Endre Granat

concertmaster, violin, strings

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
John Williams (soundtrack composer & conductor)
Hans Zimmer (film score composer)
Edward Shearmur
Hubert Laws
Nich Wilbur

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
John Williams concertmaster Angela's Ashes (reprise), Angela's Prayer, Angels Never Cough, Back to America, Delivering Telegrams, I Think of Theresa, If I Were in America, Looking for Work, Lord, Why Do You Want the Wee Children?, My Dad's Stories, My Mother Begging, My Story, Plenty of Fish and Chips in Heaven, The Lones of Limerick, Theme From Angela's Ashes, Watching the Eclipse
Hans Zimmer concertmaster Bart’s Doodle, Clap for Alaska, Doomsday Is Family Time, His Big Fat Butt Could Shield Us All, Recklessly Impulsive, Release the Hounds, Spider Pig, Thank You Boob Lady, Trapped Like Carrots, What’s an Epiphany?, Why Does Everything I Whip Leave Me?, World’s Fattest Fertilizer Salesman, You Doomed Us All… Again, …Lead, Not to Read
Edward Shearmur violin Ben Escapes, Conjure of Sacrifice, Hoodoo Woman, Opening Titles, Saving Ben, Thank You Child, The Conjure Room, Violet's Story
Hubert Laws strings Heartbeats, Land of Passion, Music Forever, The Key, We Will Be, We're in Ecstacy
Nich Wilbur strings I Just Want to Love You, Sweet Baby, Touch and Go
中島みゆき violin 帰省, 粉雪は忘れ薬
Phil Perry violin To Fall In Love, You're As Right As Rain
Ricky Martin violin Bella, She’s All I Ever Had
Yanni violin Felitsa, The End of August
Earl Klugh strings Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow
David Benoit violin Carmel
Will Downing violin Love's the Place to Be
Danny Elfman concertmaster The Simpsons Theme (orchestral version)
Michael Jackson violin Who Is It