Gary Solomon

engineer, mix, recording

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Blues Jumpers
Philippe Cornus
Billy Joel
Michael Brecker
Bill Frisell

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Blues Jumpers mix, recording Baby I'm Gone, Ball of Fire, Big Town Blues, Chartreuse, Chicken Wing, Data Access Blues, Don't Mess With Me, Go Ahead and Burn, Good Morning Judge, Harley, High Ballin' Daddy, Hit Man, I Would Be A Sinner, Jim Beam, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels & Old Grandad, Jubilee, Livin' Like a King, Mississippi Steamboat, Nightmare World, Rock Savoy Rock, Room at the Top, Thanks for the Boogie Ride, Too Lazy to Work, Wheels Start Turning, Where You Found Me, Who's Been Talking
Philippe Cornus engineer Bakersfield Blues, Confusion, It Should Have Been Me, Late Night Lament, Midnight, Part 2, Ms Strange, New York Shuffle, Prime Time Love, Rasta Pasta, Snow Blind, Tongue Tied
Billy Joel engineer And So It Goes, I Go to Extremes, Leningrad, Shameless, State of Grace, Storm Front, That’s Not Her Style, The Downeaster “Alexa”, We Didn’t Start the Fire, When in Rome
Michael Brecker recording Chime This, Don't Try This at Home, Everything Happens When You're Gone, Itsbynne Reel, Scriabin, Suspone, The Gentleman & Hizcaine
Bill Frisell engineer Some Song and Dance - Freddy's Step, Some Song and Dance - Goodbye, Some Song and Dance - Love Motel, Some Song and Dance - Pip, Squeak
Pat Metheny engineer Electric Counterpoint: I. Fast, Electric Counterpoint: II. Slow, Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast
Steve Reich engineer Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast