Cenda Kotzmann


Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Iva Bittová
Ennio Morricone
植松伸夫 (video game, film & anime composer known for Final Fantasy)
Jeff Delinko
Kodama & Dub Station

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Iva Bittová engineer All Alone, Apple Tree, Bailiff's Daughter, Belgrade, Bench, Brigand's Burial, Calumny, Carnation, Charm, Constancy, Corncockle, Cuckoo, Desire, Faithfulness, Farewell to Sweetheart, Fate, Fence, For Whom the Posy, Game Warden, Gnats Wedding, Good Hunt, Guelder Rose, Hazel Nut, Headache, Kolín Town, Little Red Apple, Lonely Soul, Love, Love Herbs, Love Letter, Love Shining, Lover Killer, Lover's Likeness, Mementos, Message, Musicians, My Lover's Horse, Parting, Posy, Promise, Rosemary, Sing-Song, Sound Advice, Sweet Apple, Tears of Comfort, Then and Now, Thyme, Uncertainty, Uneasy, Wakening, Wedder Far Away, What Sky, Woe
Ennio Morricone engineer I quattro passeggeri, La lettera di Lincoln, La lettera di Lincoln (con dialogo), La musica prima del massacro, La puntura della morte, L’inferno bianco (ottoni), L’inferno bianco (synth), L’ultima diligenza di Red Rock (#2), L’ultima diligenza di Red Rock (versione integrale), Narratore letterario, Neve (#2), Neve (#3), Neve (versione integrale), Overture, Raggi di sole sulla montagna, Sangue e neve, Sei Cavalli
植松伸夫 engineer Answers, Balamb Garden ~ Ami (From "Final Fantasy VIII"), Balance Is Restored (From "Final Fantasy VI"), Battle & Victory Theme Medley (From "Final Fantasy Series"), Character Theme Medley (From "Final Fantasy VI"), Kiss Me Good-Bye (From "Final Fantasy XII"), Not Alone (From "Final Fantasy IX"), Primal Judgement (From "Final Fantasy XIV"), Roses of May (From "Final Fantasy IX")
Jeff Delinko engineer Chocobo Medley 2012 (From "Final Fantasy Series"), Hymn of the Fayth - The Sending (From "Final Fantasy X")
Kodama & Dub Station engineer Gnossienne no. 1, River Waltz (Piano Solo)
浜渦正志 engineer Blinded By Light (From "Final Fantasy XIII"), Fabula Nova Crystallis (From "Final Fantasy XIII")