Jimmy Haslip

bass, producer, bass guitar, electric bass guitar, guitar, fretless bass, vocal, instrument arranger, horn

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Artist name Roles Recordings
The Jaguars (60s Los Angeles teen rock band)
The Jeff Lorber Fusion
Carol Welsman

Collaborators on this artist's recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Chris Bellman mastering Calle del Sol, El Morro, Fuego, Laguna, Los Feliz, Novelas, She Never Has a Window, The Heat, The Red Sun, Vaya
Joe Vannelli (Canadian musician, composer and record producer) engineer, instrument arranger, mix Calle del Sol, El Morro, Fuego, Laguna, Los Feliz, Novelas, She Never Has a Window, The Heat, The Red Sun, Vaya
Luis Conté percussion Calle del Sol, Los Feliz, Novelas, She Never Has a Window, The Red Sun, Vaya
Justo Almario flute Calle del Sol, Novelas, The Red Sun, Vaya
Chuck Findley trombone, trumpet El Morro, Fuego, Los Feliz, Vaya
Ross Vannelli vocal Calle del Sol, El Morro, The Red Sun
Judd Miller EWI Laguna, The Red Sun, Vaya
Mike Shapiro percussion Fuego, Laguna, Los Feliz
Mark Craney percussion Fuego, Novelas
Otmaro Ruiz piano Novelas, She Never Has a Window
Russell Ferrante keyboard Calle del Sol, Novelas
Steve Tavaglione saxophone El Morro, Los Feliz
Vince Mendoza keyboard She Never Has a Window
Doug Rowell engineer Laguna
Ernesto Diaz percussion Vaya
Gino Vannelli vocal Laguna
Mark Tanzer engineer Vaya
Alex Alvear vocal Vaya
Paul Gonzalas percussion Vaya
Peter Kontrimas engineer Vaya
Casey Scheuerell percussion Vaya
Scott Blockland engineer El Morro
Chiara Civello vocal Vaya
Bertrand Lehman percussion Vaya

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Yellowjackets vocal, bass, bass guitar 57 Chevy, A Single Step, Aha, And You Know That, Black Tie, Bright Lights, Brown Zone, Claire's Song, Cross Current, Daddy's Gonna Miss You, Downtown, Elamar, Foreign Correspondent, Freda, Free Day, Freedomland, Galileo (For Jaco), Geneva, Geraldine, Goin' Home, Greenhouse, Homecoming, Hunter's Point, I Do, I Got Rhythm, Imperial Strut, Indian Summer, Indigo, Indivisible, Invisible People, It's Almost Gone, Liam / Rain Dance, Like Elvin, Local Hero, Magnolia, Man In The Moon, March Majestic, Matinee Idol, Mile High, Mother Earth, My Soliloquy, New Rochelle, New Shoes, Nimbus, Numerology, Oasis, One Family, Out of Town, Oz, Pass It On, Peace, Postcards, Priscilla, Regular Folks, Revelation, Rosemary, Rush Hour, Seven Stars, Shades, Sightseeing, Sittin' In It, Sonja's Sanfona, Spirit of the West, Spirits, Suite 15, Summer Song, Tenacity, The Chosen, The Dream, The Hope, The Hornet, The Spin, Theme From Il Postino, Timeline, Top Secret, Tortoise & The Hare, Unity, Up From New Orleans, Why Is It, Wildcats & Cougars, Wildlife, Youth Eternal
The Jaguars electric bass guitar Airwaves, Breakaway, Countin’ on You, Fallin’, For You, Heart of Mine, Heart of Stone, I’m Aware of Your Love, Love Is Hard to Find, Love Me Tonight, Maybe It’s the Power of Love, My World Is Empty Without You, Really Wanna Know, She Wants You Back, Sooner or Later, Southern Ballad, Stay, The Night Has Me Calling for You, Welcome to the World, Without Your Love
The Jeff Lorber Fusion producer, bass Black Ice, Chinese Medicinal Herbs, Corinaldo, Curtains/Before We Go, Dragonfly, Escapade, Everlast, Fab Gear, Hacienda, Las Rosas, Mysterious Traveller, Pixel, Playa Del Falco, Rain Dance/Wanna Fly, Raptor, Sugar Free, Sumatra, The Steppe, Water Sign
Carol Welsman producer Beautiful, Brazasia, Café, Dans cette chambre, Dans mon ile, Eu Vim de Bahia, Hold Me, Live to Tell, Nostotros, Ora, Too Close for Comfort, What a Fool Believes, With Me
渡辺雅史 producer, bass guitar Brothers, Destiny Over Me, God and Rock 'n' Roll, Peace, Peace (intro), Renegade Destruction, Soft in Black Jeans, The Darkness, What's Up, Where the Wind Blows, Who Do You Think You Are
Württemberg State Opera Chorus bass Big Brother, City, Galaxy, Horace, Live Wire, Montserrat, Rapids, Singaraja, The Samba, The Underground, Wizard Island
Andy Milne producer Fourteen Fingers, Headache In Residence, Hopscotch, How And When Versus What, In The Mirror, Darkly, Katharsis, Nice To Meet You, Photographs, Search Party, The Trust
Marc Antoine bass Brazil '96, Cabrillo, Castellana Hood, Forget-Me-Not, Latin Quarter, Mediterráneo, Quand Le Jazz Hip-Hop, Sunland
Chris Beckers bass Beckyard, Forty 8 Dan, Golfjes (Dance of the River), Nightwalker, Portal, Seven Frames of Mind, Tosca, Wallsend (Paul's Blues)
Indra Lesmana bass Corrobores, First Glance, L.A., Morro Rock, Song for..., Stephanie
Diana Ross guitar Let's Go Up, Love Will Make It Right, Pieces of Ice, That's How You Start Over, You Do It
Justo Almario bass Welcome
Brian Culbertson bass, electric bass guitar, fretless bass Alone With You, Double Exposure, Fullerton Ave., Heroes of the Dawn, Twilight
Michael Franks producer, bass Like Water, Like Wind, Somehow Our Love Survives, This Must Be Paradise
Kenny G bass Find a Way, Stop and Go, Tell Me
Lee Ritenour bass Children’s Games, Runaway, White Water
Dez Dynamic electric bass guitar Danger, Rock and Roll Hell
Sovory bass guitar Did You Mean What You Said (album version), May Not Be
Jeff Richman bass I Got Rhythm (feat. Danny Gottlieb & Jimmy Haslip), Monkfish (feat. Jimmy Haslip, Chad Wackerman & Brandon Fields)
The Rippingtons bass Katrina's Dance, Love Notes
Harvey Mason bass 8:22 A.M., Whatever It Is
渡辺貞夫 bass Anga la Jua (Place in the Sun), Front Seat
Ric Flo bass Little Cowboys, Twilight Moon
Ryoji Makimura vocal In My Dream
Nelson Rangell bass guitar Freda
Anita Baker bass guitar Been So Long
Yolo Bugatti Gang producer Solar Wind
Eva Cassidy bass guitar Easy Street Dream
Chris Botti bass Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Humor producer, bass King Kong