Andy Wallace

mix, producer, engineer, Hammond organ, remixer, piano

Top collaborators

Artist name Roles Recordings
3 Doors Down
Soulfly (Brazilian metal band)
Limp Bizkit
Disturbed (USA metal band)
A Perfect Circle

Work on other artists' recordings

Artist name Roles Recordings
3 Doors Down mix Be Somebody, Be Somebody (acoustic), Behind Those Eyes, Citizen/Soldier, Father’s Son, Give It to Me, Here by Me, It’s Not Me, It’s Not My Time, It’s the Only One You’ve Got, Kryptonite, Let Me Be Myself, Let Me Go, Live for Today, My World, Never Will I Break, Pages, Right Where I Belong, Runaway, She Don’t Want the World, The Real Life, These Days, Train, When It’s Over, Your Arms Feel Like Home
Soulfly mix Back to the Primitive, Bleed, Boom, Bring It, Bumbklaatt, Eye for an Eye, Fire, First Commandment, Flyhigh, In Memory of..., Jumpdafuckup, Karmageddon, Mulambo, No, No Hope = No Fear, Pain, Prejudice, Son Song, SoulFire, Soulfly (Universal Spirit mix), Soulfly II, Terrorist, The Prophet, The Song Remains Insane, Tribe
Limp Bizkit mix Boiler, Clunk, Counterfeit, Everything, Faith, Full Nelson, Hot Dog, Indigo Flow, Intro, It’ll Be OK, Just Drop Dead, Leech (demo version), Livin’ It Up, My Generation, My Way, Nobody Loves Me, Outro, Pollution, Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle), Sour, Stalemate, Stinkfinger, Stuck, The One
Disturbed mix Awaken, Believe, Bound, Breathe, Conflict, Darkness, Devour, Down With the Sickness, Droppin’ Plates, Fear, Intoxication, Liberate, Meaning of Life, Mistress, Numb, Prayer, Remember, Rise, Shout 2000, Stupify, The Game, Violence Fetish, Voices, Want
A Perfect Circle mix A Stranger, Annihilation, Blue, Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums, Crimes, Freedom of Choice, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, Gravity, Imagine, Let’s Have a War, Lullaby, Passive, Peace Love and Understanding, Pet, The Noose, The Nurse Who Loved Me, The Outsider, The Package, Vanishing, Weak and Powerless, What’s Going On, When the Levee Breaks
Sum 41 mix 88, A.N.I.C., All Messed Up, Angels With Dirty Faces, Billy Spleen, Hooch, Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid, Intro, I’m Not the One, Mr. Amsterdam, My Direction, No Brains, Noots, Open Your Eyes, Over My Head (Better Off Dead), Pieces, Reign in Pain (Heavy Metal Jamboree), Slipping Away, Still Waiting, Thanks for Nothing, WWVII, Parts 1 & 2, Welcome to Hell
Rage Against the Machine mix Bombtrack, Bullet in the Head, Bulls on Parade, Down Rodeo, Fistful of Steel, Freedom, Killing in the Name, Know Your Enemy, People of the Sun, Revolver, Roll Right, Settle for Nothing, Snakecharmer, Take the Power Back, Tire Me, Township Rebellion, Vietnow, Wake Up, Wind Below, Without a Face, Year of tha Boomerang
Sonic Youth mix 100%, 100% (LP version), Chapel Hill, Drunken Butterfly, Genetic, Hendrix Necro, JC, On the Strip, Orange Rolls, Angel’s Spit, Purr, Shoot, Stalker, Sugar Kane, Swimsuit Issue, The Destroyed Room, Theresa’s Sound‐World, Wish Fulfillment, Youth Against Fascism, Youth Against Fascism (LP version)
Sepultura mix Ambush, Attitude, Born Stubborn, Breed Apart, Canyon Jam, Cut-Throat, Dictatorshit, Dusted, Endangered Species, Itsári, Jasco, Kaiowas (Tribal Jam), Lookaway, Mine (Andy Wallace mix), Procreation (of the Wicked), Ratamahatta, Roots Bloody Roots, Spit, Straighthate
Nirvana engineer, mix, producer Aneurysm, Been a Son, Breed, Come as You Are, Drain You, In Bloom, Lithium, Lounge Act, Milk It, Negative Creep, On a Plain, Polly, Scentless Apprentice, School, Sliver, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Something in the Way / Endless, Nameless, Stay Away, Territorial Pissings
Coldplay mix 42, Cemeteries of London, Death and All His Friends / The Escapist, Glass of Water, Life in Technicolor, Life in Technicolor II, Lost!, Lost+, Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun mix), Lovers in Japan / Reign of Love, Now My Feet Won’t Touch the Ground, Postcards From Far Away, Prospekt’s March / Poppyfields, Rainy Day, Strawberry Swing, Violet Hill, Viva la vida, Yes / Chinese Sleep Chant
