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producer, remixer, mix, turntable(s), arranger, performer, programming, mix-DJ, keyboard, vocal, editor, drums

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Gang Starr
Blaq Poet
Jimmy Green
Jeru the Damaja

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Artist name Roles Recordings
Gang Starr producer, remixer 2 Steps Ahead, B.Y.S., Battle, Cause & Effect, Cause and Effect, Check the Technique, Check the Technique (DJ Premier remix), Check the Technique (remix instrumental), Check the Technique (remix), Code of the Streets, Conscience Be Free, Credit Is Due, DJ Premier in Deep Concentration, Deadly Habitz, Dedication, Doe in Advance (clean), Doe in Advance (instrumental), Doe in Advance (street), Ex Girl to Next Girl (instrumental remix), Ex Girl to Next Girl (remix), Gotch U, Here's the Proof, In Memory of…, JFK 2 LAX, Jazz Music, Manifest, Manifest (remix), Moment of Truth, My Advice 2 You, New York Strait Talk, Next Time, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Now You’re Mine, Positivity, Positivity (remix), Premier & The Guru, Robbin Hood Theory, She Knowz What She Wantz, Skillz, So Wassup?!, The Lesson, The Rep Grows Bigga, What I’m Here 4, Words I Manifest, Words I Manifest (Statement mix), Words I Manifest (instrumental), Work, You Know My Steez, You Know My Steez (Three Men and a Lady remix) (instrumental)
Blaq Poet producer Ain't Nuttin Changed, Ain't Nuttin Changed (instrumental), Don't Give a Fuccc, Don't Give a Fuccc (instrumental), Hate (feat. N.O.R.E.), Hate (instrumental), Hood Crazy, Hood Crazy (instrumental), I-Gititin, I-Gititin (instrumental), Legendary, Part 1 (feat. Nick Javas & NYGz), Legendary, Part 1 (instrumental), Let the Guns Blow, Let the Guns Blow (instrumental), Never Goodbye, Never Goodbye (instrumental), Rap Addiction (feat. Shabeeno & Lil' Fame), Rap Addiction (instrumental), S.O.S., S.O.S. (instrumental), Stretch Marks & Cigarette Burns (instrumental), Stretch Marks and Cigarette Burns (feat. Panchi & Imani Montana), Voices, Voices (instrumental), What's the Deal?, What's the Deal? (instrumental)
Jimmy Green producer Big Poppa, Biggie Interlude, Bust a Nut (feat. Uncle Luke), Classic Verses, Dead Wrong (skit), Dreams, Everyday Struggle, Friend of Mine, Intro, Juicy, Machine Gun Funk, Niggas, One More Chance (remix), Party and Bullshit, Premo Interlude, Runnin (feat. 2pac & Kymani Marley), Suicidal Thoughts, The What (feat. Method Man), Things Done Changed, Whutcha Want
Jeru the Damaja mix, producer Black Cowboys, Brooklyn Took It, How I’m Livin’, Intro (Life), Invasion, Me or the Papes, Me, Not the Paper, Not the Average, One Day, Perverted Monks in the House (skit), Physical Stamina, Revenge of the Prophet, Part 5, Scientifical Madness, Tha Bullshit, Tha Frustrated Nigga, Too Perverted, Whatever, Wrath of the Math, Ya Playin’ Yaself
M.O.P. mix, producer, remixer Anticipation, Born 2 Kill, Downtown Swinga (radio), Follow Instructions, Handle Ur Bizness (DJ Premier remix), Handle Ur Bizness (remix), Illside of Town, Revolution, Rugged Neva Smoove (Premier remix - Street), Rugged Neva Smoove (Premier remix - instrumental), Rugged Neva Smoove (Premier remix - radio), World Famous
Nas producer, remixer 2nd Childhood, I Gave You Power, Memory Lane (Sittin’ in da Park), N.Y. State of Mind, N.Y. State of Mind, Part II, Nas Is Like, Nas Is Like (remix), Represent
Fat Joe producer, remixer Dat Gangsta Shit, Success (DJ Premier instrumental), Success (DJ Premier remix), The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier remix - clean radio edit), The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier remix - dirty), The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier remix - instrumental), The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier remix)
MC Eiht mix 811, Bigg, Blue Stamp, Let's Do This, Make Me Some Mo, The Reign, Where U Goin 2
Kool G Rap producer, remixer First Nigga (DJ Premier remix), First Nigga (Premier remix), First Nigga (clean), First Nigga (dirty), First Nigga (instrumental), On the Rise Again, On the Rise Again (clean version)
Lord Finesse turntable(s) Fuck 'em (album version), Fuck 'em (instrumental), Return of the Funky Man, Return of the Funky Man (album version), Return of the Funky Man (clean remix), Return of the Funky Man (clean version), Return of the Funky Man (instrumental)
Rawcotiks remixer Hardcore Hip Hop (DJ Premier mix), Hardcore Hip-Hop (Street mix II), Hardcore Hip-Hop (Street mix), Hardcore Hip-Hop (clean mix), Hardcore Hip-Hop (instrumental remix), Hardcore Hip-Hop (instrumental)
Group Home producer, remixer Intro, Sacrifice, Suspended in Time (Groovy remix Street), Suspended in Time (Groovy remix clean), Tha Realness
Christina Aguilera producer Ain’t No Other Man, Back in the Day, Intro (Back to Basics), Still Dirrty, Thank You (Dedication to Fans...)
