Just Blaze

producer, remixer, mix, vocal, turntable(s), performer, recording, piano, organ

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
JAY Z (US rapper, formerly Jay-Z)
Memphis Bleek
Beanie Sigel
Killah Priest
Busta Rhymes

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
JAY Z producer, remixer 99 Problems (Just Blaze remix), 99 Problems (remix), Allure (remix), American Gangster, Bitches & Sisters, December 4th, Don't You Know, Flow, Hovi Baby, Hovy Baby (remix), Ignorant Shit, Interlude, Jigga That Nigga, Kingdom Come, Moment of Clarity (remix), Oh My God, PSA (remix), Public Service Announcement (interlude), Show Me What You Got, Show You How, Warm It Up Jay
Memphis Bleek mix, producer 534, Hell No, In My Life, Interlude, Intro - U Know Bleek, R.O.C., Straight Path, They'll Never Play Me, War, We Get Low
Beanie Sigel producer Beanie (Mack Bitch), Get Down, Mom Praying (feat. Scarface), So What You Saying (feat. Memphis Bleek), What Your Life Like 2
Killah Priest producer Gotta Eat, Hard Times, The Last Supper, View From Masada
Busta Rhymes producer Bad Dreams, Everybody Rise Again, Street Shit, We Got What You Want
Joe Budden producer Give Me Reason, Pop Off, Pump It Up
Fabolous producer Breathe, Can't Let You Go, Ma' Be Easy
The Game producer Church for Thugs, No More Fun and Games, Shout Outs
Jon B. producer Everytime, Everytime (remix)
Harlem World producer Family Crisis, I Really Like It
Artemesia producer Losing Weight, Part 2, Oh Boy
Big Punisher producer Off Wit' His Head, Wrong Ones
Freeway producer Flipside, Free
Mario remixer C'Mon (Just Blaze remix instrumental), C'Mon (Just Blaze remix radio version)
Beastie Boys remixer Ch-Check It Out (Just Blaze remix), Ch‐Check It Out (Just Blaze remix)
Rhymefest producer Dynomite, Dynomite (Going Postal)
Shyne producer Diamonds and Mac-10's, Here With Me
T.I. producer I'm Talkin’ to You, King Back
Half-A-Mill producer Fires in Hell, Thug Luv
ルーク篁 producer Here We Go Again, Match the Name With the Voice
Corpo-Mente producer Still Got Love For You
Cream Corp producer Alright
DJ NAOYA producer, turntable(s) Stick 2 the Script
DMX producer I'ma Bang
Dimy producer Lollipop
Dmitri Dudin producer, remixer U Don't Know (remix)
Erick Sermon producer We Don't Care
F.T. & Ava producer F-Ava
Bathgate producer Just Don't Stop (feat. Fabolous)
Fat Joe producer Safe 2 Say (The Incredible)
Felipe Cavalcante producer You Got Me
Andy Tjernon mix, producer Compton
Ghostface Killah mix, producer, recording, organ, piano The Champ
Gints Eisters producer Hypnotic
Giseli Soares producer, remixer Through the Rain (remix)
Gyōshun Ōgawa producer, remixer Roc the Mic (remix)
Antonín Liehmann producer It's Not Right
Hanns Ahring producer Roc the Mic
Ben Fink producer Living in Pain
Heidi Spiliopoulos remixer, vocal Oh My Darling Don’t Meow (Just Blaze remix)
HimeHime producer How We Do?
I Jahbar remixer Storm (Just Blaze remix)
Ida Teppo producer Throwback
If six was Nine performer, producer Dynomite
Bernd Wand remixer Give Me All Your Luvin' (Just Blaze Bionic dub)
Jaakko Kortesharju producer Who Want What
Jahat producer Don't Cross the Line
Jay Electronica vocal Intro
Jin producer Club Song
24K producer Skully
Born of Freedom producer We Get Around
Jörg Göhler producer Let Go (Hit the Dance Floor)
Katuchat producer Playin’ the Game
Keith Murray producer Yeah Yeah U Know It (feat. Def Squad)
Allen Anthony producer Alright
L-Boy producer Boy (I Need You)
Last Jazz Club producer It's Time I See You
MED producer Get Back
Mack and the Sunliners producer Lord Knows
Mad Lion producer Give It to Me
Brochard - Guionnet - Perraud producer Dear Summer
Mark Younger-Smith remixer Feel It Boy (Just Blaze remix radio edit)
Maroon 5 remixer Makes Me Wonder (Just Blaze remix)
Martijn van Jaarsveld producer Built This City
Martin Gontarski producer Bread & Butter
Mechanical Elephant producer We Are
Medium Size Kids producer Yeah Yeah You Know It
Buckshot producer Heavy Weighters (feat. F.T. & Swan)
Michael Steinberg producer Ignorant Shit
Mooses Putro producer You Got Me
Nature's Creation producer Full Effect
Nick Cannon producer Get Crunk Shorty
Patrick Broekema producer I Am Dame Dash
Philly's Most Wanted producer This B***h
Psystein producer It's Alright
Radbor producer That's Right
Bury My Regrets producer Shorty (Put It on the Floor)
Rob Bittle producer Bitch Niggas
Robert Yamasato producer Can't Let You Go
S-Word producer World Summit
SKALL HEADZ producer Tough Luv
Sadico producer On My Own
Saigon producer Letter P (feat. Kool G Rap)
Seer Group producer Everything Is a Go
Shaggy remixer Hey Sexy Lady (Just Blaze mix)
Shawnna producer Let's Go
Astor Piazzolla y su orquesta producer Touch the Sky
Slaughterhouse mix, producer R.N.S.
Suomalainen Lauluseura producer Line Em Up
Talib Kweli producer Never Been in Love
Teriyaki Boyz producer 今夜はバギーパンツ
The Big Bang Theory producer The ROC (Just Fire)
The Bridge Ensemble producer Fire
Carl Thomas producer My First Love
The Home Folks producer Papi Lover
The Notorious B.I.G. producer It's a Stick Up
The Rebel Rousers producer I Really Mean It
Thomas Morrison producer Don't Realize
Tragedy Khadafi producer Against All Odds
Tyler Ennis producer Fire Remix - Joe Budden
Vokalensemble producer M.A.R.C.Y.
Young Gunz producer Friday Night
Zane Lobānova producer Just Blaze, Bleek & Free
pinfla producer Streets Is Talking
Cat Townshend producer Get Crunk Shorty
大谷能生 producer Some How Some Way
川原伸司 producer Welcome to New York City
罗惠兰 mix, producer Return of the Hustle