Billy Higgins

drums, percussion, vocal, gumbri, arranger, guitar, producer, snare drum, performer, timpani, shakers, whistle, cymbals, strings

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Artist name Roles Recordings
Lee Morgan
Cedar Walton piano Amazon, Back to Bologna, Bahia Bahia Bahia, Bridgework, Clockwise, Decepticon, Estate, Evidence, Horizons, I Hear a Rhapsody, Lover Man, Neptune, Old Folks, Plexis, Plexus, Sabia, Soweto, The Theme
Hank Mobley (US jazz tenor saxophonist)
Jackie McLean
Milt Jackson

Collaborators on this artist's recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Cedar Walton piano Amazon, Back to Bologna, Bahia Bahia Bahia, Bridgework, Clockwise, Decepticon, Estate, Evidence, Horizons, I Hear a Rhapsody, Lover Man, Neptune, Old Folks, Plexis, Plexus, Sabia, Soweto, The Theme
Harold Land saxophone, tenor saxophone 3/4 For Peace, Dark Mood, Decepticon, I Hear a Rhapsody, In The Trenches, Plexus, Short Subject, Someday My Prince Will Come, Something For Juno, Step Right Up To The Bottom, The Theme, Together With Love, What's New
Clifford Jordan tenor saxophone Alias Buster Henry (G)
Sergio Veschi producer 3/4 For Peace, Amazon, Back to Bologna, Bahia Bahia Bahia, Clockwise, Dark Mood, Estate, Horizons, In The Trenches, Lover Man, Neptune, Plexis, Sabia, Short Subject, Someday My Prince Will Come, Something For Juno, Soweto, Step Right Up To The Bottom, Together With Love, What's New
Tony Dumas (Bassist) bass Amazon, Back to Bologna, Bahia Bahia Bahia, Bridgework, Clockwise, Dance of the Clones, East Side Stomp, Estate, Evidence, Horizons, Humility, John Coltrane, Lover Man, Morning Awakening, Neptune, Old Folks, Plexis, Sabia, Soweto
William Henderson (jazz pianist) piano 3/4 For Peace, Dance of the Clones, Dark Mood, East Side Stomp, Humility, In The Trenches, John Coltrane, Morning Awakening, Short Subject, Someday My Prince Will Come, Something For Juno, Step Right Up To The Bottom, Together With Love, What's New
Alberto Alberti producer Amazon, Back to Bologna, Bahia Bahia Bahia, Clockwise, Estate, Horizons, Lover Man, Neptune, Plexis, Sabia, Soweto
Bob Berg saxophone, tenor saxophone Amazon, Back to Bologna, Bahia Bahia Bahia, Clockwise, Estate, Horizons, Lover Man, Neptune, Plexis, Sabia, Soweto
Jeff Littleton bass 3/4 For Peace, Dark Mood, In The Trenches, Short Subject, Someday My Prince Will Come, Something For Juno, Step Right Up To The Bottom, Together With Love, What's New
Dennis Sullivan producer 3/4 For Peace, Dark Mood, In The Trenches, Short Subject, Someday My Prince Will Come, Something For Juno, Step Right Up To The Bottom, Together With Love, What's New
Casey Stone engineer 3/4 For Peace, Dark Mood, In The Trenches, Short Subject, Someday My Prince Will Come, Something For Juno, Step Right Up To The Bottom, Together With Love, What's New
Stanley Cowell piano Alias Buster Henry (G)
Franco Zorzi engineer Amazon, Estate, Horizons, Lover Man, Plexis, Sabia
Giancarlo Barigozzi engineer Back to Bologna, Bahia Bahia Bahia, Clockwise, Neptune, Soweto
James Saad producer Dance of the Clones, East Side Stomp, Humility, John Coltrane, Morning Awakening
Gary Bias woodwind Dance of the Clones, East Side Stomp, Humility, John Coltrane, Morning Awakening
