Greg Cohen

bass, double bass, producer, arranger, instrument arranger, tenor horn / alto horn, horn, strings, bass pedals, piano

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Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Masada (US klezmer/experimental jazz band)
Tom Waits
Dave Douglas
Dagmar Krause
Ellas (1960's)

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Masada bass, double bass Abidan, Achshaph, Ashnah, Ashnah (Bonus Track), Bacharach, Beeroth, Bith Aneth, Delin, Evel, Hadasha, Hath-Arob, Hath-arob, Hazor, Hekhal, Idalah-abal, Jair, Janohah, Kanah, Karaim, Katzatz, Katzatz (Bonus Track), Kedem, Kedushah, Kilayim, Kochot, Lachish, Lakom, Lebaoth, Mahshav, Nashon, Ne'eman, Netivot, Nevuah, Otiot, Paran, Peliyot, Piram, Rachab, Ravayah, Sahar, Sansanah, Shamor, Shechem, Sheloshim, Shevet, Shilhim, Sippur, Tahah, Tannaim, Tekufah, Tirzah, Tzofeh, Yoreh, Zebdi, Zelah, Zemer, Ziphim
Tom Waits arranger, instrument arranger, producer, bass, bass pedals, double bass, horn, tenor horn / alto horn 'T 'Ain't No Sin, 9th & Hennepin, Blow Wind Blow, Broken Bicycles, Carnival, Crossroads, Flash Pan Hunter, Flash Pan Hunter (intro), Gospel Train, Gun Street Girl, Hang on St. Christopher, I Beg Your Pardon, Innocent When You Dream (Barroom), Interlude, It's All Right With Me, I’ll Be Gone, I’ll Take New York, Jersey Girl, Johnsburg, Illinois, Just the Right Bullets, Little Boy Blue, More Than Rain, November, Please Wake Me Up, Presents, Rain Dogs, Rainbirds, Ruby’s Arms, Soldier's Things, Straight to the Top (Rhumba), Straight to the Top (Vegas), Swordfishtrombone, Tango Till They’re Sore, Tango Till They’re Sore (live), Telephone Call From Istanbul, Temptation, The Black Rider, The Last Rose of Summer, Train Song, Way Down in the Hole, What Keeps Mankind Alive, You Can't Unring a Bell
Dave Douglas bass A Thousand Evenings, Aerial Manouvers, Anton, Aria One, Aria Two, Bal Masqué, Bounding Lines, Charms of the Night Sky, Codetta, Dance in Thy Soul (for Charlie Haden), Escher, Facing West, Fin, Goldfinger, In So Many Worlds - Ecstatic, In So Many Worlds - In Praise, In So Many Worlds - Mournful, Little One, Memories of a Pure Spring, Mug Shots: Decafinata, Mug Shots: The Girl With the Rose Hips, Mug Shots: Wild Coffee, Odyssey, On Our Way Home, Part One, Part Two, Poveri Fiori, Prairie, Scherzo, Sea Change, Spring, The Branches - Part One, The Branches - Part Two, The Little Boy with the Sad Eyes, Twisted, Variety, Words for a Loss
Dagmar Krause arranger, producer (I read about ) Tank Battles, And I Shall Never See Again, Ballad Of (Bourgoise) Welfare, Bankenlied, Berlin 1919, Bettellied, Change the World - It Needs It, Chanson Allemande, Failure in Loving, Genevieve: Easter There Is a Ball on the Seine, Legend of the Origin of the Book of the Taote King, Mankind, Mother Beimlein, Mother's Hands, Song of the German Mother, The Ballad of the Sackslingers, The Homecoming, The Perhaps Song, The Rat Men - Nightmare, The Song of the Invigorating Impact of Cash, The Song of the Whitewash, The Trenches, The Wise Woman and the Soldier, To a Little Radio, Und endlich stirbt, You have to Pay
Ellas bass April in My Heart, Baltimore Oriole, Can't Get Indiana Off My Mind, Daybreak, Georgia on My Mind, Heart and Soul, In the Cool Cool Cool of the Evening, Jubilee, Judy, Lazybones, Moonburn, Ole Buttermilk Sky, Sing Me a Swing Song, Snowball, Star Dust, The Nearness of You, Two Sleepy People, Winter Moon
John Zorn double bass Abidan, Bikkurim, Karaim, Mahlah, Maskil, Nezikin, Rokhev, Shear-Jashub, Sheloshim, Socoh, Tannaim
Holly Cole producer, bass Alley Cat Song, Be Careful, It's My Heart, Charade, I Will Wait for You, It's Alright With Me, Larger Than Life, Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries, Reaching for the Moon, The House Is Haunted by the Echo of Your Last Goodbye, Waters of March, You're My Thrill
Lucy Amarualik double bass Avinu Malkenu, Bobover Nigun, Chabad Nigun, Kel Adon, Lubavitcher Nigun, Moditzer Nigun, Satmar Rikud, Z'chor Dovon, Z'chor Hashem
Joey Baron bass A Noble Tune, Debussy, Fifth Avenue, Folktune, For Atilla, L.T., Lennie's Pennies, Rumblin', Valeska
Evan Lurie bass Fired, Funeral, Guitarras Solo Guitarras, Mary Melody to the Hollywood Hills, Rambling, The Call of the Wylie 'Acme pianos dropped on my head', The Class 'my instrument had become encrusted with sameness', You Can't Go Home Again
Carol Emanuel double bass Morris Township, Ouro Preto, Reaching Out to Love, There's a Hold, What's the Use of Lying
David Sanborn arranger, bass CEE, Come to Me, Nina, Hobbies, Medley: Prayers for Charlie From the Devil at Four O'Clock / The Lonely From the Twilight Zone, Weird From One Step Beyond
Marc Ribot bass, double bass Don't Go Breaking My Heart, End Credits (Death by Unnatural Causes), Looks Like Hell
Crystal Gayle bass Is There Any Way Out of This Dream?, Old Boyfriends
A.J. Croce producer, bass Make It Work, The Time Is Up
Elvis Costello bass My Mood Swings
Last Forever double bass Oklahoma
Laurie Anderson double bass The Island Where I Come From
Loudon Wainwright III bass, piano Our Boy Bill
Chuck E. Weiss bass Anthem for Old Souls
Ekhart Topp bass Opening Montage: Tom's Piano Intro / Once Upon a Town / The Wages of Love
Antony and the Johnsons bass Pressing On
Shane MacGowan bass Leaving of Liverpool
Sheryl Crow double bass Tomorrow Never Dies
Spidergawd bass Flandyke Shore
k.d. lang instrument arranger Fado Hilário
Jerry Mott instrument arranger Dreamworld: Marco de Canavezes