Cat Gray

recording, keyboard, percussion, engineer, mix, guitar, arranger, bass guitar, vocal, Clavinet, misc

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
The Triffids (Australian rock band)
Programmers Revenge

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
The Triffids recording 25 to 5, Better Off This Way, Blinder by the Hour, Born Sandy Devotional, Do You Want Me Near You?, In the Pines, Jerdacuttup Man, Just Might Fade Away, Kathy Knows, Keep Your Eyes on the Hole, Love and Affection, One Soul Less on Your Fiery List, One a Day, Only One Life, She's Sure the Girl I Love, Suntrapper, Trick of the Light, Wish to See No More
Gotthard keyboard, percussion Father Is That Enough?, Fist in Your Face, Hole in One, In the Name, Lay Down the Law, Let It Be, Make My Day, Mighty Quinn, Movin’ On, One Life, One Soul, Ride On, Sister Moon, Sweet Little Rock ’n’ Roller
岩崎宏美 arranger, engineer, mix, vocal, bass guitar, guitar, keyboard ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE, 最後の愛で, 朝が来るまで, 朝が来るまで(INSTRUMENTAL)
Programmers Revenge arranger, engineer, misc The Wings of Time: Dedicated to Jeffrey Thomas Porcaro
吉川奏 Clavinet Happy‐go‐lucky