Daniel Protheroe (engineer) engineer Dance of the Clones, East Side Stomp, Humility, John Coltrane, Morning Awakening
Michele Stone engineer Dance of the Clones, East Side Stomp, Humility, John Coltrane, Morning Awakening
Buster Williams bass Decepticon, I Hear a Rhapsody, Plexus, The Theme
James Clay tenor saxophone Bridgework, Evidence, Old Folks
Bill Lee (bassist, composer, father of Spike Lee) bass Alias Buster Henry (G)

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Lee Morgan drums A Baby's Smile, A Pilgrim's Funny Farm, Afreaka, Anti Climax, Avotcja One, Boy, What a Night, Ca-Lee-So, Caramba, Ceora, Cornbread, Cunning Lee, Davisamba, Dear Sir, Dee Lawd, Desert Moonlight, Durem, Eclipso, Edda, Extemporaneous, Fathead, Gary's Notebook, Get Yourself Together, Growing Pains, Haeschen, Helen's Ritual, Hey Chico, Hocus-Pocus, I'll Never Be the Same, Ill Wind, Infinity, Is That So, Leebop, Melancholee, Mickey's Tune, Miss Nettie B., Morgan the Pirate, Most Like Lee, Mr. Kenyatta, Mumbo Jumbo, Nite Flite, Once in a Lifetime, Our Man Higgins, Party Time, Portrait of Doll, Psychedelic, Rainy Night, Rio, Search for the New Land, Short Count, Sneaky Pete, Soft Touch, Somethin' Cute, Sonic Boom, Soulita, Speedball, Stopstart, Suicide City, Sweet Honey Bee, Taru, What's Wrong With You?, The Cry of My People, The Delightful Deggie, The Double Up, The Gigolo, The Gigolo (alternate take), The Joker, The Lady, The Mercenary, The Murphy Man, The Procrastinator, The Rajah, The Rumproller, The Sidewinder, The Sixth Sense, Totem Pole, Totem Pole (alternate take), Trapped, Venus di Mildrew, What Now My Love, Yes I Can, No You Can't, You Go to My Head, Zambia, Zip Code
Cedar Walton drums 'round Midnight, 5/4 Thing, Afternoon in Paris, As Long as There's Music, Bittersweet, Blue Train, Bluesville, Bolivia, Bridgework (G2), Cedar's Blues, Come Sunday, Con Alma, Darn That Dream, Detour Ahead, Don't Blame Me, Eddie Harris (G1), Euphoria, Fiesta Espanola, Ground Work, Harpy, Head and Shoulders, I Didn't Know What Time It Was, I Mean You, I Remember Clifford, I Want to Be Happy, I'm Not So Sure, Insight, Just in Time, Like Someone in Love, Meaning of Blues, Memories of You, Mode for Joe, My Funny Valentine, My Heart Stood Still, My Ship, Naima, Newest Blues, Ojos de Rojos, Over the Rainbow, Pannonica, Relaxin' at Camarillo, Rubberman, Short Stuff, Skylark, St. Thomas, Take the "A" Train, The Newest Blues, The Sunday Suite, The Theme, There Is No Greater Love, Turquoise Twice, Twilight Waltz, Ugetsu, Voices Deep Within, When Love Is New, Without a Song, Young and Foolish
Hank Mobley drums 3rd Time Around, A Caddy for Daddy, A Dab of This and That, A Slice of the Top, A Touch of the Blues, Ace Duece Trey, Advance Notion, An Aperitif, Ballin', Beverly, Boss Bossa, Bossa De Luxe, Bossa for Baby, Chain Reaction, Cute 'n Pretty, Don't Cry, Just Sigh, Far Away Lands, Flirty Gerty, Give Me That Feelin', Goin' Out Of My Head, Good Pickin's, Hank's Other Bag, Hank's Waltz, High Voltage, I See Your Face Before Me, Lookin' East, My Sin, No Argument, No More Goodbys, Pat 'N' Chat, Pat 'n Chat, Reach Out I'll Be There, Recado Bossa Nova, Soft Impressions, Soul Time, Straight Ahead, Straight No Filter, The Break Through, The Dip, The Hippity Hop, The Morning After, The Steppin' Stone, The Turnaround, The Vamp, There's a Lull in My Life, Third Season, Third Time Around, Two and One, Up Over And Out, Venus Di Mildew