Rancid mix As Wicked, Avenues & Alleyways, Daly City Train, Disorder and Disarray, Journey to the End of the East Bay, Junkie Man, Listed M.I.A., Lock, Step & Gone, Maxwell Murder, Old Friend, Olympia WA., Roots Radicals, She’s Automatic, The 11th Hour, The Wars End, The Way I Feel, Time Bomb, You Don’t Care Nothin’
Skunk Anansie mix, producer, Hammond organ 80’s Mellow Drone, And This Is Nothing That I Thought I Had, Charity, Charlie Big Potato, Cheap Honesty, Good Things Don’t Always Come to You, I’m Not Afraid, Lately, On My Hotel T.V., Secretly, Secretly (Armand van Helden mix), The Skank Heads, Tracy’s Flaw, We Don’t Need Who You Think You Are, Weak, You’ll Follow Me Down
LCD Soundsystem mix Beat Connection, Daft Punk Is Playing at My House, Disco Infiltrator, Give It Up, Great Release, Losing My Edge, Movement, Never as Tired as When I’m Waking Up, On Repeat, Thrills, Tired, Too Much Love, Tribulations, Yeah (crass version), Yeah (pretentious version), Yr City’s a Sucker (full version)
Korn mix Alone I Break, Beat It Upright, Blame, Bottled Up Inside, Embrace, Hating, Here to Stay, Here to Stay (BT’s Managed Anger mix), Here to Stay (T Ray’s mix), Hollow Life, I'm Hiding, Make Believe, No One's There / Here to Stay (T Ray's mix), One More Time, Thoughtless, Wake Up Hate
Blind Melon engineer, producer 2 × 4, Car Seat (God’s Presents), Dumptruck, Hello Goodbye / Galaxie, Lemonade, Mouthful of Cavities, New Life, Skinned, St. Andrew’s Fall, The Duke, Toes Across the Floor, Vernie, Walk, Wilt, [untitled]
Sparta mix Breaking the Broken, Death in the Family, End Moraine, From Now to Never, Guns of Memorial Park, Hiss the Villain, La Cerca, Lines in Sand, P.O.M.E., Splinters, Syncope, Tensioning, Travel by Bloodline, While Oceana Sleeps
Turma do Carrossel mix Better, Catcher in the Rye, Chinese Democracy, I.R.S., If the World, Madagascar, Prostitute, Riad N’ the Bedouins, Scraped, Shackler’s Revenge, Sorry, Street of Dreams, There Was a Time, This I Love
White Zombie engineer, mix, producer Black Sunshine, Cosmic Monsters Inc., Grindhouse (A Go‐Go), I Am Legend, Knuckle Duster (Radio 1‐A), Knuckle Duster (Radio 2‐B), One Big Crunch, Soul‐Crusher, Spiderbaby (Yeah‐Yeah‐Yeah), Starface, Thrust!, Thunder Kiss ’65, Warp Asylum, Welcome to Planet Motherfucker / Psychoholic Slag
Front 242 mix, remixer (S)Crapage, Crapage, Flag, Fuel, Hymn, Melt, Motion, Mutilate, Religion, Religion (7" mix by Andy Wallace), Skin, Stratoscape, Waste
Rise Against mix Anywhere but Here, Blood to Bleed, Dancing for Rain, Fix Me, Give It All, Life Less Frightening, Paper Wings, Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, State of the Union, Swing Life Away, The First Drop, Tip the Scales, To Them These Streets Belong
Linkin Park mix A Place for My Head, By Myself, Crawling, Cure for the Itch, Forgotten, In the End, One Step Closer, Papercut, Points of Authority, Pushing Me Away, Runaway, Session, With You
Velvet Revolver mix Big Machine, Dirty Little Thing, Do It for the Kids, Fall to Pieces, Headspace, Illegal I Song, Loving the Alien, Set Me Free, Slither, Spectacle, Sucker Train Blues, Superhuman, You Got No Right
The Strokes mix Ask Me Anything, Electricityscape, Evening Sun, Fear of Sleep, Heart in a Cage, Ize of the World, Juicebox, Killing Lies, On the Other Side, Razorblade, Red Light, Vision of Division, You Only Live Once
The Cult engineer, mix Aphrodisiac Jacket, Bad Fun, Born to Be Wild, Electric Ocean, King Contrary Man, Lil' Devil, Love Removal Machine, Love Removal Machine (extended version), Memphis Hip Shake, Outlaw, Peace Dog, Wild Flower, Wildflower (extended Rock mix)
Atari Teenage Riot mix Anarchy 999, Atari Teenage Riot II, By Any Means Necessary, Death of a President D.I.Y.!, Digital Hardcore, Ghostchase, Revolution Action, The Virus Has Been Spread, Too Dead for Me, U.S. Fade Out, Western Decay, Your Uniform (Does Not Impress Me!)
Heather Nova mix Blood of Me, Heart and Shoulder, I'm Alive, I'm the Girl, London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do), Make You Mine, Not Only Human, Paper Cup, Ruby Red, Valley of Sound, Widescreen, Winter Blue
Kvellen mix Arcarsenal, Catacombs, Cosmonaut, Enfilade, Invalid Litter Dept., Mannequin Republic, Non‐Zero Possibility, One Armed Scissor, Pattern Against User, Quarantined, Rolodex Propaganda, Sleepwalk Capsules
