Bruce Dukov

violin, concertmaster, instrument arranger, strings

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
James Newton Howard
Enrique Gallego Hernandez
David Benoit
John Powell (film composer)
Edward Shearmur

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
James Newton Howard concertmaster Alien Transformation, Back to Earth, Charles, Crush ’em, General Bugs, Gimme the Ball, Hole in One, Main Titles, Michael Jordan Returns, Michael in Tuneland, Monstars Locker Room, Moron Mountain, Not Good at Cheatin', Secret Stuff, Spit Shine, Stealing the Shorts, The Monstars, The Second Half, The Tunes Practice, The Ultimate Game, The Winning Shot, Tuneland Meeting, We Seek Bugs Bunny, You Get Me, You the Duck
Enrique Gallego Hernandez concertmaster Dinner Party, End Titles, Part 1, End Titles, Part 2, Enemy Fire, Kuribayashi Pleads for Death, Kuribayashi's Farewell Letter, Letters Montage, Main Titles, Nearing the End, Preparing for the Battle, Shimizu's Past, Suicide
David Benoit violin Along the Milky Way, Carmel, Del Sasser, Freedom at Midnight, Kei's Song, Morning Sojourn, Passion Walk, Pieces of Time, The Last Goodbye, The Man With the Panama Hat, Tropical Breeze
John Powell violin Alexander Platz / Abbotts Confesses, Atonement, Berlin Foot Chase, Funeral Pyre, Gathering Data, Goa, Moscow Wind Up, Nach Deutschland, New Memories, The Drop, To the Roof
Edward Shearmur violin Ben Escapes, Conjure of Sacrifice, Hoodoo Woman, Opening Titles, Saving Ben, Thank You Child, The Conjure Room, Violet's Story
Eric Clapton concertmaster Cold Turkey, Kristen and Jim, New Recruit, Preludin Fugue, Realization, Tracks and Lines, Will Gaines
Diane Schuur instrument arranger, strings, violin All Caught Up in Love, Crazy, September in the Rain
中島みゆき violin 帰省, 粉雪は忘れ薬, 結婚
MALTA violin Secret Island, Splashing Angel, The Only Name Missing Is...
Yellowjackets violin Freda, Greenhouse, Indian Summer
Dennie Damaro violin Oblivion, Pompeii
Ricky Martin violin Bella, She’s All I Ever Had
Ars Moriendi violin I've Dreamed of You
Barbra Streisand violin I've Dreamed of You
Luigi Boccherini violin String Quintet in C Major, op. 30 no. 6 “Musica notturna delle strade di Madrid”
10,000 Maniacs violin Jezebel
Pete Nardi violin Unchained Melody
Phil Perry violin To Fall In Love
Andrew Dorff violin Come to Me
Tribesman violin Bim Bam Smash
Aaron Holmberg violin ALONE EN LA VIDA
Everclear violin Annabella’s Song