Bill Klatt

engineer, producer, remixer

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
Days of the New
The Cardigans (Swedish rock band)
Janet Jackson

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
Days of the New engineer, producer Cling, Face of the Earth, Freak, How Do You Know You?, Now, Shelf in the Room, Solitude, The Down Town, Touch, Peel and Stand, What’s Left for Me?, Where I Stand, Whimsical
The Cardigans engineer Been It (Tee's Freeze mix), Been It (Tee's Inhouse vocal), Lovefool (Tee's Freeze club), Lovefool (Tee's Indeep mix)
Cher engineer Love Is the Groove, Taxi Taxi, We All Sleep Alone
Gypsymen engineer Babarabatiri (MAW main mix), Babarabatiri (Tee's Latin mix)
Janet Jackson engineer Alright (Tee’s beats), Alright (Tee’s club mix)
François K engineer Edge of Time (Tee's Freeze mix)
James Ingram engineer Lean on Me (MT remix)
Kool & The Gang engineer Celebration '94 (remix)
Splashdown remixer Sugar High (Bill Klatt remix)
Yazoo engineer Don’t Go (Todd Terry’s radio mix)