Frank Wolf

mix, recording, engineer, producer, remixer

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Terence Blanchard
Randy Newman
Terence Blanchard Group
10,000 Maniacs

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Terence Blanchard engineer, mix, recording 2nd Floor Window, 357, 392, Above Your Pay Grade, Another Step, Ashé, Attack from Above, Bomber Briefing, Breathless, Central Focus, Comet, Confident Selflessness, Cosmic Warrior, Dalton’s Cell, Dalton’s World, Deacon Damaged, Deacon's Crash, Dear Mom, Defend Brooklyn, Demands in Place, Don't Run, Dr. Phil, Esu Search, Everglades, Everything Hunky Dory, Follow the Ring, Food Chain, Frazier’s Tour, Funeral Dirge, German Airfield, German Destroyer, Ghost of 1927, Ghost of Betsy, Ghost of Congo Square, Good and Ready, Hallucinations, Here Lies Peter Hammond, Hostage Takedown, In Time of Need, Jacob's Ladder, Junior Escapes, Junior Medical / Luntz Screening, Junior Prison, Levees, Lightning Jail, Lightning in Trouble, Lightning is Hit, Lightning's Gone, Luntz Berlin, Magnetic, Mantra, Mantra Intro, Maurice Killed, Midnight, Mission Orders / Stance Berlin, Nazis Pay Too Well, Nice Talking to You, No Borders Just Horizons, Nothing Yet, Opening Titles, Operation Shingle, Over There, Paper Plane, Pet Step Sister's Theme Song, Photo Ops, Press Here to Play, Pretty Boy Killed, Samadhi, See Me as I Am, Soldiers, Stevie Switcharoo, Takeoff, Ten Thirty, The Church, The Proposal, The Train, The Water, They Bugged Us, Throw a Bone, Time to Spare, Tom & Jerry, Victory Rolls, Visit Sofia, Wading Through, Waiting for Bombers
Randy Newman mix, producer, recording Best Little Girl, Bleeding All Over the Place, Bless the Children of the World, Can't Keep a Good Man Down, Feels Like Home, Glory Train, Happy Ending, How Great Our Lord, I Gotta Be Your Man, I Will Go Sailing No More, Life Has Been Good to Me, Little Island, My Hero, Northern Boy, Relax, Enjoy Yourself, Strange Things, The City, The Man, Walk to Work, You’ve Got a Friend in Me
Terence Blanchard Group mix, recording A New Note, A New World (Created Inside the Walls of Imagination), Beethoven, Byus, Choices, D's Choice, Hacia Del Aire, Him or Me, Hugs (Historically Underrepresented Groups), Jazz Man in the World of Ideas, Journey, Robin's Choice, Touched by an Angel, When Will You Call, Winding Roads
10,000 Maniacs mix A Campfire Song, Cherry Tree, City of Angels, Don’t Talk, Gun Shy, Hey Jack Kerouac, Like the Weather, My Sister Rose, Peace Train, The Painted Desert, Verdi Cries, What’s the Matter Here?
Cher engineer, mix, recording All Because of You, Heart of Stone, If I Could Turn Back Time, Just Like Jesse James, Kiss to Kiss, Love on a Rooftop, Starting Over, You Wouldn’t Know Love
Jennifer Warnes mix, recording A Singer Must Die, Ain't No Cure for Love, Came So Far for Beauty, Coming Back to You, First We Take Manhattan, Song of Bernadette
Barbra Streisand engineer, mix I've Dreamed of You, If I Never Met You, It Must Be You, Just One Lifetime, Love Like Ours
Diana Ross mix, recording If We Hold On Together, If We Hold On Together (instrumental), If We Hold On Together (movie version), If We Hold on Together
Anthony Opkins engineer Compared to What, I Ain’t Got Nothin’ but Time, Shutting Down
Asia engineer, mix, producer Days Like These, Prayin’ 4 a Miracle, Summer (Can’t Last Too Long)
Kenny G engineer, mix I'll Be Alright, We've Saved the Best for Last
Leonard Cohen mix First We Take Manhattan, Take This Waltz
Love Spit Love mix Am I Wrong
Lea Salonga mix, recording Reflection
BAK XIII remixer VSKMR (Frank Wolf remix)
Liam Ryan producer Family
Glome mix, recording If I Were a Jolly Blacksmith
Luis Arribas Castro mix, recording Honor to Us All
Mandy Moore mix, recording Only Hope
Mental Droop mix, recording I’ll Make a Man Out of You
Oddwave mix, recording A Girl Worth Fighting For
1+1 recording Where Is the Love
Riders in the Sky producer Woody's Roundup
Saiph producer My Name Is James
Shamta Prasad producer I See the Light
Azad Right mix, producer, recording After All (Love Theme from “Chances Are”)
Lady Gaga engineer Speechless
The Copenhagen Trio engineer Talk to Me
Toivo Kurmet mix Love Can Build a Bridge
Vinnie Jones mix, recording Love Makes the World Brand New
Yarlen mix, recording What Am I Feeling
渡辺貞夫 recording On the Way