Debra Dobkin

percussion, vocal, bass drum, snare drum, shakers

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
The Subdudes
Richard Thompson (UK folk rock singer/songwriter)
Emeldo Roque
Jann Arden
Bonnie Raitt

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
The Subdudes percussion, snare drum Break Down These Walls, Don't Let 'em, Love Somebody, Sarita, Too Soon to Tell, Why Do You Hurt Me So
Richard Thompson percussion Auldie Riggs, Auldie Riggs Dance, Mingulay Boat Song
Emeldo Roque percussion All My Life, Way of the Heart
Jann Arden percussion Holy Moses, Leave Me Now
Bonnie Raitt bass drum, percussion Cool, Clear Water, Hell to Pay
Sting vocal Blood Red Roses, Shallow Brown
Aurelio Quispe percussion Still Be Getting Over You
Melissa Etheridge percussion Keep It Precious
Jackson Browne vocal Lives in the Balance
Cher percussion Kiss to Kiss
Tal Aoude shakers I’ll Paint You a Rainbow
Marco Rinalduzzi vocal Finale (Don't Feed the Plants)