Bill Summers

percussion, congas, shekere, tambourine, Batá drum, bongos, afuche / cabasa, djembe, arranger, vocal, bass drum, gankogui, balafon, agogô, whistle, surdo, bass, bells, other instruments, claves, güiro, triangle, kazoo, performer, drums, berimbau

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Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Herbie Hancock (US jazz pianist, keyboardist, bandleader and composer)
Sonny Rollins
Eddie Henderson
Joe Henderson (US jazz tenor saxophonist)
The Headhunters (american jazz-funk fusion band)

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Herbie Hancock arranger, vocal, Batá drum, afuche / cabasa, agogô, balafon, bass, bass drum, bells, berimbau, congas, djembe, gankogui, other instruments, percussion, shekere, surdo, tambourine, whistle 4 AM, Bo Ba Be Da, Butterfly, Call It 95, Chameleon, Come Running to Me, Come and See Me, Dis Is da Drum, Good Question, Honey From the Jar, Hump, Juju, Knee Deep, Mojuba, No Means Yes, Ready or Not, Rubber Soul, Shiftless Shuffle, Shooz, Sly, Spiraling Prism, Sunlight, Tell Everybody, Trust Me, Vein Melter, Watermelon Man, You Bet Your Love
Sonny Rollins congas, percussion And Then My Love I Found You, Asfrantation Woogie, Caress, Charm Baby, Disco Monk, Don't Ask, Happy Feel, Harlem Boys, Island Lady, Isn't She Lovely, Little Lu, Love Reborn, My Ideal, Shout It Out, Tai-Chi, The File, The Way I Feel About You
Eddie Henderson congas, percussion Amoroso, Butterfly, Cyclops, Discoveries, Dreams, Ecstasy, Emotions, Exit # 1, Fusion, Inside Out, Mahal, Moussaka, Omnipresence, Prance On
Joe Henderson percussion Amoeba, Black Miracle, Black Narcissus, Gazelle, Hindsight And Forethought, Immaculate Deception, My Cherie Amour, Old Slippers, Power To The People, Solution
The Headhunters percussion 6/8 - 7/8, Frankie and Kevin, Funk Hunter, Kwanzaa, PP Head, Premonition, Skank It, Tip Toe, Two but Not Two, Watch Your Back
Stanley Turrentine bongos, congas, percussion Airport Love Theme, All by Myself, Everybody Come On Out, Hope That We Can Be Together Soon, I’m Not in Love, Many Rivers to Cross, Stairway to Heaven, There Is a Place (Rita’s Theme)
Bennie Maupin percussion Ensenada, Excursion, Mappo, Past + Present = Future, Past Is Past, Song for Tracie Dixon Summers, The Jewel in the Lotus, Winds of Change
David “Fathead” Newman percussion Blues for Ball, Concrete Jungle, Dance of the Honey Bee and the Funky Fly, Distant Lover, Knocks Me Off My Feet, Save Your Love for Me, Sun Seeds
McCoy Tyner percussion Ballad for Aisha, Bayou Fever, Highway One, Nubia, One of Another Kind, Shades of Light
Eco dell'Anima vocal, Batá drum, claves Africa Suite: Eleggua (intro), Africa Suite: Eleggua Con Cachao (Coda), Cachao's Güiro, El Alcalde, Lindo Yambú
Taj Mahal Batá drum, afuche / cabasa, congas, drums, güiro, kazoo, percussion, tambourine, triangle Don't Call Us, River of Love, Scattered, Take a Giant Step
Bobby Hutcherson percussion Clockwise, Remember to Smile
Swain Turay performer, shekere Picture Show, Step Into the Projects