Jackie McLean drums A Fickle Sonance, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, Action, Back Home, Blues for Jackie, Blues in a Jiff, Bluesanova, Closing, Consequence, Enitnerrut, Five Will Get You Ten, Hipnosis, Hootnan, I Can't Get Started With You, I Fall in Love Too Easily, I Hear A Rhapsody, I Remember You, I'll Keep Loving You, Iddy Bitty, Jack's Tune, Lifeline Medley: Offering / Midway / Vernzone / The Inevitable End, Lost, Marilyn's Dilemma, Melody for Melonae, My Old Flame, Nature Boy, Old Gospel, Omega, Plight, Rene, Slow Poke, Slumber, Smile, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Star Eyes, Strange as It Seems, Subdued, Sundu, The Breakout, The Reason Why, The Three Minors, The Way I Feel, Tolypso, Tune Up, Vernestune, What Is This Thing Called Love, Wrong Handle, You Don't Know What Love Is
Milt Jackson drums Ah, sweet mystery of life, Ain't Misbehavin', All Blues, Birk's Works, Blue Bossa, Blue Monk, Bolivia, Bullet Bag, Bye Bye Blackbird, Cedar Lane, Centerpiece, Cherry, Come to me, Compassion, Don't Worry 'Bout Me, Five o'clock in the morning, Get Happy, Here's That Rainy Day, Holy Land, How Do You Keep the Music Playing, I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good), I've Got the Blues, In a sentimental mood, It Never Entered My Mind, J.C., Killer Joe, Little Girl Blue, My romance, Newest Blues, Off minor, Organ Grinder's Swing, Parking Lot Blues, Rev-vitalization, Reverence, Serious grease, Smile, Someday My Prince Will Come, Speed Ball, St. Thomas, Stolen Moments, The Prophet Speaks, The prophet speaks, This Masquerade, Watch What Happens, Wonder why, You are so beautiful, Young and Foolish
Ornette Coleman drums Africa Is the Mirror of All Colors, All My Life, Alpha, Angel Voice, Bird Food, Change of the Century, Chippie, Chronology, Civilization Day, Cloning, Congeniality, Crossroads, Eventually, Feet Music, Focus on Sanity, Forerunner, Free, How Deep Is the Ocean, I Remember Harlem, In All Languages, Invisible, Jayne, Just for You, Klact-Oveeseds-Tene, Latin Genetics, Lonely Woman, Monk and the Nun, Mothers of the Veil, Music Always, Peace, Peace Warriors, Ramblin', Science Fiction, Sound Manual, Space Church (Continuous Services), Street Woman, The Blessing, The Circle With a Hole in the Middle, The Disguise, The Face of the Bass, The Sphinx, Una Muy Bonita, What Reason Could I Give, When Will the Blues Leave, When Will the Blues Leave?, Word for Bird
Dexter Gordon drums (It Will Have to Do) Until the Real Thing Comes Along, Benji's Bounce, Billie's Bounce, Catalonian Nights, Cheese Cake, Clubhouse, Days of Wine and Roses, Devilette, Don't Explain, Easy Living, Easy Living (take 1), Everybody's Somebody's Fool, Flick of a Trick, Four, Hanky Panky, Heartaches, I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry, I'm a Fool to Want You, Jodi, Lady Iris B., Le Coiffeur, Love for Sale, Manha de Carnaval, McSplivens, Milestones (alternate), Milestones (first version), Scared to Be Alone, Second Balcony Jump, Shiny Stockings, Soy Califa, The Backbone, The Group, Three O'Clock in the Morning, Very Saxily Yours, We See, Where Are You?, Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me), You Stepped Out of a Dream
