David Hidalgo

guitar, vocal, guitars, accordion, plucked string instruments, drums, bass guitar, bass, melodica, keyboard, electric guitar, banjo, violin, percussion, acoustic guitar, viola, steel guitar, performer, fiddle

Sample recordings


Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Los Lobos
Bonnie Raitt
Tom Waits
Suzanne Vega
Adele (UK soul/jazz singer)

Collaborators on this artist's recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Ann Savoy producer Mon Conné La Cause
Ben Mumphrey engineer Mon Conné La Cause
Demetrix Thomas frottoir Mon Conné La Cause
Geno Delafose accordion Mon Conné La Cause
Pete Magdaleno engineer Mon Conné La Cause

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Los Lobos vocal, bass guitar, drums, guitar, guitars, keyboard, melodica, plucked string instruments Done Gone Blue, Get to This, Good Morning Aztlan, Hearts of Stone, Luz De Mi Vida, Malaque, Maria Christina, Round & Round, The Big Ranch, The Fat Man, The Word, Tony & Maria, What in the World
Bonnie Raitt vocal, bass, guitar Blue for No Reason, Cure for Love, Fearless Love, I Need Love, I'm on Your Side, Lover’s Will, Meet Me Half Way, One Belief Away, Round & Round, Spit of Love, The Fundamental Things
Tom Waits vocal, accordion, bass, fiddle, guitar, guitars, percussion, violin Back in the Crowd, Cold Cold Ground, Face to the Highway, Filipino Box Spring Hog, Get Lost, New Year’s Eve, Pay Me, Talking at the Same Time, Train Song, Whistle Down the Wind
Suzanne Vega electric guitar (If You Were) In My Movie, 99.9 F°, As Girls Go, As a Child, Blood Makes Noise, In Liverpool, Rock in This Pocket (Song of David)
Adele accordion, banjo Don’t You Remember, He Won’t Go, Lovesong, One and Only
나비맛 guitar Qué humanidad, Teje que teje
Colin Sieg guitar I Shall Return
Ozomatli violin Pá Lante
Paul Simon vocal, accordion, guitar All Around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints
Restless Ear Syndrome acoustic guitar, plucked string instruments Peggy Gordon
Roomful of Blues guitar Three Hundred Pounds
Ryan Cunningham guitar Farewell, Farewell
Stanryck viola Beautiful
G. Love viola Missing My Baby
Taj Mahal accordion Let the Four Winds Blow
The Blind Boys of Alabama percussion, steel guitar Dimming of the Day
Nevabitch performer Tastes Good
Toni Childs accordion, guitars The Dead Are Dancing
Wild Powwers vocal, acoustic guitar La Bamba
X steel guitar Shoot Out the Lights
ノーズウォーターズ accordion Arthritis Blues
Marc Cohn vocal Medicine Man