Don Alias

percussion, drums, congas, shakers, Batá drum, bongos, timbales, bells, drumset, shekere, snare drum, handclaps, vocal, chimes, güiro, claves, goblet drum, cowbell, tambourine

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
John Scofield
David Sanborn
Jeremy Steig
Jaco Pastorius
Chick Corea

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
John Scofield percussion 7th Floor, Bigtop, Blue Matter, Carlos, Checkered Past, Dance Me Home, Dark Blue, Did It, Dirty Rice, Do Like Eddie, Don't Shoot the Messenger, Golden Daze, Groove Elation, Heaven Hill, I'll Take Les, Kool, Lazy, Let It Shine, Let the Cat Out, Loud Jazz, Make Me, Now She's Blonde, Old Soul, Otay, Out of the City, Peculiar, She's So Lucky, Signature of Venus, So You Say, Soft Shoe, Spy vs. Spy, Tell You What, The Nag, Time Marches On, Trim, True Love, Wabash, Whip the Mule, igetthepicture
David Sanborn percussion Brother Ray, CEE, Camel Island, Come Rain or Come Shine, Come to Me, Nina, Comin' Home Baby, Corners (For Herbie), Everything Must Change, For All We Know, Harlem Nocturne, Hobbies, Jesus, Lisa, Man From Mars, Medley: Prayers for Charlie From the Devil at Four O'Clock / The Lonely From the Twilight Zone, Miss You, Monica Jane, Naked Moon, Nobody Does It Better, Pearls, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Sugar, Superstar, Tequila, This Masquerade, Trance, Try a Little Tenderness, Weird From One Step Beyond, Willow Weep for Me
Jeremy Steig drums, percussion Alias (a li'as), All Is One, Cakes, Come With Me, Dance Of The Mind, Dance of the Mind, Down Strech, Down Stretch, Elefant Hump, Energy, Give Me Some, Home, Hot Head, Howlin' for Judy, In the Beginning, Mint Tea, Nardis, Permutations, Piece of Freedom, Rock # 6, Rock # 9, Slow Blues, Something Else, Space, Swamp Carol, Up Tempo Thing, Waves, Wayfaring Stranger
Jaco Pastorius bells, bongos, congas, goblet drum, percussion (Used to Be a) Cha-Cha, (Used to Be a) Cha-Cha (alternate take), 3 Views of a Secret, 6/4 Jam (alternate take), Blackbird, Chromatic Fantasy, Come On, Come Over, Continuum, Crisis, Donna Lee, John and Mary, Kuru / Speak Like a Child, Liberty City, Okonkolé Y Trompa, Opus Pocus, Word of Mouth
Chick Corea percussion Compadres, Dance Of Chance, Duende, El Bozo, Part II, El Bozo, Part III, Estancia, Love Castle, Night Streets, Prelude to El Bozo, Spanish Fantasy, Part I, Spanish Fantasy, Part III, The Sky, The Yellow Nimbus, Touchstone, Procession, Ceremony, Departure, Wind Danse
Barbara Dennerlein percussion A Cat Strikes Back, Easy Going, Fast Food, Fata Morgana, Fly Away, Give It Up, Green Paradise, Junkanoo, Just Play, Nightowls, Purple, Take Off, Victory Blues, Visions, Walk on Air
Herbie Hancock percussion All Apologies, Love Is Stronger Than Pride, Manhattan (Island of Lights and Love), Mercy Street, New York Minute, Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown), Scarborough Fair, Thieves in the Temple, When Can I See You, You've Got It Bad Girl, Your Gold Teeth II
Uri Caine percussion Cantaloupe Island, Dolphin Dance, Herbal Blue, I'm Meshugah for My Sugah (And My Sugah's Meshugah for Me), Or Truth?, Over & Out, The Prisoner, Time Will Tell, Toys, Woodpecker, Yellow Stars in Heaven
Michael Brecker percussion African Skies, Bye George, Cat's Cradle, Delta City Blues, El niño, How Long 'til the Sun, Madame Toulouse, Song for Bilbao, The Impaler, Two Blocks From the Edge
Paul Motian and the Electric Bebop Band percussion 'round Midnight, 2 Bass Hit, Ask Me How, Be-Bop, Half-Nelson, Ornithology, Reincarnation of a Love Bird, Skippy, Split Decision, Waseenonet
Joe Lovano percussion Blackwell's Message, Bread and Wine, In the Land of Ephesus, Introspection, Laura, Love is a Many Splendored Thing, Miss Etna, Rounder's Mood, To Her Ladyship, Web of Fire
Mike Stern percussion Common Ground, D.C., If You Say So, Keys, Odds Or Evens, Remember For Bob Berg, Sandbox, Seven Thirty, Walkie Talkie, What You Believe
Eliane Elias percussion At First Sight, Barefoot, Bluestone, Nightimer, So Far, So Close, Still Hidden, Straight Across (to Jaco), Two Way Street, With You in Mind