Teddy Edwards drums Alfie, Ballad for a Bronze Beauty, Besame Mucho, Brazilian Skies, But Beautiful, Cruisin' and Groovin', Games That Lovers Play, I Hear a Rhapsody, I'm Not Your Fool Anymore, Little Man, Lovin' It, Lovin' It, Mississippi Lad, Nica's Dream, Nothin' but the Truth, Old Folks, On the Street Where You Live, Ornithology, Safari Walk, Sponavating The Blues, Sunset Eyes, Symphony on Central, Takin' Off, Tango In Harlem, Teddy's Tune, The Blue Sombrero, The Call of Love, The Nearness Of You, Three Base Hit, Two Steps Down, Undecided, Up in Teddy's New Flat, Vintage '57
Harold Land drums 'round Midnight, Ah, I See, Blues for You, But Beautiful, Daisy Forever, Dark Mood, Dark Mood (Alt.), In a Sentimental Mood, Invitation, Lazy Afternoon, Nature Boy, Stella by Starlight, The End of a Love Affair, To Lydia With Love, Wave, Xocia's Dance (Sue-Sha's dance), You Don't Know What Love Is, You Go to My Head, You've Changed
Art Pepper drums Anthropology, Avalon, Besame Mucho, Blues for Blanche, Desafinado, In a Mellotone, In a Mellow Tone, Landscape, Long Ago and Far Away, Make a List (Make a Wish), Mambo De La Pinta, My Friend John, Nature Boy, Over the Rainbow, Red Car, September Song, So in Love, Sometime, Stardust, Stardust (alternate take), Straight Life, Surf Ride, The Shadow of Your Smile, The Trip, Tin Tin Deo, True Blues
Charles Lloyd & Billy Higgins vocal, drums, guitar, gumbri, percussion, shakers, strings, whistle A Wild and Holy Band, Amor, Atman Alone Abides, Being and Becoming, Beloved, Chimes at Midnight, Benares, Bis, Blues Tinge, Chomolungma, Civilization, Forever Dance, Hanuman's Dance, Mi Corazón, My Lord, my Lord, Oh, Karim, Prayer, Sanctuary, Sally Sunflower Whitecloud, Supreme Love Dance, Tagi, Take a Chance, The Forest, Wild Orchids Bloom, Windy Mountain, Ya, Karim
Donald Byrd vocal, drums 6 M's, Beale Street, Blackjack, Book's Bossa, Eldorado, Free Form, French Spice, Hush, I'm a Fool to Want You, Jelly Roll, Jorgie's, Loki, My Ideal, Nai Nai, Night Flower, Pentacostal Feeling, Pentatonic, Requiem, Secret Love, Shangri-La, Slow Drag, The Loner, Three Wishes, West of the Pecos
Charlie Haden drums All the Way, Bay City, Body and Soul, Etudes, Farmer's Trust, First Song, For Turiya, Hermitage, In the Moment, Je Ne Sais Quoi, Lennie's Pennies, Misery, My Foolish Heart, Nardis, News Break, Passion Flower, Passport, Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Segment, Si Si, Taney County, The Blessing, The Good Life
Clifford Jordan drums, percussion Alias Buster Henry, Biskit, Bridgework, Cal Massey, Eddie Harris, Eeh Bah Lickey Doo, Glass Bead Games, John Coltrane, Maimoun, One for Amos, Pinocchio, Powerful Paul Robeson, Powerful Paul Robeson (G1), Prayer To The People (G2), Prayer to the People, Retribution, Senor Blues, Shoulders, That Old Devil Moon, The Glass Bead Games (G2), The Highest Mountain, The Maestro
