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BoA (South Korean singer and actress)

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倖田來未 arranger, programming BOY FRIEND?, COLOR OF SOUL, COME WITH ME, Can't Lose, Chase, Gentle Words, It's too late, Joyful, LOVE HOLIC, Let's Party, Moon Crying, Moon Crying (live version in Taiwan), My Dream, No Regret, So Into You, Star, TAKE BACK, The theme of Sister Jill ~LOVE & HONEY version~, Through the sky, Trust Your Love, WIND, WON'T BE LONG 〜Black Cherry Version〜, WON'T BE LONG 〜Red Cherry Version〜, With your smile, Your Song, Your only one, come back, feel me, girls, hands, love across the ocean, m・a・z・e, real Emotion, the meaning of peace, さよならの向う側, どうにもとまらない, キューティーハニー, ミルクティー, 恋の魔法
BoA arranger, programming AGGRESSIVE, BESIDE YOU-僕を呼ぶ声-, BESIDE YOU-僕を呼ぶ声-(instrumental), Beautiful Flowers, Beautiful Flowers (instrumental), Beside You, DOUBLE, DOUBLE (English version), DOUBLE (instrumental), Double, Every Heart, Every Heart (English version), Every Heart -ミンナノキモチ-, Every Heart -ミンナノキモチ- (instrumental), KEY OF HEART, QUINCY, QUINCY(Instrumental), Sparkling, Sparkling (instrumental), VALENTI ~BEST&USA Version~, Your Color, Your Color (TV mix), be with you., be with you. (instrumental)
工藤静香 arranger 存在, 心のチカラ, 心のチカラ (less vocal), 心のチカラ〜MOVIE EDIT〜, 心のチカラ〜MOVIE EDIT〜(カラオケ)
東方神起 arranger Break up the shell, Hello again, Sky, Summer Dream, miss you
坂本真綾 arranger, programming That is To Say, スピカ, スピカ (without maaya), ループ, ループ (TVサイズ)
Jorma Vik arranger, programming DreamRiser, DreamRiser (TV size), Hello,Hello,Hello, Hello,Hello,Hello (off vocal)
Folder 5 arranger, remixer BE MY LOVE, FAKE, Magical Eyes (Mochi Wonder mix)
SMAP arranger Piece of world, Piece of world (back track), Yeah Oh!
AAA arranger, instrument Welcome to This World, Winter lander!!, ハレルヤ
EXILE arranger Someday, Someday (Instrumental), Someday (Video Clip)
Mark Grigsby arranger, programming LOSE YOUR MIND, LOSE YOUR MIND (instrumental)
Dan Sheerin arranger Magic Melody, Magic Melody (Instrumental)
Jean Bellere arranger Fadeless Love, be with you
9nine arranger Sparkling Days, やさしい雨
Steve Taylor arranger, programming Twinkle
下川みくに arranger ETERNAL WIND〜ほほえみは光る風の中〜
Pudjun arranger real Emotion (FFX-2 Mix)
Jade Valerie Villalon arranger real Emotion (FFX-2 mix)
寿美菜子 arranger pretty fever
Dowell Mutter arranger キネマ
後藤真希 arranger 「ねぇ、、、」
Atticus Anthem arranger It's all Love!
水樹奈々 arranger RODEO COWGIRL