Bill Stewart

drums, arranger

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
John Scofield
Bill Carrothers
Johnny Jenkins
Pat Metheny Trio
Jani Haapio

Collaborators on this artist's recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
増尾好秋 producer Deed-Lee-Yah, Dewey Said, Faces, Goodbye, I'm Getting Sentimental Over You, Little Niles, Processional, Rain, Think Before You Think, When You're Smiling
Tony Ariga producer Deed-Lee-Yah, Dewey Said, Faces, Goodbye, I'm Getting Sentimental Over You, Little Niles, Processional, Rain, Think Before You Think, When You're Smiling
David Baker (American engineer and producer - jazz, funk, ...) engineer Deed-Lee-Yah, Dewey Said, Faces, Goodbye, I'm Getting Sentimental Over You, Little Niles, Processional, Rain, Think Before You Think, When You're Smiling

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
John Scofield drums 7th Floor, After the Fact, Away, Away With Words, Bartender’s Blues, Bedside Manner, Behind Closed Doors, Big Fan, Big Sky, But for Love, Call 911, Camp Out, Chap Dance, Chariots, Checkered Past, Dark Blue, Do Like Eddie, Don't Shoot the Messenger, Door #3, Down D, Easy for You, Eisenhower, Enjoy The Future!, Faded Love, French Flics, Get Proud, Go Blow, Golden Daze, Hangover, Heck of a Job, Hold That Thought, House of the Rising Sun, I Can't Get No Satisfaction, I'll Take Les, Imaginary Time, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, I’m an Old Cowhand, Jolene, Just a Girl I Used to Know, Keep Me in Mind, Little Walk, Lost in Space, Mama Tried, Meant to Be, Memorette, Mr Fool, Mr. Coleman to You, Mr. Puffy, Museum, Out of the City, Past Present, Pretty Out, Red River Valley, Rolf and the Gang, Say the Word, Season Creep, She's So Lucky, Shoe Dog, Slinky, Some Nerve, Strangeness in the Night, The Guiness Spot, The Low Road, Trio Blues, Tulle, Wayfaring Stranger, What They Did, Whip the Mule, Why Nogales?, Wildwood Flower, You’re Still the One
Bill Carrothers drums A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, A Squirrel's Tale, Alone Together (For Peg), Ballad Of Billy Milwaukee, Death of a Cigarette, Drum Prelude, Home Row, Hope Song, I Apologize, Jesus' Last Ballad, Lost In The Stars, My Heart Belongs To Daddy, Off Minor, Puttin' on the Ritz, Taking a Chance on Love, Tenting on the Old Camp Ground, The Whiffenpoof Song, Vito, Vito's Dream World, When Will The Blues Leave
Johnny Jenkins drums 'Till the Blues Go Home, Don't Feel Like Talkin', Don't Start Me Talkin, I Think I'm Drowning on Dry Land, It Ain't Nothin' but the Blues, Mean Mistreatin' Woman, Miss Thing, Rock Bottom Blues, Statesboro Blues, The Pinetopper Theme, The Truth Is Gonna Stand, You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had
Pat Metheny Trio drums (Go) Get It, A Lot of Livin' to Do, Capricorn, Giant Steps, Just Like the Day, Lone Jack, Soul Cowboy, The Sun in Montreal, Travels, We Had a Sister, What Do You Want?
Jani Haapio drums Everybody's Party, I Can See Your House From Here, Message to My Friend, No Matter What, No Way Jose, One Way to Be, Quiet Rising, S.C.O., Say the Brother's Name, The Red One, You Speak My Language
Andris Kapusts drums Ballad for Two Guitarists, Beneath the Stars (Yıldızların Altında), Can't Cure (Olmaz İlaç Sine-i Sad Pareme), Denizli, Gray Haired Waltzer (Kır Saçlı Valsçi), Nardis, O.K. Bob, Peshrev 2nd Part (Peşrev 2. Hane), Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Sunburst Cat
Bonnie Bramlett drums (Your Love Has Brought Me From A) Mighty Long Way, Atlanta, Georgia, Cover Me, Cowboys And Indians, Higher & Higher, It's me, Oncoming Traffic, Since I Met You Baby, Where You Come From, Your Kind Of Kindness
Chris Potter drums Any Moment Now, Azalea, Children Go, Highway One, Invisible Man, Just as I Am, Megalopolis, Migrations, Snake Oil, Washed Ashore
Joe Lovano drums Dig This, Emperor Jones, Here And Now, I Love Music, Landmarks Along the Way, Primal Dance, Street Talk, Thanksgiving, The Owl and the Fox, Where Hawks Fly
Peter Bernstein drums Blue Gardenia, Cupcake, Hidden Pockets, Let Loose, Lullaby for B, Resplendor, Sweet Love of Mine, This Is New, Tres Palabras
Renee Rosnes drums From Here to a Star, Goodbye Mumbai, The Galapagos Suite: Cambrian Explosion, The Galapagos Suite: Deep in the Blue (Tiktaalik), The Galapagos Suite: Galapagos, The Galapagos Suite: Lucy from Afar, The Galapagos Suite: So Simple a Beginning, The Galapagos Suite: The KT Boundary, The Galapagos Suite: Written in the Rocks
Scott Colley drums Airegin, Aurora, Long Lake, Mr. Day, Simultaneity, The Blessing, The Peacocks, This Place, Ugly Beauty
Gregory drums Blue Sway, Luiza, Mr. Meagles, Peace, Ramshackle Serenade, Roach, Simple as That, Sweet and Lovely, Useless Metaphor
James Muller drums All the Things You Are, Chick Corea, D Blues, Eindhoven, Honeycombs, Kaboom, Marcello, Stacked
Maceo Parker drums Better Get Hit in Yo' Soul, Children's World, In Time, Jumpin' the Blues, Over the Rainbow, People Get Ready, Them That Got, Up and Down East Street
Don Grolnick drums Blues for Pop, Genie, Heart of Darkness, Nighttown, One Bird, One Stone, Spot That Man, The Cost of Living, What Is This Thing Called Love
Z1 drums Chrysalis, If I Were a Wind of Spring, Patterns, Perry Street, Spheresophically, Spot It If You Got It, Well You Needn’t
Michael Brecker drums Half Past Late, Renaissance Man
Holly Cole drums Purple Rain, The Question of U
Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers arranger Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl
Robbie Robertson drums Sawdust and G-Strings