Bobby Hutcherson drums 8/4 Beat, Bemsha Swing, Black Circle, Blues Mind Matter, Color Scheme, Crescent Moon, Mapenzi, Never Let Me Go, Prism, Recorda-Me, Remember, Rosemary, Rosemary, Rubber Man, Second-Hand Brown, Short Stuff, Starting Over, Summer Nights, Una Muy Bonita, Verse, Whisper Not
Jimmy Heath drums, percussion All Members, Body and Soul, Bruh' Slim, CTA, Far Away Lands, Fau-Lu, For Minors Only, Gemini, Heads Up! Feet Down!, In a Sentimental Mood, No End, One for Juan, Picture of Heath, Smilin' Billy, Studio Style, The 13th House, The Time and the Place, The Voice of the Saxophone
Charles McPherson drums Ain't That Somethin', Bell Bottoms, Charisma, Cheryl, Here's That Rainy Day, Horizons, I Should Care, I can't get Started, Invitation, Naima, Never Let Me Go, Night Eyes, Shaw 'Nuff, She Loves Me, Stranger in Paradise, Suddenly, The Viper
Gray Reinhard drums Blues for Myself, Calmita Rose, Clockwise, Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye, High Wire, I Didn't Know What Time It Was, John Paul Jones, My Heart Stood Still, Old Folks, Skylark, St. Thomas, The Theme, Turquoise, Woody 'n You, You're My Everything
George Coleman drums Amsterdam After Dark, Apache Dance, Autumn in New York, Blondies Waltz, Conrad, Laura, Lo-Joe, Lush Life, Moment’s Notice, My Romance, New Arrival, Old Folks, Sierra, The Sheik of Araby, You Mean So Much to Me
Don Wilkerson drums Camp Meetin', Dem Tambourines, Easy to Love, Homesick Blues, Idiom, Jeanie Weenie, Jelly Roll, Media, Morning Coffee, Pigeon Peas, The Eldorado Shuffle, The Twister, Where or When
Grant Green drums Deep River, Go Down Moses, I Can't Stop Loving You, Joshua Fit de Battle ob Jericho, Just a Closer Walk With Thee, Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen, On Top of Old Smokey, Red River Valley, Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Wagon Wheels, Woody 'n You (take 4), Woody 'n You (take 7)
Tennessee Thomas drums Angel in the Night, Bearcat, Firm Roots, Impressions of Scandinavia, Inga, Miss Morgan, One for Amos, Scorpio, Seven Minds, The Highest Mountain, The House on Maple Street, Voices Deep Within Me
Art Farmer drums Alfie, Alone Together, Ditty, Firm Roots, How Insensitive, I Should Care, Manhã Do Carnival, Namely You, The Summer Knows, What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life, When I Fall in Love, Yesterday's Thoughts
John Scofield drums Big J, Do I Crazy?, Freepie, Heel to Toe, Hive, I'll Catch You, Loose Canon, Love You Long Time, Mrs. Scofield's Waltz, Not You Again, Six and Eight
Roy Hargrove drums End Of A Love Affair, Hartbreaker, Lada, Little Bennie (Crazeology), Night Watch, Once In A While, Public Eye, September In The Rain, Spiritual Companion, What's New, You Don't Know What Love Is
Herbie Hancock drums Alone and I, Driftin', Empty Pockets, Empty Pockets (alternate take), Fair Weather, The Maze, The Peacocks, Three Bags Full, Three Bags Full (alternate take), Watermelon Man, Watermelon Man (alternate take)
Frank Morgan drums All the Things You Are, Don’t Blame Me, I Can’t Get Started With You, It’s Only a Paper Moon, Last Night When We Were Young, My One and Only Love, Once I Loved, Skylark, Someday My Prince Will Come, The Nearness of You, What Is This Thing Called Love