D&D All-Stars producer, remixer 1, 2 Pass It (remix instrumental), 1, 2 Pass It (remix radio), 1, 2 Pass It (remix), 1-2 Pass It (remix)
D.I.T.C. producer, remixer Da Enemy, Ebonics (Primo mix), Thick, Thick (Beat)
JAY Z producer, remixer A Million and One Questions (Premiere remix) (dirty version), A Million and One Questions (Premiere remix) (instrumental), A Million and One Questions (Premiere remix) (radio edit), So Ghetto
Big Shug producer Crush, The Jig Is Up (clean), The Jig Is Up (instrumental), The Jig Is Up (street)
Brandy remixer Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premier instrumental), Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premier mix instrumental), Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premier mix), Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premier remix)
Bahamadia producer Interlude, Intro, Rugged Ruff, True Honey Buns (Dat Freak Shit)
Rise & Shine producer Gotcha Back (a cappella), Gotcha Back (clean), Gotcha Back (dirty), Gotcha Back (instrumental)
Special Ed remixer Freaky Flow (DJ Premier remix) (Street version), Freaky Flow (DJ Premier remix) (instrumental), Freaky Flow (DJ Premier remix) (radio edit), Freaky Flow (remix)
Immobilarie producer 718 (Street), 718 (instrumental), 718 (radio)
Malachi Barnes producer, remixer Devil’s Pie, Lady (clean Street version) (feat. AZ), Me and Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine (Two Way Street mix)
Freddie Foxxx producer Part of My Life, R.N.S., The Lah
Naughty Sweeties remixer Bring It On (DJ Premier remix) (feat. Guru), Bring It On (Premier & Guru mix 2), Bring It On (Premier & Guru mix)
Loose Ends producer, remixer A Little Spice, A Little Spice (DJ Premier remix), A Little Spice (Gang Starr mix)
藤川コウ producer A Part of My Life (Street), A Part of My Life (instrumental), A Part of My Life (radio)
Screamers And Sinners remixer Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous (R.V. radio version), Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous (remix instrumental), Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous (remix)
Blahzay Blahzay remixer Danger (remix #2), Danger (remix instrumental), Danger (remix)
The Notorious B.I.G. producer Kick In the Door, Ten Crack Commandments, Unbelievable
The Rogues producer, remixer Voodoo Child (DJ Premier main mix), Voodoo Child (DJ Premier radio mix), Voodoo Child (DJ Premier remix)
Yxu mix, performer, producer Mic Stance, Mic Stance (instrumental), Sucka Free
Masta Ace Incorporated remixer Saturday Night Live (DJ Premier remix) (instrumental), Saturday Night Live (DJ Premier remix) (main)
FLY producer 1/2 & 1/2, B.I. vs Friendship
Coba-U producer, remixer Invincible, Invincible (DJ Premier remix)
O.C. mix, producer Jewelz, My World
Pelee Yellowstone producer Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been) (DJ Premier remix), Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been) (DJ Premier remix) (instrumental)
Rakim performer, producer Waiting for the World to End, When I B on tha Mic
Buckshot LeFonque producer, remixer Music Evolution (DJ Premier instrumental), Music Evolution (DJ Premier version)
Limp Bizkit editor, remixer My Generation, My Way (DJ Premier remix)
Da King & I remixer Flip Da Script (remix instrumental), Flip Da Script (remix)
Screwball producer F.A.Y.B.A.N., Seen It All
Showbiz & A.G. producer, remixer Next Level (Nyte Time Mix), Next Level (remix)
Heavy D. & The Boyz producer Here Comes the Heavster, Yes Y'all
TREYFREY remixer 1st of tha Month (DJ Premier's Phat bonus remix), 1st of tha Month (remix)
The LOX producer, remixer Recognize, Recognize (Premier mix)
Das EFX remixer Kaught in Da Ak (remix instrumental), Kaught in Da Ak (remix)
Dilated Peoples producer, turntable(s) Clockwork, Good as Gone
Too $hort producer, remixer In the Trunk (Glove Compartment instrumental), In the Trunk (Glove Compartment radio mix)
Udi Dagan producer Thick (Neat), Thick (Street)
X-Ecutioners producer, turntable(s) Premier’s X-ecution, Primo's X-Ecution
Janet Jackson remixer All for You (Top Heavy remix), Together Again (DJ Premier Just tha Bass mix)
Louis Logic producer Exclusive
Big L remixer Ebonics (DJ Premier remix)
Lauren Rich producer Enough Beef
Les Truttes producer The Best Part
DJ B Roger mix, producer, programming Where’s My Ladies?