The Tony Williams Lifetime percussion Circa 45, Clap City, Lonesome Wells (Gwendy Trio), Mom and Dad, Piskow's Filigree, Some Hip Drum Shit, The Urchins of Shermese, There Comes a Time, Two Worlds
Colin Kimberley drums, percussion Blast From The Past, Boushouisha, Down By The Riverside, Hommage, In A Sentimental Mood, Light Blue, On Broadway, Sufi Souffle, Unspoken
Peter Erskine Batá drum, congas, shakers All's Well That Ends, Change of Mind, Coyote Blues, E.S.P., In Statu Nascendi, In Statu Nascendi (alternate take), Leroy Street, My Ship
Leni Stern percussion Amethyst, Easy Now, Groundhog, Maybe, Point Falling, Secrets, Silver Fox, Who Loves You
Nina Simone drums I Shall Be Released, Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues, Revolution, Part 1, Revolution, Part 2, Suzanne, The Times They Are A-Changin’, To Love Somebody, Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)
Miles Davis congas, drums, percussion Amandla, Big Time, Bitches Brew, Catémbe, John McLaughlin, Miles Runs the Voodoo Down, Pharaoh’s Dance, Spanish Key
Hiram Bullock percussion Angelina, Another Night, Da Alley, Half-Life, Never Give Up, Too Hip 2 B Needy, Way Kool, You Send Me
Philip Bailey congas, handclaps, percussion Compared to What, Dear Ruby, Keep Your Head to the Sky, My Indiscretions, Nature Boy, Sometime Ago, Tell Me a Bedtime Story, Unrestrained
Michael Franks percussion A Fool's Errand, Abandoned Garden, Bird of Paradise, Cinema, Eighteen Aprils, Hourglass, Without Your Love
Vladimír Dirda percussion Adam, Free Spirit, Homeland, In Love Again, No More Tears, Reunion, Silver Trane
Brown Tower drums A Love Supreme, A Love Supreme (alternate take 2), Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord, Meditation, Naima, Naima (alternate take 4), The Life Divine
Kenny Garrett percussion 2 Step, Black Hope, Bone Bob, Run Run Shaw, Spanish Go-round, Tacit Dance, Van Goghs Left Ear
Bill Frisell percussion 1968, Alias, Fields of Alfalfa, Stringbean, Tony, Who Was That Girl?
Miroslav Vitouš drums, percussion Bassamba, Concerto in E Minor, Pictures From Moravia, Sonata for a Dream, Tiger in the Rain, Watching the Sunset Run
日野皓正 bongos, congas, percussion Aboriginal, Cherry Hill Angel, Igor’s Hideaway, Merry-Go-Round, Miwa Yama, Yellow Jacket
Elvin Jones bells, congas Brite Piece, La Fiesta, Lungs, Tergiversation, ’Round Town
日野“JINO”賢二 percussion Black Orpheus, Mr. P.C., Summertime, Tyrone, Wonderland
Thomas Fersen percussion, tambourine Bijou, Je suis dev'nue la bonne, La Blatte, Les Papillons, Les Tours d'horloge
Ricky Peterson percussion Do That Again, Drop Shot, May, Placid Paul, Soft Touch
John Edney percussion Dream Keeper, Nkosi Sikelel`i Afrika, Rabo De Nube, Sandino, Spiritual
Jack DeJohnette percussion Free Above Sea, From the Heart / C.M.A., Jack In, Priestesses of the Mist, Welcome Blessing
Joni Mitchell vocal, bongos, claves, congas, shakers, snare drum Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, Dreamland, Jericho, The Tenth World
伊東たけし percussion Colour of Life, Famous, Placebo, This Is the Night
Ray Anderson percussion Ah Soca, Cape Horn, Cheek to Cheek, The Wishbone Suite (Wish for the Earth / Wish for the Folks / Wish for the Spirits)
Charnett Moffett percussion Angela II, Don't Take My Heart Away, Nettwork, Spirits
Nils Landgren Funk Unit percussion Da Fonk, Roxane, Six Beauties on a Rooftop, Venus as a Boy
Jim Beard percussion Diana, Holodeck Waltz, Long Bashels
Steve Khan shekere, timbales Common Mama, Paraphenalia, Sham Time
Marcus Miller congas, percussion Steveland, Teen Town
John McLaughlin percussion Jazz Jungle, Shin Jin Rui
Wayne Krantz percussion Alliance, Sossity; You're a Woman
Marc Cohn chimes, percussion Silver Thunderbird, Walk on Water
Jonathan Butler percussion Celebration
SMAP percussion 切なさが痛い
Avishai Cohen congas Gadu
DJ Buddha percussion It’s Probably Me
Pat Metheny Group congas Follow Me
Lou Reed percussion Ecstasy
Bunny Brunel congas Going Home
Joe Farrell congas I Won't Be Back
Dan Fogelberg congas, cowbell, drums, güiro, percussion, shakers Nexus
小口久雄 percussion P.D. on Great Jones Street
Joanna Cooke percussion Daydreaming
Antientertainers percussion When I'm With You