Junior Cook drums Chi Chi, Chi-Chi (Alternate), Detour Ahead, Detour Ahead (Alternate), Fiesta Espanol, Fiesta Espanol (Alternate), Heavy Blue, Hindsight, Hindsight (Alternate), Illusion of Grandeur
Joshua Redman drums Blues for Pat (live), Make Sure You're Sure, Moose the Mooche, Soul Dance, Tears in Heaven, The Deserving Many, Turnaround, We had a Sister, Whittlin', Wish (live)
Amenthis drums A Notion, A Notion (take 1), Au Privave, Falling in Love with Love, Giant Steps, I Fall in Love too Easily, Little Train, Miss Morgan, Miss Morgan (take 2), Yesterdays
Jaki Byard drums A-Toodle-oo, Toodle-oo, Alexander's Ragtime Band, Geb Piano Roll, I Fall in Love Too Easily, Olean Visit, On the Spot, P.C. Blues, Second Balcony Jump, Snow Flakes
Eddie Harris drums 'S Wonderful, Bird of Stone, Born to Be Blue, Cryin' Blues, Freedom Jazz Dance, I'd Love to Take You Home, Love Theme From 'The Sandpiper' (The Shadow of Your Smile), Love for Sale, Nothing Else to Do
Stanley Cowell performer, cymbals, drums, percussion, snare drum Cal Massey (G1), Lullabye, Maimoun (G1), Shimmy Shewobble, Thank You My People, The Gembhre, Travelin' Man, Trying to Find a Way
Mani Draper drums Beautiful Love, Blood Count, Blues for C.M., Interface, Jacob's Ladder, Maya's Dance, The Oracle, Trane Connections, Yesterdays
Felix Wiegand drums Allen's Alley, Emily, Imagination, Love Walked In, Mr Higgins, Suh, The Essence, Things Ain't What They Used to Be, What Am I Here For?, Whisper Not
七菜 drums Gibraltar, Holy Land, It Could Happen to You, Laura, No Me Esqueca, No Problem, Soul Sister, Stardust
Dexter Gordon Quartet drums Freddie Freeloader, Freddie Freeloader (take 3), Invitation, Polkadots and Moonbeams, When Sunny Gets Blue, Winther's Calling, Yesterday's Mood, Yesterday's Mood (take 4)
Thelonious Monk drums 'Round Midnight, Epistrophy (closing theme), Epistrophy (complete), Evidence, Four in One, I'm Getting Sentimental Over You, Let's Call This, Worry Later
Bill Cosby drums Freedom Jazz Dance, Laura, Moanin', Señor Blues, Sidewinder, Sister Sadie, Stella by Starlight, Wide Open
Stanley Turrentine drums Easy Walker, In a Sentimental Mood, More Than a Mood, Pieces of Dreams, Spirit Up Above, They Can't Take That Away From Me, Thomasville, Triste
Abdullah Ibrahim drums, gumbri African Market, Earth Bird, Mindif, Protee, Pule (Rain), Serenity (The Daybreak Song), Star Dance, Theme for Mark
Jimmy Raney drums Body and Soul, Dancing in the Dark, Ending of a Love Affair, Get Out of Town, I Love You, It Could Happen to You, Suzanne, There Will Never Be Another You
Joe Pratt drums Book's Bossa, Bremond's Blues, Hallucinations, He's a Real Gone Guy, Out of the Past, So in Love, Something in Common, Willow Weep for Me
Sonny Clark drums Deep in a Dream, Eric Walks, Melody for C, Melody for C (alternate take), Midnight Mambo, Somethin' Special, Voodoo, Zellmar's Delight
Sam Jones drums Angel in the Night, Au Privave, Easy to Love, In Walked Ray, Midnight Waltz, Old Folks, One For Amos (G2), Scorpio
Engelbert Wrobel drums A & R, Art's Opus #2, Art's Opus #2 (alternate take), Broadway, Palo Alto Blues, Return to Alto Acres, Things We Did Last Summer
Cyrus Chestnut drums Any Way You Can, Elegant Flower (For Jazz'min), Miss Thing, Mother's Blues, Sharp, Strolling in Cental Park, The Journey
