Jeremy Stacey

drums, bass drum, timbales, piano, engineer, mbira, vocal, percussion

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Robbie Williams
Jason Rebello
Sia (Australian singer-songwriter)
Claire Martin (English jazz singer)
Beth Rowley

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Robbie Williams drums By All Means Necessary, Come Undone, Cursed, Feel, Handsome Man, Hot Fudge, How Peculiar, Karma Killer, Love Somebody, Me and My Monkey, Monsoon, Sexed Up, Singing for the Lonely, Something Beautiful, Song 3, Strong
Jason Rebello drums 1st Instinct, A Clearer View, Back to Back, Eraserhead, Golden Fleece, Medusa Seducer, Memorial, Punch and Judy, Ship to Shore, Silver Surfer, Siobhan, Tone Row, Wind in the Willows
Sia bass drum, drums Butterflies, Don’t Bring Me Down, Moon, Natale’s Song, Numb, Rewrite, Sunday, Sweet Potato, The Bully, The Church of What’s Happening Now, Where I Belong
Claire Martin drums He's a Runner, Help, How Can I Be Sure, I Scare Myself, Inner City Girl, Jonah, Pleading Guilty, Queen Bee, River Man, Take My Heart
Beth Rowley drums I Shall Be Released, Oh My Life, So Sublime, Sweet Hours, You Never Called Me Tonight
Sheryl Crow vocal, drums, mbira, percussion, piano, timbales Detours, Gasoline, Lullaby for Wyatt, Now That You're Gone, Out of Our Heads
Adam F drums 73, Dirty Harry (Adapted album version), Intro
Eric Clapton drums Diamonds Made From Rain, River Runs Deep
Zero 7 drums I Have Seen, In the Waiting Line
Steve Hackett drums Dancing With the Moonlit Knight, Supper’s Ready
Alfie Boe drums Bridge Over Troubled Water
Wayne Krantz drums How the West Was Left
Lynda Houghton engineer Truly