The Joy Formidable mix Bats, Cholla, Forest Serenade, Little Blimp, Maw Maw Song, Silent Treatment, Tendons, The Hurdle, The Leopard and the Lung, The Turnaround / Wolf’s Law, This Ladder Is Ours
Avenged Sevenfold mix Angels, Creating God, Exist, Fermi Paradox, God Damn, Higher, Paradigm, Roman Sky, Simulation, Sunny Disposition, The Stage
Silverchair mix Abuse Me, Cemetery, Freak, Learn to Hate, Lie to Me, No Association, Nobody Came, Pop Song for Us Rejects, Roses, Slave, The Door
Screaming Trees mix All I Know, Dime Western, Dying Days, Gospel Plow, Halo of Ashes, Look at You, Make My Mind, Nearly Lost You, Sworn and Broken, Traveler, Witness
Rooney mix Blueside, Daisy Duke, I'm Shakin', I'm a Terrible Person, If It Were Up to Me, Losing All Control, Popstars, Simply Because, Sorry Sorry, Stay Away, That Girl Has Love
Portugal. The Man mix All Your Light (Times Like These), Everything You See (Kids Count Hallelujahs), Floating (Time isn’t Working My Side), Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now), Head is a Flame (Cool with it), Once Was One, Senseless, Share With me the Sun, Sleep Forever, So American, You Carried us (Share with me the Sun)
Ghost mix Absolution, Cirice, Deus in Absentia, Devil Church, From the Pinnacle to the Pit, He Is, Majesty, Mummy Dust, Spirit, Spöksonat
Jeff Buckley mix Everybody Here Wants You, Morning Theft, New Year's Prayer, Nightmares by the Sea, Opened Once, The Sky Is a Landfill, Vancouver, Witches' Rave, Yard of Blonde Girls
Stir mix Clear, Climbing the Walls, Grounded, Help, Holy Dogs, Moon, Only a Dream, Spaceman, Velvet Elvis
Dream Theater mix Beneath the Surface, Breaking All Illusions, Bridges in the Sky, Build Me Up, Break Me Down, Far From Heaven, Lost Not Forgotten, On the Backs of Angels, Outcry, This Is the Life
Cinder mix Break Your Silence, Consuela, Crutch, Lush, Please God, Soul Creation, Tomorrow, Ugly, Whistlin Pete
Rocket From the Crypt mix Ball Lightning, Born in ’69, Come See, Come Saw, Drop Out, Fat Lip, Heater Hands, On a Rope, Salt Future, Young Livers
Kaiser Chiefs mix Addicted to Drugs, Can't Say What I Mean, Half the Truth, Never Miss a Beat, Remember You're a Girl, Spanish Metal, Tomato in the Rain, You Want History
New Model Army mix, remixer 125 mph, Archway Towers, Ballad of Bodmin Pill, Family, Family Life, I Love the World, Lights Go Out (US remix), Poison Street
Kasabian mix By My Side, Empire, Last Trip (In Flight), Me Plus One, Shoot the Runner, Sun Rise Light Flies, The Doberman
Biffy Clyro mix Folding Stars, Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies (radio edit), Mountains, Saturday Superhouse, Who's Got a Match?
Les Gloutons mix Easy Target, Go, Natives, Stockholm Syndrome, Violence
Sheryl Crow mix Anything but Down, Mississippi, The Difficult Kind, There Goes the Neighborhood
Robbie Ost producer Cleansed by Fire, Sideshow, Stolen Prayer, Unholy War
Faith No More mix, producer Digging the Grave, Evidence, I Won’t Forget You, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Robbie Williams Hammond organ, piano Feel, Hot Fudge, Something Beautiful
Soul Asylum mix Just Like Anyone, Somebody to Shove, Without a Trace (edit)
Foo Fighters mix Aurora, Learn to Fly, Live‐In Skin
Claire Martin Hammond organ He's a Runner, More Than You'll Ever Know, Up From the Skies
Saliva mix Razor’s Edge, Survival of the Sickest
Madonna engineer Into the Groove, Into the Groove (dub version)
Sinéad O’Connor mix No Man’s Woman, The State I’m In
Hugh Cornwell mix Clubland, Getting Involved
The Wallflowers mix Laughing Out Loud, The Difference
Thrice mix Eclipse, Motion Isn't Meaning
Alice in Chains mix A Little Bitter (remix), What the Hell Have I (remix)
Helmet mix Better, Unsung
Puddle of Mudd mix Heel Over Head
The B.H.D engineer One More Time
Everclear mix So Much for the Afterglow
GenSek engineer One More Shot
Hobbies of Today mix Landing in London
Rollins Band producer Tearing (edit)
Bad Religion Hammond organ Stranger Than Fiction
Tim Ayers piano Beautiful
Dope remixer Everything Sucks (Andy Wallace remix)
Friends of Alice Ivy mix Hold On
Ben Folds Five mix Magic