Sonny Red percussion A Time for Love, And Then Again, Love Song, Mustang, My Romance, Rodan, Tears
Stan Getz drums Big Bear, Crow's Nest, For All We Know, Ginza Samba, I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face, Liz-Anne, My Buddy
Pierre Michelot drums A Child Is Born, Big Meeting, Blues in the Closet, Godchild, Quarte's Fever, The Jitterbug Waltz, The Peacocks
Freddie Hubbard drums Bolivia, Dear John, God Bless the Child, Homegrown, Managua, Third World
Hüsnü Özenen drums Autumn in New York, Blue 'n' Boogie, Bye Bye Blackbird, God Bless the Child, Stringin' the Jug, Ugetsu
Barry Harris drums Barengo, Bull's Eye, Clockwise, Off Minor, Off Monk, Oh So Basal
Big Perm drums A Night in Tunisia, All the Things You Are, Little Melonae, Parker's Mood, Well, You Needn't, What Is This Thing Called, Love
Richard “Groove” Holmes drums Body And Soul, Broadway, Get Up And Get It, Groove's Blues Groove, Lee-Ann, Pennies From Heaven
Neljas Sammas drums Breakdown Blues, Broadway, In the Middle of a Kiss, Over the Rainbow, The Girl From Ipanema, Wee (Allen's Alley)
Horace Parlan drums A Tune for Richard, Back From the Gig, Dexi, Happy Frame of Mind, Home Is Africa, Kucheza Blues
Sonny Rollins drums Dearly Beloved, Doxy, I Could Write a Book, Oleo, There Will Never Be Another You, You Are My Lucky Star
Adam Faz drums Django, Everything Must Change, Good Bait, Let's Call This, Mode for Joe, Up Front
Anders Elmén drums Cannonball Junction, Deak, Mr. Clean, Night Flight, Pinnacles, See See Rider
Sundarayyar drums Blues for Liebestraum, Candlelight, Joe's Bolero, Keystone, Mirror, Mirror, What's New
Blue Mitchell drums Blue's Theme, Blues 3 for 1, Bring It Home to Me, Ginger Bread Boy, Port Rico Rock, Portrait of Jennie
Booker Ervin drums 204, Den Tex, Gichi, In a Capricornian Way, Lynn's Tune
Killafoe drums Angel in the Night, Blue Monk, Bolivia, Fantasy in D, Rhythm-A-Ning
Cecil Taylor drums Cindy's Main Mood (take 1), Jumpin' Punkins (take 4), Jumpin' Punkins (take 5), O.P. (take 2), Things Ain't What They Used to Be (take 1)
Shirley Scott drums Big George, Do You Know a Good Thing When You See One?, Don't Look Back, Keep on Movin' On, What Makes Harold Sing?
Curtis Fuller drums Jacque's Groove, People, Places & Things, Smokin', Sop City, Stella By Starlight
SBCR drums Blue Monk, Highest Mountain, John Coltrane, Midnight Waltz, One for Amos
Ira Sullivan drums Anthropology, Autumn Leaves, Multimedia, Painted Ladies (A Confiscated Bolero), Strut
Cedar Walton Quartet drums For All We Know, Holy Land, I'm Not Sure, Off Minor, Ojos De Rojo
Pharoah Sanders drums Central Park West, Moments Notice, Origin, When Lights Are Low
peazy86サイバーハンター drums Drum Expose (D2), In Walked Buhaina (D2), Shades of General Lefty (D2), The Eternal Rhythm (D2)
Mal Waldron drums Changachangachanga, Snake Out, Space Walk, Up Popped the Devil
The Ornette Coleman Double Quartet drums First Take, Free Jazz, Part 1, Free Jazz, Part 2
Bobby Timmons drums Come Sunday, I'm So Tired, If You Ain't Got It (I Got to Get It Somewhere)
Archie Shepp drums Good Bye Sweet Pops, Quiet Dawn
VHS Dreams™ drums Biskit (G1), Shoulders (G2)
The Ornette Coleman Quartet drums Ramblin'
Cardiomagnyl drums Falling in Love With Love
S.A. vocal, drums John Coltrane (G1)