once
William Shatner drums, percussion Familiar Love, Has Been, I Can’t Get Behind That, Ideal Woman, It Hasn’t Happened Yet, That’s Me Trying, You’ll Have Time
Anna Nalick drums, electronic drum set, percussion Bleed, Catalyst, Citadel, Forever Love (Digame), In My Head, Satellite, Wreck of the Day
吉田兄弟 drums END OF THE WORLD~世界の果てに, One Long River, SEVEN, Summer Day, The National Anthem, 秋田おばこ, 紅い鳥~RED BIRD
MRF drums, percussion Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), Billy Brown, Dr John, My Interpretation, Ring Ring, Touches You
Teitur drums, tambourine Amanda's Dream, One and Only, Poetry & Aeroplanes, Sleeping With the Lights On, You're the Ocean
John Mayer drums Bigger Than My Body, Clarity, Home Life, Something's Missing, Wheel
hellogoodbye drums (Everything Is) Debatable, Just Don't Let Go Just Don't, Summer of the Lily Pond, Swear You're in Love
Chris Cornell drums Bend in the Road, Higher Truth, Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart, Wrong Side
Regina Spektor drums, percussion Eet, Machine, Man of a Thousand Faces, The Calculation
Alanis Morissette drums Receive, Win and Win, ’til You
Garbage drums Can’t Cry These Tears, Cup of Coffee
HMLT drums The Power of Orange Knickers
Peter Gabriel drums Suzanne
Eyvind Kang gong, percussion Fire in Wind
Stone Gossard drums I Need Something Different
Icebird drums Tomorrow Never Knows
Tony Fruscella's Quartet drums Everything You Do (You Do for You)
Depeseblo drums Weeping
Ilse DeLange percussion Puzzle Me
Laurent Bozeck drums Hypocrates
2 Skinnee J's drums Lost & Found