Little Vic producer The Exorcist
DJ Honda turntable(s) What You Expected (feat. Guru & DJ Premier)
Aalijah Tabatha Hahnemann mix, producer Something 2 Ride 2
Los Covers producer The Militia
600 a.C. performer It’s a Project Thing
Luis Tovar remixer Voodoo Child (DJ Premier instrumental remix)
Alwyn Clayden producer Itz a Set Up
Diamn remixer Bigacts Littleacts (remix)
MC Solaar turntable(s) Qui sème le vent récolte le tempo (Gang Starr mix)
MONSFELLOW mix, producer Bring It On
Andy McClure mix, producer M.U.G.
Maroon 5 remixer Secret (Premier 5 remix)
Dream Warriors mix, producer It’s a Project Thing
Michael Hilton producer, turntable(s) The 6th Sense
Michael Moon producer 3 Tha Hard Way
Mobb Deep producer, remixer Peer Pressure
Mos Def producer Mathematics
Brand Nubian producer The Return
Arrested Development remixer Ease My Mind (Premier's Radio)
Nicolò Arquilla remixer You Know My Steez (Three Men and a Lady remix) (radio version)
Non Phixion producer Rock Stars
Forever in Depths mix, producer War Games
Odiusembowel turntable(s) Everything I Am
Omar remixer Keep Steppin' (DJ Premier mix)
Bronco producer, turntable(s) Zepsute miasto
Queen Latifah remixer Wrath of Madness (DJ Premier remix)
Rafa Xambó performer Rock Stars
10 5 Neuton producer Royalty
Ras Kass remixer Goldyn Chyld (DJ Premier remix)
Gonzalo Arturo Molina performer Reality Check
Reenforced producer Betrayal
Burn the Mankind producer The Militia II (remix)
Robbie Robertson remixer Take Your Partner by the Hand (Red Alert mix)
Ryn Weaver remixer Seven Days (Primo remix)
HR producer Evening News
Heather Hunter producer Freak Like Me
SebastiAn remixer Embody (DJ Premier 95 Break remix)
Beto Snay producer Batman & Robin
Shyheim remixer On and On (Premier vocal mix)
Snoop Dogg remixer Paid tha Cost to Be tha Boss (Primo remix)
Soul II Soul remixer Just Right (Jazzie II Guru mix)
Spats' King producer Intro - Hand It Down
Heikki Lindberg producer None of Y'all Betta
Swain Turay turntable(s) Two Lonely Hearts (On the Subway)
Beyond the Structure producer, remixer You Know My Steez (Three Men and a Lady remix)
Tay producer Above the Clouds
Teriyaki Boyz producer You Know What Time Is It!?
The Great Americon remixer Voodoo Child (DJ Premier remix)
Common turntable(s) The Game
Jadakiss producer Living in the City
Conway Armstead mix, producer Hood Love
Theo Bard remixer Getcha Groove On (Dirt Road Mix)
Tim Doyle remixer 7 Days (DJ Premier remix)
Craig David remixer 7 Days (DJ Premier remix Without Rap)
Big Daddy Kane producer Any Type of Way
VoiXNoire producer Sayin’ Somethin’
Warden Ginter producer Ice Wine
Wendy & Lisa remixer Satisfaction (DJ Premier Mix-Up)
John Walker producer, programming, drums, keyboard Make ’Em Pay
Xzibit producer What a Mess
Ján Rzehnal producer, programming, turntable(s) Hustlin’ Daze
Zoltan Vegvari mix, producer Think Twice
Χρυσούλα Χριστοπούλου remixer My Style (DJ Premier remix)
スチャダラパー remixer Cracker MC's (DJ Premier remix)
Kai Havaii remixer I’ve Committed Murder (Gang Starr remix)
青木瑠璃子 remixer Together Again (DJ Premier 100 in a 50 remix)